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Dec 19 12 11:33 AM

OMFG YOU DON'T KNOW HOW HAPPY I AM NOW!!!!!!! THIS IS AWESOMEEEEEE xD I'm soooooo buying this So glad I saved my CDjapan points!!!

Thanks for the info!!! smiley: eek

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Dec 19 12 10:25 PM

^No problem! I really want to buy it too, since BoC NEVER release this stuff. Like ever.

Looks like the Limited edition of either the DVD or Blu-ray is 2 Live CDs in one, plus a photobook.  And that is an awesome tracklist!  Really can't wait for it to go on sale!  Wanna reserve my copy immediately.

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Dec 20 12 6:06 AM

CDjapan has opened preorders and they are including a poster with all the editions!

If I'm not wrong, the LEs come with a 70 minutes Live CD (Of the same live date, July 3rd) and a longer photobook (48p, RE is 24p). Also the DVD edition comes in 2 DVDs instead of 1, while the BD uses only 1 disc for all the footage ^^ Apparently they'll also come in a BOX (not sure if just the LEs or all the editions and if this is a first press thing). Either way I'm gonna order when I get home!

Also I'm not sure about the actual live tracklist they played but 17 songs seems few to me (though BOC songs tend to be long).

EDIT: They have indeed cut the live. The original setlist was 21 songs:
Not sure why they would do this

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Dec 20 12 2:21 PM

^Nor am I, but I've a feeling we might see the remainder on the special LE CD, given that it is the same date. Just a feeling.

And I just pre-ordered the Limited Edition of the DVD version at! (Their shipping is really too good for me to pass up )

Now to wait the necessary 2 and a half months until it'll ship xD

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Feb 15 13 12:31 AM

Likewise! Really, really excited. Curious though - it's escaping my memory, but do either of you two recognize the guitar melody in the trailer?

Also wonder the live CD will have on it exactly ...

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Feb 19 13 11:22 PM has the track-list for the extra live CD uploaded - it's just a selection of songs from the DVD itself:

1. Mitsuboshi Quartet
2. Uchuuhikoushi e no Tegami
4. Zero
5. Tomodachi no Uta
6. Smile
7. Good Luck
8. embrace
9. Mayday
10. Innocent
11. beautiful glider
12. Karma
13. Tentai Kansoku

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Mar 26 13 1:24 AM

Finally got a chance to watch my DVD! I really enjoyed that - great set of lives. Motoo had a great night vocally. I only wish that we could have had the full live.

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Apr 1 13 6:09 PM

They might as well include every song. It always annoys me when artists cut songs from DVDs for no reason, especially if it's their own songs, I can't think of any other problems.

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Apr 2 13 11:59 AM

^Oh, I agree with you. I've no idea why they cut just 4 songs out of the live, but I suppose I'm just kind of glad to have a live DVD from Bump at all.

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Apr 11 13 3:52 PM

They are releasing 2 Best of Albums + New arena tour and a separate big live for the best album release. I'm surprised they are so active now



01. ガラスのブルース
02. くだらない唄
03. ランプ
04. K
05. ダイヤモンド
06. 天体観測
07. ハルジオン
08. Stage of the ground
09. スノースマイル
10. ロストマン
11. sailing day
12. アルエ
13. オンリー ロンリー グローリー
14. 車輪の唄


01. プラネタリウム
02. カルマ
03. supernova
04. ギルド
05. 涙のふるさと
06. 花の名
07. メーデー
08. R.I.P.
09. Merry Christmas
11. 魔法の料理 ~君から君へ~
12. モーターサイクル
13. 宇宙飛行士への手紙


2013年8月9日(金)千葉県 QVCマリンフィールド


2013年9月9日(月)愛知県 日本ガイシホール
2013年9月10日(火)愛知県 日本ガイシホール
2013年9月16日(月・祝)福岡県 マリンメッセ福岡
2013年9月25日(水)神奈川県 横浜アリーナ
2013年9月26日(木)神奈川県 横浜アリーナ
2013年10月12日(土) 宮城県 セキスイハイムスーパーアリーナ(グランディ21)
2013年10月16日(水)大阪府 大阪城ホール
2013年10月17日(木)大阪府 大阪城ホール
2013年10月24日(木)北海道 北海道立総合体育センター 北海きたえーる
2013年10月28日(月)東京都 日本武道館
2013年10月29日(火)東京都 日本武道館

I guess the arena tour is for the next album. Can't wait!

I think this is what the Best album live venue looks like:


Really impressive; I think the article talks about 40.000 seats scheduled for the live! That's like 4 times the Budokan capacity

Press release:

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Apr 11 13 7:25 PM

^ I'm SO excited for this! I'm glad that the Best Albums are only covering to Cosmonaut though - means that we'll likely still get a new album out of their 5 singles this era. REALLY happy! My wallet though ... it'll be sad xD

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