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Jul 25 14 1:23 AM

That sounds so stupid those Korean netizens can be so vindictive sometimes leave the poor girl alone.Mad

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Jul 25 14 2:15 AM

Yeah, the article that I read everything from was all "Blahblahblah doesn't realize how harmful he's being to Sulli by bringing up the incident and talking about it", yet no one seems to be paying him much attention for it...

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Jul 25 14 6:10 PM

I'm just curious why it got so bad to have pregnancy rumors started. It's been plenty of dating controversies in K-Pop between bigger idols, with the a few of the last recent ones actually being true w/o this much backlash.

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Jul 26 14 4:04 AM

Seriously uncalled for. This whole thing is awful jeez. Also, the fact that Sulli's the second singer to take a break (Park Bom being the first one I heard about, after her drug smuggling derpshit) is just showing how awful these people are being treated by everyone ):

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Jul 26 14 9:57 AM

Poor Sulli...not only the anti-crap from dog-faced types, but also I would think she'd be tired after doing the Pirate action film work right into F(x) practicing.
Now SM can focus their promotional attention on the new girl group they're debuting next month. How convenient.

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Jul 30 14 10:31 PM

AND the f(x) scandal continues...

It's now seems possible that Sulli is not sick, but went on vacation with her boyfriend Choiza.

IF it is her in the picture, this makes her look bad.  Personally, I think SM lied about her being sick.
She's just done with everything ,I think.

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Jul 31 14 2:24 AM

Well then. On one hand, I can kind of agree that yeah, claiming to be sick over rumours and whatnot and then pulling this is kind of a butt move, but on the other hand, doesn't she kind of deserve some nice R&R with her supposed boyfriend (if that is her)? Honestly, the fact that netizens are retaliating against her and claiming that she acted like a victim is kind of dumb considering SHE WAS BEING ATTACKED BY SAID NETIZENS FOR THIS TO BEGIN WITH


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Posts: 2,627 Mohtorboat

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Nov 28 14 11:56 PM

Supposedly Amber is having a solo debut in February.

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Feb 5 15 3:33 PM

BwABpjL.jpg lJ0jDgt.jpg

f(x)'s Amber is confirmed to make her solo debut on the 16th!

Like previously hinted by the mysterious fortune cookie teaser, Amber's solo mini-album will be called 'Beautiful'. She participated in writing and composing for the album, which contains a total of 5 tracks of various genres. Labelmate Girls' Generation's Taeyeon is said to be featuring in Amber's upcoming title track, showing some SM girl power.

Get ready for the 'beautiful' Amber's solo debut!

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Feb 9 15 3:03 PM

That's such a pretty song. I was a bit worried that SM was going to keep her trapped in the image she has in the group so
this is a pleasant surprise.

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Feb 9 15 3:15 PM

I was expecting this kind of song. Sweet, but I'm glad this isn't the promotional track.

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