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Apr 15 11 1:15 PM

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generasia wrote:
Southern All Stars (サザンオールスターズ), also known as SAS and Sazan, is a Japanese rock band led by Kuwata Keisuke. The band is considered one of the most influential groups in Japan, being the 4th best-selling artist and having sold more than 47,083,000 copies in Japan.

The band's roots trace back to 1975, when Kuwata Keisuke was part of a popular group Better Days. The group saw many changes to its name and members. It was when keyboardist Hara Yuko and bassist Sekiguchi Kazuyuki joined the group that it had a permanent name.

After more and more changes of members, the group finally saw light as they released their debut single Katte ni Sinbad in 1978. After several appearances of the song on TV, the single climbed to #3 on the Oricon charts. They released one more single, before going away from the funny image, with the release of the pop-ballad Itoshi no Ellie. They released their debut album Atsui Munasawagi which contained few tracks. After only 8 months they released their 2nd album 10 Numbers Carat, which Kuwata considered "trash".

In 1980, they started the "Five Rock Show" and released their 3rd album Tiny Bubbles. With the release of NUDE MAN and a couple of singles, they experienced more success when popular Japanese artists began covering their hit songs. After releasing their 14th single Chako no Kaigan Monogatari, Kuwata married Hara and to add to the happiness, fans were invited to their wedding ceremony.

The group then released Ninkimono de Ikou, which had a more adult feel in it. With the release of this album, Southern All Stars built up a more definite reputation in the Japanese music world. In the late 1980s, Hara conceived to Kuwata's child, so the leader decided to temporarily suspend the band's activities, while he work on another band, Kuwata Band.

In the 1990's they released more hit songs and album. 1991 also saw the graduation of bassist Sekiguchi Kazuyuki because of health problems, later coming back in 1995. In 1992, they released the singles Namida no Kiss andShulaba★La★Bamba on the same day. Namida no Kiss became an instant hit, being their first million-seller single. With the release of million-seller singles, the band released Young Love, their 11th album, which has become their most successful album to date.

January of 2000 saw the release of TSUNAMI, which was #1 on the Oricon charts for 5 weeks, selling almost 3 million copies. The single was marked the 3rd best-selling one in Japan. In 2001, guitarist Omori Takashi graduated from the group to take a rest. After releasing some more hit singles and albums, Kuwata came back to his solo activities and produced big hit singles and an album.

Their 13th album, Killer Street, was released in late 2005. The album not only topped the Oricon weekly charts, but also the United World Charts.

In May 2008, Victor Entertainment, the band's agency, announced that Southern All Stars will stop working as a band in 2009, but with the members having solo activities. However, Victor Entertainment said they would still come back to work as a band.

In August 2008, the band celebrated their 30th anniversary with the single I AM YOUR SINGER.

Latest Release

Keisuke Kuwata 4th album "Musicman"

  1. Imagine All the People!!
  2. Bega
  3. Iihito ~Do you wanna be loved?~
  4. SO WHAT?
  5. Inishie no Kaze Fuku Mori
  6. Koi no Oodorobou
  7. Ginga no Hoshikuzu
  8. Goodbye Waltz
  9. Kimi ni Sayonara wo
  11. EARLY IN THE MORNING ~Tabidachi no Asa~
  12. Kizudarake no Tenshi
  13. Honto wa Kowai Ai to Romance
  14. Sore Ike Baby!!
  15. Kurutta Onna
  16. Kanashimi yo Konnichiwa
  17. Mister Moonlight



[1978.06.25] Katte ni Sindbad (勝手にシンドバッド; Willfully Sinbad)

[1978.11.25] Kibun Shidai de Semenaide (気分しだいで責めないで; Don't Pet Me So Freely)

[1979.03.25] Itoshi no Ellie (いとしのエリー; My Dear Ellie)

[1979.07.25] Omoisugoshi mo Koi no Uchi (思い過ごしも恋のうち; Imagining Things is Also Love)

[1979.10.25] C-chou Kotoba ni Goyoujin (C調言葉に御用心; Beware of Breezy Words)

[1980.02.21] Namida no Avenue (涙のアベニュー; Avenue of Tears)

[1980.03.21] Koisuru Monthly Day (恋するマンスリーデイ; Lovely Monthly Day)

