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Jul 31 13 3:25 PM

The million was a joke, haha, I definitely have no delusions. 300k would be great. 500k even better, of course, but from what I've seen compilations do their best work when artist are still on the rise or at their peak, not when they've got a longer career with also some slump in sales behind them.

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Jul 31 13 11:04 PM

Maybe I'm a bit pessimistic but I only expect this to slightly outsell Force. 300k max. Who knows though. She rocketed to #1 on all the sites already, so this may sell up to 500k. I would die if this sold a million, it would be very deserved too since her catalog is so amazing!

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#223 post_url

Jul 31 13 11:41 PM

^ It's a pleasant surprise to see her at #1 on all online charts, as I remember that even Kana's bests didn't do that. A million is probably a lot to ask for, I'd love for 500k though. And if she gets numbers like Yuming's, even better!

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Aug 21 13 5:23 PM

It's nice, and probably the better type of song to use for a compilation album. Even so, I'd have preferred a more upbeat rock song, haha, but in that aspect I'm a broken record.

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#227 post_url

Aug 27 13 10:04 AM

Info on the last new song for the BEST is out, "Bi-Li-Li Emotion" will be the theme for ドクターX~外科医・大門未知子~ (begins in October) described as a rock song.


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#230 post_url

Sep 3 13 5:10 PM

^ This song is the best in a long time!!! I really love it and the coreo is so funny to see!!!! Good job!

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#231 post_url

Sep 4 13 5:46 AM

Both songs are very good. Bi-ri-ri Emotion reminds me of something Ikimonogakari would put out (which is a good thing), but it sounds a little more pop than rock. Just listen to the melody of that one and the instruments used. "Always" is very complimentary to her voice.

However, I would have liked a track like "Beep!!" or "Force" or "Alright!!". I don't really know any other female artist who can pull off songs like that as well as she does.

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Posts: 2,627 Mohtorboat

#232 post_url

Sep 4 13 4:13 PM

Another song like Alright!! would've been great, seeing as that's one of my favorites. Bi-Li-Li Emotion isn't terrible, though.

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Sep 25 13 9:54 AM

1 65,841 Superfly BEST WMJ 13/9/25 
hope she can stay consistent and get 250-300K first week. mine won't get here until tomorrow.

can't believe no one mentioned it, like always (where are the Superfly  fans? Wink02) "GIVE ME TEN!!!!!" out 2013.11.13 Limited editions have the new PV's + making footage


※初回生産限定盤には、『Superfly BEST』収録の新曲、『Bi-Li-Li Emotion』『Always』『Starting Over』のMusic Videoとメイキングを収録!!

07.Secret Garden
08.Nitty Gritty
10.Deep-sea Fish Orchestra
11.My Best Of My Life
14.How Do I Survive?
16.Get High!!~アドレナリン~
23.Rollin' Days

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#235 post_url

Sep 25 13 3:10 PM

I was going to post that, but the Superfly section is a little dead so xD

Anyways, THAT is the cover the Best-of should have been! Fantastic cover.

Awesome tracklist too. Thankfully it's not just the "Best of" played live, and it's a mix of album tracks too. Surprised to see "アイデンティティの行方", since they never did that live before (on her concert DVD anyways, right?), but happy since I oddly enough love that song. Also, I wonder if "Standing Ovation" will now be her concert closer for now on. It seems like they almost composed that song for that reason.

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Feb 13 14 10:49 PM

Superfly will be providing the theme song and the image song for the movie "Yamakin Ushijima-kun Part 2". She previously provided the songs "The Bird Without Wings" and "No Bandage" to the first movie in the series. The theme song for the new movie will be an epic ballad titled "Live", while the image song will be titled "Mangekyou to Chou" ("Butterfly Kaleidoscope"?), which has been described as "psychedelic". The movie is out on May 16th of this year, but the method of delivery for these two songs has yet to be announced.


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Posts: 2,627 Mohtorboat

#239 post_url

May 13 14 11:35 PM



01 Live
02 Mangekyou to Chou (万華鏡と蝶)
03 The Long Way Home


  • Alright!!
  • Ai wo Komete Hanataba wo (愛をこめて花束を)
  • Wildflower
  • Manifesto (マニフェスト)
  • Standing Ovation (スタンディングオベーション)

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#240 post_url

Sep 14 14 1:07 PM

After watching Tales of Zestiria's trailer, I saw that Superfly will be singing the theme song for the game and it's called "White Light". Nice song and tie-in!

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