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Posts: 332 Yellow Gold Pansy Street

#21 post_url

Apr 19 11 11:54 PM

Um because it was PROMOTING THE SAME EXACT THING. lol It's just the Korean version of the Chinese version they did

Anyway, I like the album. Yes Dangerous and Danger sound like rejected Hoot demos, but Beautiful Goodbye is really nice. Sweet Witches is really cute (in a good way), Gangsta boy is bringing me endless lulz and Shinee is pretty amazing (read: hilariouslyawkward) in lollipop, My Style is really cool. I think SM is trying REALLY HARD todistinguishthem from SNSD, while reusing BoA track names in the process. I like most of theinstrumentals, and I have a feeling they might promote Love

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Posts: 535 Genie For Your Wish

#22 post_url

Apr 20 11 12:11 AM

I'm glad that somebody pointed out there is a danger and dangerous, becuase I like the second. (That said, I like Hoot better of course, but I think their different enough). Love too. However I don't know if I'll down them, because I don't like them that much. Its about 90% into no. Though, I might not like album, but I don't think this album is any worse than the typical SME/Korean Idol album. Where they're lacking is a strong promotional track to get people into it and convince them to at least download the rest..

Go back to La Cha Ta.

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Apr 20 11 12:43 AM

The album is a little bit disappointing after my first listen. There aren't many stand-out tracks. My favorites are 피노키오 (Danger) and My Style.

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Apr 20 11 12:03 PM

ARUTO wrote:
Sorry but:

NU ABO (song & MV) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Danger (song & MV)

I'm disappointed. The song is lame. I was expecting a hot comeback but this is meh... still, can't wait for the album!


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Apr 20 11 3:26 PM

I like the album cover, but thats it, danger is a very generic song, nothing special about here and the posters are also not my style. I dont think i will purchase it. Nu Abo is still my favourite song from them.

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Apr 22 11 12:47 AM

It's pretty evident with this album that SM can't decide if they want f(x) to be cute or cool.

I like it, though.

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Apr 22 11 12:40 PM

The new performance is hot. NICE live vocals from every member. Very impressed. Though, Gangsta Boy is still a horrible song. Also, It sounds like Luna is going super high picthed on purpose. It didn't sound as bad live, but it was hard to tell if she was trying becuase you could hear a backtrack very slightly. Her voice is just so amazing- don't waste it trying to sound like a H!P member!

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Posts: 844 "☆KYAH!☆

#35 post_url

Apr 22 11 9:16 PM

I don't like this album...It sounds even more generic than all the generic-dance/k-pop -___-
I want to like this...but ugh -__-

I only love the tittle song, but Amber should sing more imo... T__T

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Apr 23 11 4:52 PM

Ew, Amber looks like coming from a Dragon Ball episode
I only liked Danger and Dangerous from the album, but at least the performances look nice, I like how Sulli seems to be part of the lead vocals now.

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#40 post_url

Apr 23 11 5:11 PM

I don't like Gangsta Boy at all. It's just :X When I heard this "my gangsta,my gangsta" from Amber in the beginning I already knew,that the song is awful >.<
Only songs I really like from this album are "Beautiful Goodbye","Love" and "So Into U". The rest is okay or meh..

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