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May 30 16 3:37 PM

Woah. Another amazing title track from SM. They're on a roll with their solo acts. I love the MV as well.

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May 30 16 3:47 PM

LeeLeeNeko wrote:
Tracklist (source):

01. Free Somebody (electronic pop dance)
02. Breathe (trip hop)
03. Keep On Doin' (medium tempo urban R&B)
04. I Wish (예쁜 소녀 / Yeppeun Sonyeo; Pretty Girl) (electronic pop / composed by Luna)
05. Galaxy
06. My Medicine (R&B ballad / composed by Luna)

Pretty much excited for every single song. I didn't expect her to have composed some of them!
By the way new teaser pic:


That t-shirt is actually not from DHL. It's a $400 shirt from Vetements smiley: roll (thanks to balloon_wanted from reddit).

Edit: The album is out!

Ugh I'm dying to listen to it but I'm at work right now... smiley: frown
Reposting for the new page

Galaxy is DEFINITELY my fave out of the album tracks. It does sound like something that could be done by f(x), but I'm a sucker for high-energy shiny pop like that haha. The two songs she wrote on are pretty good too; go SM for letting their artists atually branch out a bit. Keep On Doin's production is super fun too. I think Galaxy, Free Somebody, and Keep On Doin' are my top three this go round

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Jun 3 16 7:09 PM


Another live from here (is this Sketchbook?)

I hope she'll perform some more too. I've been waiting to see the full choreo for so long. Interesting that it took this long for something to surface

She did do an amazing radio live though. Like, tbh I really haven't heard many K-Pop artists who sound THIS good live recently (...Tiffany.....*glare*)

She also performed My Medicine. Many emotion. Much wow.

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Jun 4 16 5:46 AM

Well everything about this release (promotion-wise) is pretty catastrophic tbh. It was released at the beginning of the week and she couldn't perform in Korea because of the KCON festival in Paris, also the f(x) fanbase is pretty much a Krystal/Victoria fanbase and she's the least popular member (just look at the netizens' comments on this article... what a bunch of assholes, not surprising coming from them I know)... She sold 2,368 physical copies in 4 days and the album doesn't really seem to be doing well digitally.

I really hope her upcoming performances will help the sales rise tbh because the album is really good. I'm addicted to every single song. I'm usually too broke/cheap to order physical albums but I'm definitely going to order hers haha. Damn I feel so bad for Luna.

Music Core:

Fanchants on point! Park Sunyoung~ I hope it cheers her up. smiley: smile

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Jun 4 16 6:33 AM

Yeah, I was wondering why it took this long for a performance to come up. It sucks that it isn't getting as much attention as it totally deserves, although I had no idea that that's how the Koreans felt. Internationally it seems like Amber is the obvious fave, and Luna just seemed to be the more perfect solo debut due to being the voice (really? They like Victoria more??...not that I don't love her because I do but seriously what does she really do in the group >x>;;)

One thing I REALLY don't understand and probably never will is the whole lip-sync culture in K-Pop. Like....I was almost impressed at how she was actually singing during the first live...then it hit me that they just used the vocals from the radio live lolol. I mean sure, the dance is more impressive when the artist doesn't have to sing along with it and they can focus, but in a musical world, it just seems to be counterproductive. (Maybe I'm just irked cuz I'm working on my own music career and it just seems so strange to me...and there never really was an explanation for it =\)

She's really killing that choreography though I'm absolutely in love. Here's to hoping that the sales go up!

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Posts: 2,657 Mohtorboat

#547 post_url

Jun 14 16 12:01 AM

Writing credits, if anyone's interested.

Free Somebody
Lyrics: Kim Min-ji, Seo Ji-eum, JQ
Music: Anton Malmberg Haard Af Segerstad, Joy Neil Mitro Deb, Linnea Mary Han Deb, Joanna "JoJo" Levesque (yes, that JoJo)

Lyrics: Kim Tae-oo
Music: Henk Jan Kooistra, Jantine Annika Heij

Keep On Doin'
Lyrics: Le`mon, JQ, Bae Seong-hyeon
Music: Sara Forsberg, Anton Malmberg Haard Af Segerstad, Joy Neil Mitro Deb, Linnea Mary Han Deb

Pretty Girl (I Wish)
Lyrics: Luna, Choi (LU:KUS)
Music: Luna, Park Seul-gi, Choi (LU:KUS)

