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Jan 12 14 3:26 PM

伊沢麻美 Izawa Asami - The Christmas Song (Cover) [Dec 2013]

yes, THAT Izawa Asami 伊沢麻美 whose last major studio album "Prhythm" was released in 2007. last physical release "life", which is self-produced by Asami herself, was released in June 2011.

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Jan 12 14 10:34 PM

moviebuffwwc wrote:
since the release of "Best of My Love" in Dec 2008, and an appearance on TATOO's album "Dreamy Butterfly" singing the title track which was released in June 2009, what happened to mink?

yes please i wanna know it too. i miss her :__:

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Mar 13 14 3:51 AM

for those interested...

Hitoto Yo will release her brand new single 蛍 on March 26 2014. this is her first single under Universal Japan. her last release "hi to to iro" was in June 2012.

official page -
Universal Artist Page -
FB -

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Mar 19 14 4:59 AM

Today, June 21st, (2013is my birthday here.

People who know that I've been singing for all my life maybe are wondering what am I doing or if I've given up on my dream or career, but that's not right at all!

Everyday I sing and there is no day in which I don't do voice training.

My dream is everlasting and everyday I'm dreaming about it.

Of course, I've never forgotten my fan's faces who have supported me and my friend's faces who have come to my concerts even for a moment.

I'm living everyday thinking that I wanna see you guys.

Almost two years have passed since I have gotten away from the stage.

During these times, I have met many people who are playing active roles in their fields other than music.

Even though I only have music and can't sing songs now , even so,
the reason that I could spend unforgettable moments which became lifetime memories was because of the people who were by my side, who made me smile and who were waiting to hear my songs.

And though it seems like there is a mountain which I couldn't get over by myself,

A long night through which I couldn't persevere crying by myself,

A dark tunnel which I couldn't see the exit ,

always there was another part of myself that told me “ Don't give up, Keiko. You can pull through. When you are in hard times, be strong.”

Because of this part of myself within that lifts my soul and makes me stand up again and songs which I have been making, my anxiousness disappeared and safe and sound, I could welcome my birthday with joy.

I am still immature, spoiled like a baby(lol), and owe you many obligations,

I appreciate my power of faith that has never doubted “a ray of light leads the way to my dream” even for a moment and the people who have't deserted me and have supported me whenever I'm in a hard situation like this.

And at this time to renew and reflect called my birthday, I'm gonna respect every moment and work on improving myself.

Please support me from now on and forever .

Happy Birthday to Keiko!!

Today is MY DAY♡

Respect and One Love..You're all my BFF !



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Apr 9 14 5:33 PM

still alive

official website :
official fb:
official twitter:
official instagram: (where she has uploaded lives for unreleased tracks. specifics can be referred to twitter for the titles for the unreleased tracks)
official blog:

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Apr 13 14 12:19 AM

Thanks! At least she's still doing lives and has some work done!

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Apr 13 14 6:06 PM

Here's part of an interview posted on her fansite (  in 2012, which is one of her last "official" activities":
"Question: Your last album, Love, was released in 2010. What have you been busy with lately?
Yuna Ito: For the past year, I have been spending most of my time taking lessons. Besides acting lessons, I have been taking dance lessons such as salsa, ballet, jazz and burlesque. I think my career moved too fast. That’s why I am taking time now to rediscover myself."

And there's also this question
"Question: You are working on another album. What can you share about it?
Yuna Ito: There will be love ballads. Ballads will always be my first love as I grew up listening to singers such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion. Currently, I am listening to R&B songs by older singers such as Anita Baker and Luther Vandross. So I hope to inject some of their styles in my new songs. I am also open to recording Korean pop songs. I am fluent in the language, having learnt it from my mum."

She's semi-active on twitter too, also talking a lot about thanking her fans for being patient and she's hoping to bring new music soon:

I guess it's pretty obvious what happened...hope she finally does record another album soon! She has a great voice and personality.

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Apr 17 15 11:57 AM

jcam wrote:
another truth wrote:
^ she's still around, doing lives and such. she just did an acoustic set at YOYOGI FOLK on December 7th. You can watch some of it on YT:

Thank you so much!! Eri Nobuchika's debut album is still one of my most favorite CDs, I miss her and have been hoping she hasn't completely abandoned music.

luminaire wrote:
She just created her Facebook account at the end of November last year, though, so this might be a sign that she'll gradually resume her activities as a singer.
The event had Osawa Shinichi participating, which may have been why she got called to attend. Who knows, she might end up releasing something with Osawa

Don't get my hopes up, I can only take so much heartbreak! 11a362fa6ee5b6e04ae887259044c0f57f17093e_r

No heartbreak for you!

Nobuchika Eri is finally back on the scene after a six year hiatus.

She is now with rhythm zone, an avex subsidiary - makes sense considering her last live was with Osawa Shinichi, her former producer, and Kobayashi Takeshi, since the former's with avex and the latter's label, OORONG RECORDS, is also under avex.

She made an appearance on "Suiyou Kayousai", the new Fuji TV music program co-hosted by Moritaka Chisato, on the 14th April, and will be one of the show's regulars.

Meanwhile, she's been recording songs - there's a new video of her showing off a series of covers and new material she created recently together with producer Tanaka Jun from GENTOUKI. There's also this video from her aforementioned appearance on "Suiyou Kayousai", where she does a bunch of Disney covers together with a few other artists. She starts singing at 3:02 and 6:04 - I love how she shows Ms.OOJA who's boss in the former.

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Jun 8 15 5:45 PM

long time j-pop listener, new to the forum. It was actually nice skimming through this topic. I totally remember Tiana Xiao!! I was thinking of her yesterday, but I couldn't remember her name. I just remember it started with a T, but I couldn't remember her. Thank you for the people who remembered her, does anyone have links of her singles and album? I tried finding them online :/ but no luck.

Also I really hope Yuna Ito comes back, I think she needs to get signed with a new label, and work with people who really know how to use her potential for the fullest. (ENDLESS STORY was FLAWLESS)

Also I know she isn't well liked, but anyone know what's still going on with Leah Dizon? Last I heard she was in Japan trying to get child support from her ex husband. I thought she would have returned to the music scene by now.

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