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Jun 26 15 9:17 AM

She's a goner... Especially after SM's awful statement that doesn't even deny it. It's not much of a bummer. She's the most useless member. She was only there for the cute look, but over the years her personality has showed she's more of a lazy, spoiled, and entitled brat that's kinda bitchy. Bye girl.. More lines for the others even though she had almost no lines to begin with.

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Jun 27 15 10:52 AM

Oh please, no... This is my favorite band and I feel love for each member of this group. I don't want her to leaveeeee T__T

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Sep 22 15 1:14 AM

Special video for Amber's Beautiful

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Oct 19 15 12:46 PM

They're coming back on October 21 at 8pm (KST). A short "teaser" video was released on their website, and they also created a special Instagram account named "4 Walls".

I'm guessing the squares and lines are supposed to represent the letters f/x and the fact that they're a 4-member group now? I've been checking allkpop everyday just for this smiley: laugh yay

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Oct 21 15 1:47 PM

The album will be released on October 27th at midnight (KST).
The exhibit started today, and they also released the first batch of teaser pictures - Victoria (the first two are animated):

image image image image image
image image image image

A special website for the exhibit was also launched: (each day will have a different member)
If you want to see more just search "151021 Victoria" on YouTube, there are quite a few videos available. At some point you can see titles so I'm guessing it's the actual tracklist for the upcoming album:

01. 4 Walls
02. Glitter
03. Deja Vu
04. X
05. Rude Love
06. Diamond
07. Traveler
08. Papi
09. Cash me out
10. When I'm alone

I love the concept so far, I'm dying to see Krystal's pictures!

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Oct 22 15 2:18 PM

I wonder if these audio tracks are supposed to be instrumentals for songs off the album. They kind of remind me of Shadow from Pink Tape

Luna looks SO good though! Like I'm actually kind of surprised. Her hair looks so good~

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Oct 24 15 1:56 AM

Really diging these audio instrumentals that are being shown on the exhibit sites. I do hope they're somehow involved with the actual album

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