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May 18 16 1:06 AM

I just really want Amber to come out officially as lesbian. I think it would be so ground breaking for the K-pop world and I feel like these two songs relate perfectly. Especially in the teaser where she talks about doing what you want to do and such

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May 18 16 9:08 AM

All of this "crossing the borders" stuff, loving who you are and be strong even when you're alone definitely makes you wonder what Amber really wants to say. I can't say for sure she's a lesbian but there's gotta be something along those veins.

And great at Docking Station being released! I still listen to 4 Walls occasionally.

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May 18 16 3:34 PM

Well, knowing Amber's history, Taiwanese-American moving to Korea and all, it seems like there's still a lot going on for her in that realm, even after 7yrs of working. She probably misses her family and all too, since she mentioned her mom and seems pretty close from what I've seen outside of group activities. There's also an English version of On My Own, since the MV's labeled the Korean version, so I can't wait to see what lyrics she wrote up

With Docking Station in Japan being released, I wonder if they'll release a Japanese studio version for 4 Walls, since that's the performance we'll be getting. Just a thought. But I'm still super stoked to get the chance to watch it. The setlist is also slightly different than the Korean one; shame we won't get All Night, but ah well

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May 24 16 1:52 AM

English version of the video. Obviously not much is different except the last scene is lipped in English. Supposedly this is on her own official channel separate from SMTOWN. Also she directed the video

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May 25 16 1:18 AM


I like this one though. Nice, chill, fun
I checked her IG to see where the rooftop scenes were shot; it's looking like her next mini-album is indeed called Crossing, with Borders, On My Own, and Need To Feel Needed

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May 27 16 1:00 PM

Rejoice, it's not a ballad! "Free Somebody" is a "future house electronic pop dance song" (holy shit) about wanting to help someone live their dream freely! I'm really excited for this, she looks amazing in the teaser pictures.

From akp: Luna's debut solo album 'Free Somebody' will hit stores on May 31, but before then, the 'Luna Free Somebody Preview' show is airing on May 30 at 11pm KST through SMTOWN's Naver V app channel.

image image image image

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May 27 16 1:31 PM

finally a luna solo album, shes my favourite in f(x).. she looks absolutely stunning and is really talented
Why is she wearing a DHL t-shirt though? random..

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May 28 16 5:54 AM

^ I love Luna but damn I would literally KILL for a Krystal solo album smiley: laugh I love her taste in music so if she happened to have a say in the selection of the tracks it would probably be amazing.
Anyway, more teaser pictures of goddess Luna:

image image image

Doesn't she somewhat remind you guys of Marina & the Diamonds in the first two pics? I just immediately thought about her somehow and I wanna know if it's just me smiley: laugh

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May 28 16 7:51 AM

I definitely see it in the second picture, with the big stylized hair and the blue background lolol. Very FROOTy

I STIL:L WANT A FULL VERSION OF KRYSTAL'S BUTTERSCOTCH. It would be interesting to see a Krystal solo

I wonder how a Victoria solo would be like

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May 29 16 11:18 AM

Music video teaser

The album consists of 6 songs including the title track “Free Somebody” which is an electronic pop dance song with the lyrics about wanting to help the others free themselves and find their true selves by freely pursuing the dreams in their hearts.

I can't wait omg

image image

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May 29 16 5:03 PM

That set-up looks like it'll lead to amazing things, Gwen Make Me Like You level things (probably not that intense but I'm still excited)

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May 30 16 11:12 AM

Tracklist (source):

01. Free Somebody (electronic pop dance)
02. Breathe (trip hop)
03. Keep On Doin' (medium tempo urban R&B)
04. I Wish (예쁜 소녀 / Yeppeun Sonyeo; Pretty Girl) (electronic pop / composed by Luna)
05. Galaxy
06. My Medicine (R&B ballad / composed by Luna)

Pretty much excited for every single song. I didn't expect her to have composed some of them!
By the way new teaser pic:


That t-shirt is actually not from DHL. It's a $400 shirt from Vetements smiley: roll (thanks to balloon_wanted from reddit).

Edit: The album is out!

Ugh I'm dying to listen to it but I'm at work right now... smiley: frown

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Posts: 2,657 Mohtorboat

#539 post_url

May 30 16 1:55 PM

The mini is pretty good. I like Free Somebody a lot, but Keep On Doin' is my favorite. The two songs she composed are good, too.

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May 30 16 2:26 PM

LeeLeeNeko wrote:
That t-shirt is actually not from DHL. It's a $400 shirt from Vetements smiley: roll (thanks to balloon_wanted from reddit).
...that makes me even more angry now LOLOLOL

Free Somebody's a bop. SM's overall aesthetic has been getting better and better. This video was so trippy though omg. But still cute. (There were some scenes where she kinda reminded me of BoA though? It could just be the blunt bangs, red lips, and circle lenses but who knows)

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