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Jul 31 14 11:13 AM

^Having heard the full song elsewhere on Nicovideo, this is utterly beautiful, and is reminiscent of some of their older ballads while also sounding new and current for them in some ways.  Just ... nice work.

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Jul 31 14 4:44 PM

Tour final at Tokyo Dome setlist:

01. WILL
02. Stage of the ground
03. firefly
04. 虹を待つ人
05. サザンクロス
06. (please) forgive
07. ゼロ
08. Smile
09. 宇宙飛行士への手紙
10. 銀河鉄道
11. 歩く幽霊
12. ray feat. HATSUNE MIKU
13. トーチ
14. white note
15. 天体観測
16. ガラスのブルース
17. You were here

18. ダイヤモンド
19. メーデー

Also they have a special site were you can register and see some nice photos and tons of info about the whole tour, really cool!

Setlist seems kind of short for such a special live but I guess a lot of the songs are long.

The new song sounds really nice!

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Sep 25 14 1:52 PM

^Well, to be more accurate, it's really a digital single, as the only way to get the CD is to buy the manga that it's paired with. The song's titled "Fighter", so I'm expecting something pretty upbeat - honestly just really excited and surprised that we're getting anything else after everything they've released this year.

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Oct 4 14 12:41 PM

They aired a documentary on their latest tour, specially focused on the Tokyo Dome live I think (haven't watched yet). I read they hinted at a live DVD of it during this program! 

Also, I finally saw the MS Special live video from earlier this year and was pleasantly surprised since it's an actual live and not only live vocals (I guess that's why it's held outside the studio), so glad about that, I guess it's the condition they put to play there (maybe I'm wrong):

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Oct 21 14 3:11 PM

They are releasing a Movie about the WILLPOLIS tour!!!!

The movie will be on theaters in December but the DVD and BD won't be released until February 4th 2015. Really excited about this, that poster looks pretty cool! So many artists are making these kind of movies lately, I guess it's a trend haha.

EDIT: They opened a special site as usual:

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Oct 21 14 3:30 PM

Really excited! I'll definitely be pre-ordering this, since what they've shown looks really promising. Nice poster, and am excited to see the actual performances.

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Oct 30 14 1:29 PM

They are on a roll. Surprised it's not being released as a double A-side single.

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Nov 2 14 8:11 PM

^While I definitely don't want them to dive headfirst into the style, I'm all right with one or two songs messing around with it, and it does kind of fit the movie. I'm going to wait until I can hear an HQ version of the song to judge though (I also expect "Fighter" to be somewhat more traditional anyway).

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Nov 19 14 6:19 PM

Parade is on that account too
Fighter is very BUMP-ish as you said, same song structure as their latest songs with that long intro and buildup but I like it, need some more listens in better quality but its certainly another nice BOC song. Parade on the other hand is very different, more experimental and of a shorter length, certainly interesting too (and fits the movie I guess).

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Nov 24 14 5:02 AM

^Well yeah, it's my Soundcloud account xD Thank 2ch for being so helpful and leaving ways to find the radio rips around. Fighter actually kind of reminds me of a more modern "Lost Man" now, based on the singing style Motoo's using. Which is... really kind of cool, since the song is a kind of nod to the past and a look towards the future.

Oh, and SOMEHOW, the performance of "ray" with Miku from their Tokyo Dome show has made its way online. Somehow.

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Nov 28 14 6:01 PM

So cool! They posted the full version today too:

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