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Apr 29 12 10:13 PM


SAWA and immi. Where have these J-Tek goddesses been smiley: frown

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Posts: 2,627 Mohtorboat

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Apr 29 12 10:33 PM

lol immi's still around. All she's done lately are a bunch of live events, though. And IIRC, SAWA wrote a song for someone recently. Can't remember who.

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Apr 29 12 10:35 PM

... you can see what both are up to just by looking at their official sites. I mean really, you couldn't spare a few seconds to check that out first before "wondering" where they have been.

some fan you are ;)

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May 1 12 3:43 AM

^According to her official website she released her 2nd single in October 2011, and it seems like she's been doing some lives and release events to promote that single. Also, she's still updating her blog.

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May 8 12 1:42 PM

^hahaha oh misono...she's too interesting for me to forget about.
the official site didnt even put up covers for her last single.

what about orange pekoe?
they wrote a song about the earthquake, but their last actual release was in 2009.
i think the guy has a solo project? but what are they doing?

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Posts: 844 "☆KYAH!☆

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May 10 12 10:02 PM

Charisma wrote:
Whatever happened to Meilin?

OMG Meiliiin~~ I still love her♥ 
She released two korean singles, tha last from 2010 but then she desapeared ToT 
I want to know too what happened to her *cries*

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May 21 12 12:17 AM

Anyone remember CEYREN? She released two pretty good singles for avex in 2006, and a couple of digital singles after that (last one in '08, I believe), but I can't find any info on her since then.

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May 21 12 11:38 AM

^ she did that last year. didn't find any more info on her, guess she is just back to working in the background for other artists like how she started.

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