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May 12 12 9:06 AM

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List your favourite member(s) of your favourite groups. You can aslo rank them if you like. : D

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Posts: 844 "☆KYAH!☆

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May 12 12 10:47 AM

2NE1: CL because is the Queen Of Carisma and cross-eyed

miss A: Min because is freaky on twitter and talks about videogames, shows and movies, but I don't like her face that much lol

SISTAR: Hyorin because her husky voice

4minute: Hyuna because her slutyness

SNSD: Hyoyeon because a lot of people call her orc and I like orcs.

After School: I guess NaNa because she looks like a well made tranny. before their japanese debut was Kahi but she raps like a stupid girl in japanese with a tiny forced voice ---ugh

BEG: GaIn because she's not antinatural like Narsha

T-ara: nobody because all are the same with zero talent (but I like their songs lol)

BIGBANG: hmm..I want TOP and SeungRi to f* me both lol so idk. both

Other boybands: ew no

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May 12 12 11:37 AM

Out of the groups I care about enough to actually know the members of:

B.A.P: Himchan
B1A4: Baro
Big Bang: T.O.P
EXO-K: Chanyeol
EXO-M: Kris
Girl's Day: Minah
UKISS: Kiseop
Double A: Woosang
Infinite: Sunggyu
2NE1: CL

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May 12 12 2:53 PM

2NE1: Bom. Love her voice and there's something about that plastic face that's so... intriguing. CL's obviously a close second.

SNSD: Tiffany. She's the most well-rounded member and easily the prettiest. Taeyeon's up there too.
BeG: Narsha. Seems like she has the best personality and her solo album was top notch.
Wonder Girls: Yubin. Such a bad bitch. Sunye's easily the prettiest & most talented, though.
Big Bang: Daesung. Extremely underrated.
4Minute: Ga-yoon. I like her voice and the stank faces she makes.
Shinee: Jonghyun. Mmmphm.
SISTAR: Hyorin. 
miss A: Min. Mostly because of her facial expressions, lol.
f(x): Luna.

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May 12 12 10:22 PM

SHINee: ultimate diva Key

B2ST: Kikwang (hawt body and adorable face)

Infinite: L (I know he can't sing, but I'm a sucker for a perfect face)

miss A: Min, for all the reasons other people listed above. She's the most entertaining female idol on variety shows, IMO

BEG: Ga-In ... her solo album was so solid, and she's also hilarious on variety (WGM and her new show Launch my Life)

T-ara: Soyeon, cause she's the one who can actually sing

SNSD: Hyoyeon ... criminally underrated in Korea, I'm glad she's the most popular one in the West

SuJu: my heart says Yesung, but my loins say Donghae

f(x): Amber!!

Kara: Seungyeon, the cutest one

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May 12 12 11:07 PM

4minute: Hyuna, Gayoon, Sohyun, Jihyun, Jiyoon
Wonder Girls: Yeeun, Lim, Yubin, Sohee, Sunye

These two groups are really the only ones I care about enough to rank lol.

2AM: Jinwoon
2PM: Junho
A Pink: Bomi
BEG: Narsha
BEAST: Doojoon
T-ara: Eunjung

These are the rest of the groups that I know/like enough to have biases.

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May 13 12 3:00 AM

KARA: Gyuri goddess
Rainbow: Jaekyung
Girl's Day: Yura
4minute: Gayoon
T-ARA: Qri
SNSD: Yuri
f(x): Luna / Krystal
Brown Eyed Girls: Jea
After School / Orange Caramel: Lizzy
miss A: Jia
Nine Muses: Sera
2NE1: Bom
Secret: Jieun
Sistar: Bora / Soyu
Wonder Girls: Yubin / Sunye
Sunny Hill: Seunga / Jubi
Hello Venus: Alice
EXID: Junghwa
Fiestar: Jei
SPICA: Jiwon


BEAST: Dujun / Dongwoon / Kikwang
Infinite: Woohyun / Sungkyu
SHINee: Jonghyun / Onew
MBLAQ: Thunder
SuJu: Siwon
BIGBANG: Taeyang / Seungri
2PM: Chansung / Taecyeon
2AM: Jinwoon
SS501: Kyu Jong
CNBLUE: Yonghwa
Teen Top: C.A.P / Changjo
Dalmatian: Simon / Jeesu
B.A.P: Yongguk / Jongup
B1A4: Gongchan
U-KISS: Kiseop / AJ
BTOB: Peniel / Hyunsik
EXO: Tao (M) / D.O (K)
JJ Project: JB
A-JAX: Hyeongkon

I think this is all...