[1980.05.21] Inase na Locomotion (いなせなロコモーション; Chic Locomotion)

[1980.06.21] JAZZ MAN (ジャズマン)

[1980.07.21] Wasureji no Laid Back (わすれじのレイド・バック; Laid Back that You Can't Forget)

[1980.11.21] Sha La La / Gomen ne, Charlie (シャ・ラ・ラ / ごめんね チャーリー; Sorry Charlie)

[1981.06.21] Big Star Blues (ビッグスターの悲劇)

[1981.09.21] Shiori no Theme (栞のテーマ; Shiori's Theme)

[1982.01.21] Chako no Kaigan Monogatari (チャコの海岸物語; Chako's Coastal Story)

[1982.05.21] Nijiiro THE NIGHT CLUB (匂艶; Rainbow-colored)

[1982.10.05] Ya Ya (Ano Toki wo Wasurenai) (Ya Ya (あの時代を忘れない))

[1983.03.05] BODY SPECIAL II (ボディ・スペシャルII)

[1983.07.05] EMANON

[1983.11.05] Tokyo Shuffle (東京シャッフル)

[1984.06.25] Miss Brand New Day (ミス・ブランニュー・デイ)

[1984.10.21] Tarako (Cod Roe)

[1985.05.29] Bye Bye My Love (U are the one)

[1985.08.21] Melody (メロディ)

[1988.06.25] Minna no Uta (みんなのうた; Everyone's Songs)


[1978.08.25] Atsui Munasawagi (熱い胸さわぎ; Hot Uneasiness)

[1979.04.05] 10 Numbers Carat

[1980.03.21] Tiny Bubbles

[1981.07.21] Stereo Taiyou-zoku (ステレオ太陽族; Stereo Sunny Youth)

[1982.07.21] NUDE MAN

[1983.07.05] Kirei (綺麗; Beautiful)

[1984.07.07] Ninkimono de Ikou (人気者で行こう; Go the Way of Stars)

[1985.09.14] KAMAKURA


[1992.09.26] Yo ni Manyou no Hana ga Sakunari (世に万葉の花が咲くなり; The Flower of Myriad Leaves Blooms in the World)

[1996.07.20] Young Love

[1998.10.28] Sakura (さくら; Cherry Blossoms)

[2005.10.05] Killer Street (キラーストリート)

[1989.04.12] Megami-tachi e no Jouka (Houdou Sarenai Y Kei no Kanata e) (女神達への情歌 (報道されないY型の彼方へ); Love Song for Goddesses)

[1989.06.07] Sayonara Baby (さよならベイビー; Goodbye, Baby)

[1989.11.21] Furi Furi '65 (フリフリ; Swinging)

[1990.07.25] Manatsu no Kajitsu (真夏の果実; Midsummer Fruit)

[1991.07.10] Neo Bravo!! (ネオ・ブラボー!!)

[1992.07.18] Namida no Kiss (涙のキッス; Kiss of Tears)

[1992.07.18] Shulaba★La★Bamba (シュラバ★ラ★バンバ; Shambles La Bamba)

[1993.07.21] Erotica Seven (エロティカ・セブン)

[1993.07.21] Suteki na Birdy (NO NO BIRDY) (素敵なバーディー; Wonderful Birdy)

[1993.11.20] Christmas Love (Namida no Ato ni wa Shiroi Yuki ga Furu) (クリスマス・ラブ (涙のあとには白い雪が降る))

[1995.05.22] Mumpy no G★SPOT (マンピーのG★SPOT; Puss-P's G-Spot)

[1995.07.17] Anata Dake wo ~Summer Heartbreak~ (あなただけを; Only You)

[1996.05.20] Ai no Kotodama ~Spiritual Message~ (愛の言霊; Spirit of the Word called Love)

[1996.06.25] Taiyou wa Tsumi na Yatsu (太陽は罪な奴; The Sun is a Bad Guy)

[1997.08.21] 01MESSENGER ~Denshi Kyou no Uta~ (電子狂の詩; Electronic Maniac's Song)

[1997.11.06] BLUE HEAVEN

[1998.02.11] LOVE AFFAIR ~Himitsu no Date~ (秘密のデート; Secret Date)

