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Sep 8 12 1:10 AM

^ Oh lol, that was pretty random!

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Sep 8 12 9:14 PM

this is going to be a much awaited album for me!

and can somebody update the title of this forum, its more than a year now since the release of Mind Travel, and we already have Force

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Sep 12 12 3:21 AM

Superfly to sing for Yonekura Ryoko’s upcoming drama

Superfly’s new song “Force” has been chosen as the theme song for TV Asahi’s upcoming drama series, ‘Doctor X ~Gekai Daimon Michiko~‘, starring actress Yonekura Ryoko.

This will be Superfly’s 2nd consecutive season to sing a theme song for a drama. She previously sang the theme song for TBS‘ summer drama series, ‘Summer Rescue ~Tenku no Shinryojo~‘.

Superfly commented on “Force” saying, “The power that reveals your true self, the power of love, the power of belief, the power to show your weaknesses… Like the various powers that overflow from the bottom of our hearts, it’s a powerful song. I’m really looking forward to how the drama’s visuals and song will synchronize.“

As her first time teaming up with Superfly, Yonekura seemed very pleased with the theme song. “As the song’s title suggests, the song is filled with powerful meaning, and I believe it’s a song that will give you motivation. Like the song’s image, I would like to do my best to become a strong doctor,” she expressed.

‘Doctor X ~Gekai Daimon Michiko~’ will air every Thursdays at 9:00 pm starting sometime in October.

another medical drama tie-in (O_o )

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Sep 12 12 3:40 PM

GOOOOOD I am SOOOOO stoked for this album, haha. I have been spazzing over No Bandage, then Force came out and I've been drooling over that, I'm seriously refreshing jpopsuki every couple of hours or so to check wether or not it's up yet, lol : P

A shame she will possibly not get #1, but in the end positions don't matter as much as sales, and those don't even matter as much as the music, which in this case I'm positive will be EPIC.

I am SO tempted to go and buy the 5th Anniversary edition with bonus CD and LP (how rare is it for Japanese artists to release vinyl, jeez) but it's like 62 euros with shipping... eh...

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Sep 19 12 1:39 AM

Free live is today, Wednesday, September 19 at 19:00 JST. (Scheduled Start: 19:00 JST / End: 20:00 JST)

Superfly 4th Album "Force" Special Site:

YouTube Live:
Nico Nico: (You don't need an account to watch, but if you have one, you can use timeshift to watch it later.)
Ameba Pigg:

How to use timeshift on Nico Nico:

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Sep 19 12 4:35 PM

I just listened to the album, and...

Firstly, the ONLY point of complaint I have. I HATE Owari. HAAAATE it. Not that's is such a terrible song in itself, I suppose it's an OK quiet ballad (though I'm never a fan of those), but it's position completely ruins the flow of the album for me. It's awkward and I think I might simply delete ir from my playlist to improve the flow : P

Anyway, that rant aside... the album is AMAZING! My favourite album by far. No filler, just all killer tracks. Heisei Homo Sapiens is deliciously funky, Force and No Bandage are still killer power tracks, Nitty Gritty and 919 were cool new rock tracks and Standing Ovation is a great ending.

I'd still have to say that overall the album was still too polished, too overproduced, too pop-glossy for me, but that's Japanese rock for you and even one of J-Pop's biggest female power vocalists can only go so far, I suppose, so I guess that's more of an overall complaint of the Japanese music scene from me than directly on this album.

All in all, much better than I could even have dreamt of!

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Sep 23 12 7:39 PM

I haven't been checking the charts every day but I think even though SKE48 debuted at #1 Force is still going to win out. Today it sold over twice the amount of copies SKE48's album did and I think it's been #1 most of the days this week.

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Sep 24 12 2:27 AM

^ Maybe or maybe not. Just like Kobukuro vs Perfume last week, Although Kobukuro wins after the 6th day, Perfume have a huge adjustment and wins out in the end. I guess we'll still have to wait until the weekly is out.

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Sep 24 12 2:52 AM

yesterday's sales was impressive, 57 copies is the gap between Superfly's album and SKE48's album, though the chances are big for SKE48 to claim the #1 weekly charts

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Sep 27 12 11:02 PM

Force 10.31


01. Force *10月クール、テレビ朝日系木曜ドラマ「ドクターX~外科医・大門未知子~」主題歌
02. 終わりなきゲーム
03. 透明人間

2012.09.19 Free Live at 代々木公園
01. Force
02. No Bandage
03. The Bird Without Wings
04. 919
05. 平成ホモサピエンス
06. Alright!!
07. 輝く月のように
08. タマシイレボリューション
09. 愛をこめて花束を

“Superfly Arena Tour 2013”特別チケット先行予約案内封入

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Sep 30 12 1:31 PM

Honestly, after listening to this album a couple times I think it is the weakest entry in her discography. It starts out very strong but takes a big hit with Shuuen that it never fully recovers from. =/

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Oct 2 12 10:40 AM

While I agree that that song is incredibly out of change and hurts the pace, I definitely disagree on the rest. IMO, Heisei Homo Sapiens and Standing Ovation are some of the finest in her discography, and 919 and Get High aren't worse than any of her previous uptempo song. And the beginning of the album is IMO so awesome that it alone prevents it from being her weakest...

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Oct 2 12 11:47 AM

Honestly, I really hate Heisei Homo Sapians. It tries too hard and ultimately comes off as cheesy. It isn't helped by the laughably bad live version. So there's a stretch of three very bad songs and the album only starts to recover with 919 (which is merely a good song, not a great one). Standing Ovation is very strong, but I don't think Superfly should try to inject funk into her music. It just didn't work for me.

Honestly, your points do make me rethink this as her weakest album. I do really enjoy a good 8/11 songs, which is more than most. It's just that the songs I dislike I really dislike.

Last Edited By: GKJaylee Oct 2 12 11:59 AM. Edited 1 time.

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