Lyrics: Jo Yung-yeong
Music: Edward Ross Lara, Todd Wright, Phoebe Sharp, Cassidy Ford, Sean Kendall

My Medicine
Lyrics: Luna, Choi (LU:KUS)
Music: Luna, Park Seul-gi, Choi (LU:KUS)

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#548 post_url

Jun 14 16 3:50 PM

Ooooh JoJo...doing well at least lolol

In other news, glad to see people are starting to choose the best album track as their live accompanying songs nowadays

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Posts: 2,657 Mohtorboat

#549 post_url

Jul 19 16 11:07 PM

It's f(x)'s turn to have a STATION single. All Mine, produced by―you guessed it―LDN Noise. Release is the 22nd.

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Jul 20 16 3:00 AM

Ooh a full f(x) single! Can't wait. Moar LDN bops plzkthx
I wonder if they're gonna credit them like they did with that one STATION single which was listed as a collaboration lolol

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Jul 20 16 9:39 AM

^ You must be talking about Cha Jiyeon's "My Show".

Feels like every single song SM has released in the last year was produced by LDN Noise smiley: laugh But I gotta admit I love most of them. By the way, LDN Noise themselves recently uploaded a mashup of two tracks they produced for my favorite groups: SHINee's "View" and f(x)'s "4 Walls"!

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#552 post_url

Jul 20 16 12:32 PM

Yeah that one! I forgot the name but I saw it pop up on YouTube, since I'm K-Pop trash and they know it lolol
They really have done a lot with SM this year. It's so weird lolol. They've even branched out of SM and worked with some other artists (I know SISTAR has a track from them)

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Jul 21 16 2:44 AM

Amber has directed the MV for "All Mine"

Girl Group f(x) will be releasing a new track titled "All Mine" tonight at 0:00am. This is part of SM's STATION which is a current annual project releasing weekly tracks showcasing different genres. All Mine will be the 24th track on SM Station and will be available for download through sites like Genie, MelOn and Naver. The MV will also be released on YouTube and Naver TVcast channels. In addition, what is capturing attention is that the MV was shot in a way to show the international schedules of all the members in f(x) and was directed by Amber who is also part of f(x).


Furthermore, "All Mine" is an up-tempo EDM song which will feature an upbeat rhythm as well as alluring lyrics. The song's lyrics express overwhelming feelings with the world when you fall in love, and is expected to attract a lot of listeners.

Translation: balloon_wanted



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#554 post_url

Jul 21 16 9:33 AM

It's so weird seeing SM actually let their slaves artists be...well, artists. Amber's got full creative control at this point, Tiffany and Sooyoung started writing their music, let's not forget BoA who probably spearheaded this new movement. I'm excited to see this video moreso now, and the song sounds right on my alley. Can't wai

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#555 post_url

Jul 21 16 12:48 PM

It's okay, I like it but that's about it. Kinda feels like a song that got cut from "4 Walls". Maybe I was expecting too much considering this is a Station release smiley: laugh

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#556 post_url

Jul 21 16 1:44 PM

Yeah, I mean so far all the STATION songs I've heard have been p stellar, but I don't put too much expectation on them. That being said, I also agree that it's not the best track released, for f(x) or for LDN actually. The video's cute, definitely has that Amber chill vibe, but I think because of that it doesn't have as much of an impact? At least to me
I'd probably fall more in love after reading the lyrics tho. It's still a nice summer bop

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Sep 8 16 2:41 PM

That's...a special video.......(it has its great moments, but then the effects can get REAL 2000s J-Pop >__> or DDR quality lawl)
Dig the song though

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Posts: 2,657 Mohtorboat

#560 post_url

Sep 12 16 12:13 AM

Second Japanese single, 4 Walls / COWBOY. Release date 2016.11.02.

CD+Sumapura music [AVCK-79348 ¥1,080]:
01 4 Walls
03 4 Walls inst
04 COWBOY inst

[me(you) JAPAN Official Shop Limited Benefit]
B3 mini-poster (not for sale)

CD+DVD+Sumapura music+movie [AVCK-79347/B ¥1,944]:
01 4 Walls
03 4 Walls inst
04 COWBOY inst

01 4 Walls Music Video –Japanese Ver.-
02 4 Walls Music Video Making
03 4 Walls / COWBOY Jacket making

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