[1998.07.29] PARADISE

[1999.03.25] Yellow Man ~Hoshi no Oujisama~ (イエローマン ~星の王子様~; The Little Prince)

[2000.01.26] TSUNAMI

[2000.07.19] HOTEL PACIFIC

[2000.11.01] Kono Aoi Sora, Midori ~BLUE IN GREEN (この青い空、みどり; This Blue Sky is Green)

[2003.06.25] Namida no Umi de Dakaretai ~SEA OF LOVE~ (涙の海で抱かれたい; I Want to be Held in the Sea of Tears)

[2004.04.14] Aja (彩)

[2004.07.21] Kimi Koso Star da / Yume ni Kieta Julia (君こそスターだ / 夢に消えたジュリア; You are the Star / Julia Disappeared in a Dream)

[2004.11.24] Ai to Yokubou no Hibi / LONELY WOMAN (愛と欲望の日々; Days of Love and Desire)

[2005.07.20] BOHBO No.5 / Kami no Shima Haruka Kuni (神の島遥か国; God's Island, the Country So Far)

[2006.08.09] DIRTY OLD MAN ~Saraba Natsu yo~ (さらば夏よ; Goodbye Summer)

[2008.08.06] I AM YOUR SINGER


Official website

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#1 post_url

Apr 15 11 1:24 PM

latest news from Tokyohive

Entertainment agency Amuse Inc. announced that they’ve created a special in-house unit called “Team Amuse!!“, which will draw together all their in-house talents for disaster relief. This will be the first time for the agency to gather over 50 of their talents for one project.

The talents will  sing a charity song called “Let’s try again“. This dream collaboration was orchestrated by Kuwata Keisuke, with all the talents’ thoughts for the disaster victims being weaved into one piece.

“Let’s try again” is based on the newly written song by Kuwata, but it will also mix many masterpieces from artists who are joining the team, such as “Katte ni Shindobaddo“, “Kibou no Wadachi” (Southern All Stars), “Sakurazaka” (Fukuyama Masaharu), “Saudade” (Porno Graffitti), “Nada Sousou” (BEGIN), “Polyrhythm” (Perfume), and so on.

The charity song will begin distributing on April 20th through several music downloading sites. (For more details on the distribution, check their official site.)

Below are a list of some of the talents who are participating in “Team Amuse!!”:

• Ueno Juri
• Okada Yoshinori
• Ogura Hisahiro
• Kato Takako
• Kishitani Goro
• Kuwata Keisuke (Southern All Stars)
• Koide Keisuke
• Komatsu Ayaka
• Sato Takeru
• Sun Plaza Nakano-kun
• Skoop on somebody
• Sudo Risa
• Sekiguchi Kazuyuki (Southern All Stars)
• Takahashi Yu
• Terawaki Yasufumi
• Tomita Yasuko
• Naka Riisa
• Nozawa Hideyuki (Southern All Stars)
• Hara Yuko (Southern All Stars)
• Pappara Kawai
• Perfume
• Hiraoka Yuta
• Fukuyama Masaharu
• Porno Graffitti
• MIHIRO~Mairo~
• Matsuda Hiroshi (Southern All Stars)
• Miura Haruma
• Miyake Yuji
• Murakawa Eri
• Mori Yukinojo
• ONE OK ROCK …and more

Source & Image: Oricon
Its impressive to see as many actors ans musicians together to do such a good act, I hope the song don't get too generic, SAS, porno graffitti, perfume, masha and other artist should do a good job :)

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#3 post_url

Apr 16 11 11:53 AM

don't seems to be a generic song like I expected :D Keisuke is the main vocal :) there's some para-para involved. coolsmiley: laugh

Last Edited By: Ryo Apr 16 11 11:55 AM. Edited 1 time.

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#5 post_url

Apr 19 11 4:55 PM

release date for Let's try again is now 25.05.2011

The songs that will be mixed in the song (¿?)