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May 13 12 12:15 PM

Rainbow - Jae Kyung, Seung Ah, Yoon Hye  (same level of love)

Chocolat - Tia
HAM -  Hyoni
Sugar - Ayumi
TO-YA - Ahn Jin Kyung
CNBLUE - Yonghwa
FT ISLAND - Hongki
Baby Vox - Yoon Eun Hye
Super Junior - Kyuhyun
SS501 - Kim Kyu Jong
TVXQ - Yunho
Supernova - Ji Hyuk
BTOB - Minhyuk

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May 13 12 2:47 PM

SNSD - Hyoyeon.

The end.

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May 14 12 2:50 AM

Girls Groups:
Rainbow - Jaekyung, Noeul, Woori
Nine Muses - Hyuna, Erin
SPICA - Jiwon
KARA - Seungyeon
After School - Jooyeon, Lizzy
Secret - Sunhwa
4minute - Hyuna
T-ara - Qri
SNSD - Yoona, Sunny, Sooyoung
A Pink - Namjoo
Wonder Girls - Yoobin
f(x) - Victoria
EXID - Hani
CSJH The Grace - Dana

Boy Bands:
TOUCH - Jae Wook (Used to be Junyong, the guy could sing)
X-5 - Taefung
HITT - Joontaek
Infinite - Hoya
ZE:A - Hyungsik
EXO-M - Kris
A-JAX - Hyojun

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May 14 12 6:15 AM




After School-Jung Ah

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Aug 22 12 12:07 AM

2- 2NE1 ( CL , BOM )
3- Big Bang ( Taeyang )
4- Infinite (Hoya , L)
5- Sistar (Hyorin , Bora)
6- U-kiss (Eli)

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Oct 5 12 2:20 PM

Girl Groups

Afterschool [NANA]
Hello Venus [Lime]
4Minute [Ji Yoon]
5Dolls [Chanmi]
F(x) [Amber]
Girl's Day [Minah]
Sistar [hyorin]
Nine Muses [Lee Sam]
Evol [say]
ChocoLat [Melanie]
RaNia: [Di]

Boy Groups

NU'EST [Baekho]
Cross Gene [Casper]
B.A.P [Zelo]
SS501 [Jung min]
Shinhwa [Eric]
AA [Aoora]
2am [Jokwon]
2pm [Nichkhun]
Super Junior [Kangin]
U-KISS [Soo Hyun]
A-JAX [Hyeongkon]

and some of these members I HATED when they first debuted, but it was because i was secretly in love with them.

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Dec 3 12 12:32 PM

Dalmatian: Daniel, Simon
INFINITE: Hoya, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Sungkyu
B.A.P: Bang Yongguk
2PM: Taecyeon, Wooyoung
TEEN TOP: Chunji, L.Joe, C.A.P
CNBLUE: Yonghwa
BIGBANG: Taeyang
B1A4: Baro, Jinyoung
BEAST: Dujun, Kikwang
ZE:A: Dongjun
Super Junior: Siwon
Cross Gene: Casper
MBLAQ: Joon, G.O.
BTOB: Sungjae, Hyunsik
NU'EST: Baekho

I'm not boy-crazy at all!

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Dec 23 13 11:48 AM

I forgot I had posted in this thread until I was checking out just now. Some updates:

Nine Muses - Sunga (still love Sam and Kyungri was a more significant addition vocally but Sunga was the final piece of the puzzle, and she's hot)
BEG - Gain (Still love Narsha, but Gain's just more productive at this point)
After School - Jooyeon (not the most talented but I don't care...those lips!)
f(x) - Krystal (gorgeous, funky and cooler than her sister)
SNSD - Sooyoung (My eyes are always drawn to her watching the MVs,)
2NE1 - Minzy (great dancer, always liked her most, although all 4 of them are essential)
Kara - Nicole (really tough to decide with this group actually)
Sistar - Hyolyn (I like underdogs, but in this case Hyolyn is too much of a force to deny)
Girl's Day - Yura (the Female President MV decided that for me)
T-ara - Eunjung (not really a fan of the group, but I like Eunjung as an actress)
AOA - Jimin (kind of tomboyish with speedy chipmunk rapping that's weirdly appealing...and plays guitar)
4 Minute - Jeon Ji-yoon (not one of my fav groups but she rocked the short hair look, looks fine with longer hair too)

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Dec 31 13 2:01 PM

Zenova wrote:
SNSD - Hyoyeon.

The end.

Anyway I started to notice SNSD the moment I saw her. She totally looks like my long lost childhood friend except she is not smiley: roll

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