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Jun 28 13 2:58 PM

^ as you see in some of the responses in this thread alone, life goes on for some of them. either they quit/got tired being part of the mainstream industry and went indie, or real life catches up with them (either they got married and quit, or they have babies and quit, or they have personal issues to deal with, ie family issues, illness, etc), or they are still trying to get signed, or they focus on other aspects of the entertainment industry ie film and tv programs, or went the songwriter road. it's not just JPOP mind you. other music industry are affected as well.

oh, and if there are news about MELL, try checking out the I've Sound Artist Thread:

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Jul 2 13 5:57 AM

Thanks, BUFFIE. Well, at least we know Ryohei disappeared half a year a go, lol. Still, no music for 3 years is a long hiatus for a Japanese artist.

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Jul 13 13 2:03 AM

I wonder what happens to people when they leave the entertainment industry, not just in J-pop, but in general. Like, do they just get a regular job?

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Jul 13 13 6:23 AM

I'd like to know what Yuki Kimura is doing these days - from what I can tell, the fashion line that she designed was shut down in 2010?

I found out a few months ago that Rina Aiuchi has her own line of dog accessories now and a new blog. I was really happy to discover that she was doing okay since I am a big fan and was worried when she retired for "health reasons" and was MIA for a couple years...

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Jul 15 13 10:54 PM

some went to become lounge/cafe singers
some went to become office workers
some went to become store/shop owners/managers
some went to become designers
some went the indie route
some got married and ended their careers.

the list goes on and on and on and on...

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Jul 25 13 10:41 AM

Random, I just saw that melody. will be performing with m-flo at "OTO_MATSURI 2013 × m-flo TOUR "NEVEN" Special Final" closing a-nation island. Is this her first time performing since she left?

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Jul 25 13 8:35 PM

i think it is.
she tweeted recently that she was coming home from the recording studio, but she wouldnt say if it was her or miyavi making some noise.

hm...i wouldnt mind if she came back actually...even if her career feels like it capped off neatly.

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Sep 5 13 11:19 PM

YOSHIKA from Soulhead released her first solo cover album callled My Anthem on July 3rd.  I didn't even know about this I was just looking up Soulhead stuff and found it.smiley: happy

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Sep 11 13 11:23 PM

^things change, man. so do people.

what about HALCALI? The released an album on 2012.05.30, the last update on their official website was 2012.11.12, and their blog (which they were typically relentless with) was last updated on (or more likely about) 2012.09.15. Since silence.

I know that Yucal was a tv host on some program, but i cant remember what it was, or I'd start my digging there. Yucal also tweets a lot (but i find it difficult to gather real information there).
Can't seem to find Halca's twitter.

they were SUCH a solid duo...

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Sep 12 13 2:18 PM

still active - last post in July 2013 - last post in July 2013

last known release: [Yue Cue / FIRE feat. 日之内エミ] digital single released on July 2013 DO IT BABY / 千晴, MUMA & 日之内エミ released in May 2013

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