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Apr 24 15 11:53 PM

Full version of the gorgeous "Colony" PV:

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Apr 29 15 10:18 AM

WOW That PV was fantastic! I wonder why such well made CG PV for a song and for a second i thought the song's used for the upcoming Attack on Titan movie.

I didn't enjoy their last album so the new single was quite good I think... They have been rather patchy for me for a while, mostly because their songs start to sound samey and it's becoming hard to get excited for new materials, especially if the songs don't have distinguishable hooks or riffs. Maybe I'm just jaded but they are still one of the top J-bands out there so obviously they are doing something right...

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Apr 29 15 2:28 PM

No Cellac, I agree. I think they are starting to get a bit generic inside their style. I mean, I still really like them but their new songs don't get me as excited as their first albums (songs like Sharin no Uta, Guild and son create a wonderful atmosphere of their own, but these last songs all sound a bit of the same). I'll always be a BIG fan of Fuji's vocals though, love his voice.

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Apr 29 15 3:00 PM

I'll actually be the one to respectfully offer a dissent here, I suppose; so far as I'm concerned BUMP have been trying more with their sound lately than they have in... a fairly long time honestly. The amount of vocal effects, electronic touches, and overall layering to their music has increased by a not insignificant amount ever since "RAY" released, and I really support them heading in that direction. This doesn't mean I'm not going to criticize "Hello, world!" in particular, however, for drawing far too much on "Karma" for its own good, but "Parade", Fighter", and "Colony" have all done things which they've never really tried in the past or haven't done in a fairly lengthy period of time. You could also see a fair amount of variety on "RAY" if you actually take it track-by-track and in terms of overall progression (electronic -> acoustic). However, and I hate to use this in my reasoning, I also have a fairly expensive audio setup (not crazy, but I've sunk more than a few hundred dollars into my current listening array) so I can actually hear every bit of what's going on in each track, which might be giving me a bit of a different perspective on all of this.

I generally consider "COSMONAUT" to be the trough in their creative career, since while it absolutely did have some tracks that were worth listening to, I think it's the weakest overall album they've released since "Jupiter" (and yes, I'm actually one of those people who finds that release inconsistent). "COSMONAUT" isn't a bad release, but it just lacks a real sense of flow, cohesion, and innovation as compared to some of BUMP's other records. What I will say though, is that Motoo does use a fairly distinct singing style for it (if you pay attention, there's been a bit of shift in how he sings on every full album since "Yggdrasil", which is an intriguing little detail). As things stand right now, I want them to continue experimenting with electronics and vocal effects, since I think that's probably the direction they're going to head towards in the future, and the one that stands the best chance of differentiating their next album from what they've done before.

Ultimately, all of this is just my opinion, but I'm honestly pretty happy with where BoC are musically right now, and of course lyrically they're still some of the very best in the industry, which is always an additional treat to look forward to.

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Apr 30 15 7:26 PM

All of that said though, I still do enjoy listening to "Hello, world!" quite a bit, and its full PV is now out!

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May 1 15 7:54 AM

I need to start listening to this band. Colony is so gorgeous.Any chance of a new album by the year? I kinda don't want to waste money on singles.

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Nov 19 15 1:08 AM

Looks like BUMP have just finished recording a new song titled "Butterfly" - supposedly there are several aspects of it that are definitively new for them, though I suppose we'll see on that front.

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Nov 26 15 11:07 AM

New studio album "Butterflies" due out on February 10th (seems to be a quicker than normal release since next year is their 20th anniversary) - includes "You were here", "Fighter", "Parade", "Hello, world!", "Colony", and a lead song titled "Butterfly" plus five more new tracks for a total of 11. I'm... honestly kind of worried about this album due to how short it is (I'm hoping that they add back a pair of interludes like they had on "Yggdrasil" or "orbital period") and how quick the turnaround for it was. Well, we'll see I guess.

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Jan 26 16 4:20 PM

Yup, Butterfly is certainly new. More electronic stuff which was already being hinted at a bit with RAY:

It's long though, some things never change haha.

Kind of miss a bit more of guitar/bass, it's so hidden in the mix Still happy for such a quick release! Already preordered (so sad I didnt buy RAY, can't find the LE anywhere now).

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