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Jul 11 12 10:52 AM

preview of a new song, "No Bandage" up for a week now. they are planning to preview something every week until the album's release.


single cover

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Jul 18 12 10:08 AM

Superfly Music Video Competition!!
Superflyの新曲「No Bandage」という楽曲でSuperflyの初の試みとなる企画を実施します!!「No Bandage」のミュージックビデオを一般から公募するという企画『Superfly Music Video Competition』が行われることが決定しました!!

まずは、本日18日より先行配信(iTunes、mu-moにて先行配信)されるこの楽曲をダウンロードしていただき、同楽曲でMu...sic Videoを制作して応募して頂くという企画です。
作品の選定は、Superflyが選ぶ“大賞”(Official Videoに認定)、“スペースシャワーTV賞”、“ユーザー投票賞”の3つの賞があります。大賞に選ばれた作品とスペースシャワーTV賞に関しては、なんと実際にスペースシャワーTVにて紹介・オンエアされることも決定しています。


詳しくは「MV Competition」をご覧ください。↓

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Jul 23 12 9:59 AM

02.Nitty Gritty
03.No Bandage
08.Get High!!~アドレナリン~
10.The Bird Without Wings

<Disc.2> Live 4th You
01.Force (Live)
02.Nitty Gritty (Live)
03.No Bandage (Live)
08.Get High!!~アドレナリン~ (Live)
09.919  (Live)
10.The Bird Without Wings (Live)
11.スタンディングオベーション (Live)

WPZL-30399/400 税込¥3,400

・愛をくらえ Music Video
・輝く月のように Music Video


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Jul 23 12 8:18 PM

uncle Jemima wrote:
awesome cover! kind of reminds me of ai otsuka for some reason, anyone else get that feeling?

I definitely get that feeling! I don't like Ai Otsuka's music, but she is absolutely gorgeous, so it's certainly a positive aspect. It also reminds me of Double's "WOMAN" cover, except I prefer this cover a little more.

Couple things about the cover I would prefer done differently: Font and font color of "Force" is a little weak and plain,, which is contradictory to the title of the album. I was hoping for something more...fierce, but her pose in the cover certainly has that look.
- The placement of "Superfly" is a bit awkward
- Why does she have to look naked?
- With a cover like this, I kinda wish she did a different cover for each version.

Also, I absolutely love that there is a live version for each track. So so smart and I definitely will be purchasing this!

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Jul 24 12 3:29 AM

That cover looks great! Seriously stoked for this album now, especially after reading that description. I don't care if it probably won't mean epic sales, a raw and hard rock-ish record is just what the doctor ordered!

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Jul 29 12 10:31 PM

"Kagayaku Tsuki no You ni" sounds like a smash. I love it. It's so refreshing to me because library/ears are so saturated by dance/electronic music lately, her voice and that guitar are just what I needed to hear. Looking forward to this album.

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Jul 30 12 12:34 AM

No Bandage is so freaking good!

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Posts: 2,663 Mohtorboat

#174 post_url

Aug 16 12 3:49 PM

Man, all these songs have been sounding great. I'm gonna have to go back and listen to her other albums again.

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Sep 5 12 1:10 AM

Superfly 4th Album "Force" Release Free Live at Yoyogi Park Outdoor Stage on Wednesday, September 19 will be live streamed.
Starts at 19:00 JST. (Scheduled Start: 19:00 JST / End: 20:00 JST)

Superfly 4th Album "Force" Special Site:

YouTube Live:
Nico Nico: (You don't need an account to watch, but if you have one, you can use timeshift to watch it later.)
Ameba Pigg:


How to use timeshift on Nico Nico:

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Sep 5 12 10:40 PM


This album is going to be epic...then again, all her albums are! Don't know why but I was a little nervous for this at first.

EDIT: Uh oh, SKE is releasing their first album on the same day. I think they might ruin her #1 album streak, and if they do, they will be my eternal enemies!

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Sep 5 12 11:35 PM

Not might, if the company doesn't move the release date around (and I doubt they will since we've known the date for months now), she'll definitely be losing her streak. Really loving Force. So far this albums sounds like it's going to be the most cohesive yet. Hopefully that doesn't translate into monotonous.

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uncle Jemima

Posts: 4,000

パン・ダ marinopp

#180 post_url

Sep 7 12 11:52 PM

whitedove wrote:
SKE is my least fav 48 and the fact that she's not gonna get no.1 next week is already making me sad.

lol yeah even though i love SDN and am indifferent towards AKB i really have SKE for some reason, so it's depressing that Superduperfly will lose to them. but it's the sales that count anyway, not the ranking, right?

anyway i was looking up lyrics on a website (for a Norwegian band) and this add appeared on the side.

which surprised me. is this add there for everyone to see? i was watching Superfly on youtube earlier today so is this one of those websites that keeps track of what you do on the internet then displays adds that they think you'll dig? if that's the case, then that's kind of creepy because i've never been on this particular lyrics website before. if that's NOT the case, however, then that's awesome that Superfly is getting exposure on non-asian websites!

EDIT: now that i go on to the home page for that site and keep refreshing the page, that add won't come back. i see facebook is connected with that page, and i'm logged in, but i don't like Superfly's facebook page (is there even one?) and haven't made any posts about i'm really confused.

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