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Jan 5 13 1:44 PM


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Jan 5 13 2:40 PM


It's so dumb how people who don't even really give two ****s about Ayu talk about her career like they're concerned about her or something. Seriously, wtf?

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Jan 5 13 3:06 PM

A Classical is beyond amazing *___* Did the Orchestre Lamoureux rearrange the songs this time too ?

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Jan 5 13 3:11 PM

Wow! These arrangements are perfect! Many of them make the songs even better and it's a completely different experience to listen them. I didn't expect that it will turn out so well.

My favourites are SEASONS, Love song, M, BLUE BIRD You & Me and Dearest.

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Jan 5 13 3:18 PM

Break It wrote:
She needs to take a break, recharge and come back with a new album when she's ready. She saturated the market years ago. The yearly album/compilation/mini-album conveyer belt has become exhausting and a turn off and people are bored with her.

Speak for yourself. Even after all these years of constant releases you can see the girl is enjoying herself on stage. I doubt she'll stop any time soon and there is really no good reason to. As you might've seen she is still the 2nd best selling female artist in Japan (2012) and in top 20 of best selling artists. There is really no good reason for her to stop.



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Jan 5 13 3:24 PM

Together When... was absolutely beautiful. More of these simple yet effective performances und less Shuya, please. After all these years I still cringe everytime she's doing this love couple routine with him or Maro. C28268d64cb614f8844920c1b302440aff8ddd1f_r

And "You & Me" is by far my favorite from the new classical album. I think its arrangement is the most epic of those new ones. Cfe360fd6c85b4ff44bd8c20945cc1911023de3c_r

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Jan 5 13 3:29 PM

There are people who do troll this thread (those should be obvious) and there are others who are critical but don't mean to throw Ayumi under the bus and shade her out of spite.

As for me, I am a longterm fan. Been one for nearly 10 years, but I can't ignore the nonsense that has plagued her since Love songs. Some people may not agree with the complaints alot of people have brought up, but most of them aren't just pulled out of thin air. Whether it is her voice, her lack of focus in recent years, her situation with MSta producers, or this bizarre management situation where she isn't getting the best advice....these things can't (nor shouldn't) be swpet under the rug.

Anyway, today I ordered the CD+Bls-ray. I'm guessing that CDL 12-13 will get it's own DVD/Blu-ray this year since it wasn't included with LOVE again. I'll probably be getting that, since I quite liked the setlist this year.

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Jan 5 13 3:35 PM

Love Song is pure epicness <3 Voyage is nice too, and I can't deal with Dearest, too much amazingness

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Jan 5 13 7:11 PM

A Classical is fantastic, I take back my hesitation about the release! I still wish the cover was different but the songs are fantastic!



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Jan 5 13 7:32 PM

I stopped in the middle of CDL12-13 just to say that her vocals on You & Me were not less than perfect! Not even one mistake and her vocal was really good! She is a vocalist as well, she definitely still has it.

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Jan 5 13 7:39 PM

A:CLASSICAL is good, idk I wouldn't buy it but it was a pleasant release

a better cover and more tracks and this would have a must buy

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Jan 5 13 7:56 PM

I've been a huge Ayu fan since I discovered J-Pop (thanks to Hikki's "Simple and Clean" remix on Kingdom Hearts, and Ayu's "Dearest" on Inuyasha's ending credits) and my first Ayu album was her then latest album "GUILTY"

I was delighted with her powerful voice (I know she's not a vocalist performer like Kelly Clarkson or Christina Aguilera but DAMN SHE REALLY CAN DO GREAT THINGS WITH HER VOICE that no other japanese girl can do) and her cheerful yet dark tracks.

What I think about the upcoming "LOVE again" album? SLAP IN THE FACE.
I can't believe she put EVERY track of her latest two "mini-albums" in this new album... yeah... it's 7 new tracks BUT knowing her... at least 2 of them will be interludes (I hope just one LOL, can I dream?).
The thing that I hated the most was to see that You & Me was FREAKING there! I rather have just 14 tracks than just that filler...

We all might be a little upset with all this... but we haven't seen the REALITY: "LOVE" and "again" are MAXI-SINGLES disguised as Mini-albums.
So, it's ''appropriate'' to have all these songs in the album. (Still... it's kinda upset-ish to have both named as mini albums instead of singles".

The thing I liked the most of this upcoming album are the covers, they are BEAUTIFUL and FLAWLESS (I mean.. after the awful covers of "Party queen"). And I know I'll love the new tracks just as I REALLY LOVE "Song 4 U" and the whole "again" mini album.


I love it so much! I was doubtful about the release but the classical arrangement is wonderful, made every single song special and unique!
I hated the cover, but at least it's a beautiful picture, I really think she could have chose another picture of the photoshoot to be drawn.

About all the drama:

I know how you feel... Ayu is a mess right now, but maybe it's now her fault, maybe it's her messy management team (full of "friends" and "family who doesn't know anything about business or how to work with artists".
I really miss A LOT her epic ballads and her CREA tracks (HANABI, HANABI episode 2, Heartplace, M, OVER, Rainbow, July 1st, HAPPY ENDING) I believe her peak was during "I am" - "GUILTY".

Don't (miss)understand me (LOL, had to do it) the following albums after GUILTY are great, but that's where all her management issues and vocal issues started...

There are A LOT of great album tracks in NEXT LEVEL (love it, really experimental and electronic), Rock'n'Roll Circus (like Microphone, count down is AMAZING and we all though it was an interlude lol), Love songs (lovely, I really love November and Do it Again).

BUT her LATEST album is the one I have most enjoyed since GUILTY.
Yeah... Party queen covers are awful and I don't get the "clever-concept" behind them... I know what they suppose to mean but.. still.. BAD EXCUSE!
But the songs are amazing... this time we had no boring or filler ballads, the first tracks are super upbeat and different, and the middle part is full of rock/dark tracks! from "call" to "Tell me why" is really retro-ayu-ish! remind me a lot to her peak time during "I am" and "GUILTY"


I just want her management team to do the right thing: Release singles and promote them! Stop releasing bad-meaningless PV's! Stop focusing in her music and talent instead of her bad relationships with people!

That's my humble opinion, we all have different opinions... please I don't want to start a useless fight, just respect my opinion as I respect EVERYONE's.

Btw, I hope you all have enjoyed Christmas and New Year's Eve
And thank you if you read all my LONG post lol.

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Jan 5 13 8:50 PM

Something funny about the PQ-Cover

I got this "thank you"-card after the hotel love songs concert (btw, I never looked up what I get with the code on it? can someone tell me what I missed? haha). Anyway, the card has the PQ-Cover on it.
My mother found that card somehow a few days ago, and she was like "Are you that on that pic?! Is that your ass?! Why do you have a porn-picture in your bag??"... 
smiley: eyes
somehow really funny, and sad at the same time ^^

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Jan 5 13 10:09 PM

Despite how pissed off people are with how she handled "LOVE again", I think this will be the first Ayumi album since "I am..." that I enjoy all the way through.

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