Apr 11 12 12:11 AM

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Actress Erika Toda, 23, and actor Ryo Kase, 37, had some interesting news for fans at the opening this week of their film “SPEC~Ten” at Toho Cinemas Roppongi Hills in Tokyo.

Toda announced that producer Masi Oka, 37, will remake the popular TV drama for U.S. television, Sankei Shimbun reported. “How can they make it without us?” Toda asked, but added with a smile that “I’m happy and excited that audiences overseas will get a chance to see it. I’m looking forward to see how Hollywood actors play those roles.”

“SPEC” revolves around two partners in a police unit tasked with solving unusual cases involving criminals with special abilities. Toda plays Saya Toma, a genius with an IQ of 201, while Kase plays her partner Takeru Sebumi.

According to Toho, there has never been a U.S. remake of a Japanese drama before. Oka is a Japanese-American actor who appeared in the TV series “Heroes.” The cast will be announced in early May, Oka said.