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Apr 20 12 8:18 PM

wow, thank you so much~ i am planning to try orbital period. And those songs recommended by dso~ and thank you for the translation too~

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Jul 11 12 5:05 AM

Sounds great! So happy it's upbeat, it'd be their first this era.

Also seriously hoping it's not ANOTHER 6 minutes+ song. As much as I love them they SERIOUSLY stretch out their songs

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Jul 11 12 12:08 PM

Yeah, this feels like their first upbeat single in quite some time. And I can see this clocking in at somewhere between 4-5 minutes, so I guess we'll see.

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Sep 7 12 1:21 PM

CM for the single, and thus an idea of what the PV will look like. �Also, based on the video's description, it looks like we'll have the full audio on September 10th after School of Lock!

Curious to see how they'll fare against KAT-TUN next week, as well.

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Sep 8 12 5:32 PM

I think that they actually have a good chance against KAT-TUN this go-around-comparing the sales of their past couple of singles, they've actually ended up landing really close to each other, and these singles are both drama themes.

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Sep 10 12 12:24 PM

Sorry for the double post, but full audio for the track and the B-side are out: (firefly - Low Quality)

I really like them both!  As a whole, this is one of my favorite singles of this era.

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Sep 12 12 11:36 AM

1st day sales:

KAT-TUN -> 70581

Let's hope BOC's sales are more consistent than KAT-TUN and they can get 1st in weekly but I'm not sure...

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Sep 14 12 4:26 AM

Well tbh, this single only has 1 version. KAT-TUN has 3. KT will do their normal 150k, while firefly will do around Smile and Tomodachi no Uta's numbers.

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Sep 15 12 12:19 AM

Beyond that, I've also a feeling that like I am, fans in Japan are starting to sense the inevitable album that's coming after "firefly". Announced or not, I've a distinct sense that we'll be hearing about such within the relatively near future.

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Nov 13 12 4:55 PM

Awesome news
I'm so sad they didn't broadcast this last tour on TV (not even gonna talk about a live DVD/BD, since they never release them god knows why), their lives are awesome.

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Dec 19 12 11:06 AM

^Don't speak too soon! Info. on a Live DVD/BR from their official site!

LIVE DVD発売決定!2012/12/20
- 初 LIVE DVD & Blu-ray Disc -
2013/3/6(wed) Release

■初回限定盤 TFBQ-18135 ¥6,500(tax in)
■通常盤 TFBQ-18136 ¥5,500(tax in)

[Blu-ray Disc]
■初回限定盤 TFXQ-78108 ¥7,500(tax in)
■通常盤 TFXQ-78109 ¥6,500(tax in)

※DVD,Blu-ray Discともに初回限定盤は SPECIAL BOX 仕様

=DVD / Blu-ray Disc収録内容(約140分)=
1.三ツ星カルテット 2.宇宙飛行士への手紙 3.HAPPY 4.ゼロ 5.友達の唄
6.Smile 7.グッドラック 8.ハルジオン 9.sailing day 10.embrace
11.星の鳥~メーデー 12.イノセント 13.supernova 14.beautiful glider
15.カルマ 16.天体観測 / 17.ガラスのブルース

・2012/7/14 宮城 セキスイハイムスーパーアリーナ公演 「Smile」
・「Good Luck」PHOTO ※各ライブ会場にて、終演時にステージ後方からメンバーと客席を撮影した写真になります。
・山崎貴監督制作によるOPENING MOVIE

収録曲未定(2012/7/3 東京国立代々木競技場第一体育館より)
※DVD,Blu-ray Discともに初回限定盤のみ収録

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