「Let's try again」の曲中に登场する楽曲
・胜手にシンドバッド / サザンオールスターズ
・サウダ―ジ / ポルノグラフィティ
・岛人ぬ宝 / BEGIN
・桜坂 / 福山雅治
・ポリリズム / Perfume
・LOVE AFFAIR~秘密のデート~ / サザンオールスターズ
・大きな玉ねぎの下で / 爆风スランプ
・アゲハ蝶 / ポルノグラフィティ
・IT'S ONLY LOVE / 福山雅治
・涙そうそう / BEGIN
・私はピアノ / サザンオールスターズ
・Runner / 爆风スランプ
・マンピーのG★スポット / サザンオールスターズ
・希望の辙 / サザンオールスターズ

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#10 post_url

Apr 20 12 11:18 PM


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#13 post_url

Feb 19 13 10:13 AM

「Yin Yang(イヤン) / 涙をぶっとばせ!! / おいしい秘密」
2013.03.13 OUT
1260円 (tax in)

01 Yin Yang(イヤン)
02 涙をぶっとばせ!!
03 おいしい秘密

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#14 post_url

Jun 25 13 12:01 AM

Southern All Stars have announced that after 5 years, they will be resuming their activities by releasing both a new single and holding a large-scale tour. The single, titled "Pīsu to hairaito", or "Highlights Piece", will be released on August 7th and will come in 3 versions.

The tour will be an open-air affair at the following venues:

(Saturday) Kanagawa Nissan Stadium August 10, 2013
(Sunday) Kanagawa Nissan Stadium August 11, 2013
(Saturday) Kobe Universalist Memorial Coliseum August 17, 2013
(Sunday) Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture Universalist Memorial Coliseum August 18, 2013
(Saturday), Kanagawa Prefecture Chigasaki Park baseball stadium August 31, 2013
(Sunday), Kanagawa Prefecture Chigasaki Park baseball stadium on September 1, 2013
(Saturday) Toyota, Aichi Prefecture Stadium September 7, 2013
(Sunday) Aichi Toyota Stadium September 8, 2013
(Sunday) Miyagi Miyagi Prefectural Sports Park Stadium Miyagi September 22, 2013

They've released a brief video that (seems) to contain the opening part of their new song.

Welcome back, Sazan!

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#16 post_url

Jul 11 13 3:22 PM

Southern All Stars have announced that they will be providing the theme song for the movie "0 Eternal", which will hit Japanese theaters on December 21st of this year. The song will be titled "Hotaru", and will be the first major ballad release from the band in ... I think it's a decade or more now. So I'm REALLY excited for this! Glad to see that they're not just doing an anniversary single this go-around - we might even get an actual studio album out of Sazan this time. :3

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#18 post_url

Apr 8 14 3:56 PM

New Southern All Stars song, "Chiwagenka-hen" to be used as the CM song for Sapporo Beer.  This makes me think we might actually get an album from them later this year, and if we do... that would be really great. It would just be glad to have a full body of work from them again - it's been almost a decade now.

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#19 post_url

Jun 24 14 3:30 PM

In honor of their 36th anniversary, famous Japanese pop-rock band Southern All Stars have announced the plans for their activities for the remainder of the year.  

Firstly, they'll be releasing their 55th single, their first in over a year, this September.  The single's lead track rumored to be a summery number of some kind, but we'll find out more information about this and the remainder of the single at a later date.  

Secondly, the band will be holding a live on New Year's Eve at the Kanagawa-Yokohama Arena.  This will be the first time for the band to perform in this fashion since their revival last year, as their last New Year's Eve live took place 9 years ago.

Lastly, it has been revealed that the band is currently working on a new original album and aim to complete and release it later this year.  This will be Southern All Star's 15th studio album and their first to be released in 9 years since "Killer Street" in October of 2005.

Below, you'll find their "2014 Kick-Off Trailer" which contains a snippet of one of their new songs titled "Tengoku on the Beach (Heaven on the Beach)".  Enjoy!



Finally!  Here's hoping for another Double album in the vein of Killer Street, since that album was long, but brilliant.  Glad to see them getting active again - hopefully they'll stay that way for a while.

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#20 post_url

Jul 17 14 7:31 PM

New single is titled "Tokyo VICTORY" and will be released on September 10th. It will be released in a Deluxe Limited Edition, Analog (Vinyl) Edition, and a Regular Edition and will contain two coupling tracks - "Paris no Chiwagenka" and "Tengoku on the Beach".

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