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Dec 12 14 12:23 AM

Cover (which is REALLY nice) and info. on the Live DVD/Blu-ray are out.


  1. Stage of the ground
  2. firefly
  3. Niji wo Matsu Hito
  4. Southern Cross
  5. (please) forgive
  6. Smile
  7. Uchuu Hikoushi e no Tegami
  8. Ginga Tetsudou
  9. ray feat. HATSUNE MIKU
  10. white note
  11. Torch
  12. Tentai Kansoku
  13. Glass no Blues
  14. You were here

WILLPOLIS Full Intro Movie (Limited Edition Only)
"Zero" Live at TOKYO DOME (Limited Edition & Regular Edition)
"Smile" with Ninagawa Mika (Limited Edition & Regular Edition; the Tokyo Dome performance with a video by Ninagawa Mika and Makoto Azuma playing in the background)

Live CD (Limited Edition Only):

  1. Stage of the ground
  2. Niji wo Matsu Hito
  3. Southern Cross
  4. Smile
  5. Ginga Tetsudou
  6. ray feat. HATSUNE MIKU
  7. white note
  8. Tentai Kansoku
  9. You were here
Alright - so, I have to imagine they're just not listing WILL as it's probably playing during the concert intro, and I don't know why they cut "Zero" out and made it a Bonus if it's going to be on BOTH editions anyway.  >_>  So, song-wise we've lost "Aruku Yuurei" and the whole encore, which was "Diamond", "Mayday", and "Danny".  Kind of a shame, but about the same amount of tracks we lost from Gold Glider.  Still somewhat annoyed that they do cut though.

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Dec 12 14 9:43 AM

Wow... why would they cut all those songs? I was very excited about this but now I'm seriously considering not buying it :/ It's way too expensive for the content it offers... I really love the cover this time but it's a shame they did that to the tracklist... T_T

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Dec 12 14 6:27 PM

I know - the cover is so pretty, but... I'm not sure I can really justify the expense if it has so many songs that I already own live versions of between Gold Glider and RAY's accompanying DVD. I'm honestly heavily considering canceling my order and pre-ordering Acid Black Cherry's new album instead, considering that it both costs less and comes with an album and a longer Live DVD. Honestly, that's sounding more tempting the more I talk about it.

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Dec 13 14 5:18 AM

My only guess would be that the fact this was shown on cinemas had something to do with the butchering they did... that would explain having 2 songs as bonus even though they come in all the editions. I guess they wanted it to be more or less short for cinemas... Such a shame.

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Mar 3 15 9:37 AM

LOL are you serious... they didn't make limited editions before and now they have 2 xD It's like Toys factory didn't see the potential sales from them until 1 or 2 years ago

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Apr 10 15 3:30 AM

I'm glad they're releasing a new single so quickly after Fighter and Parade! The funny thing with BoC is that the wait between singles is never too extreme, it's just that the albums take a long time, haha. Worth it though.

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Apr 10 15 10:32 AM

^I'd tend to agree with that statement, really. They usually release songs at a fairly consistent pace until they move into the phase where they're actually putting their next album together, then release one song in the months leading up to that. Their albums are always worth the wait though, since they end up as such strong overall packages.

Right now, I'm just glad to see them experimenting a fair bit and actually trying to do new things with their sound, since it's having some interesting results.

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Apr 24 15 9:22 AM

Haha, I knew they'd do something with the "Hello, world" programming cliché...

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