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uncle Jemima

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パン・ダ marinopp

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May 29 13 7:12 PM

what a hilarious PV, the song is great though.

sin9hyaku90 wrote:
That video is weird as hell. I never so many random black people in one video.
then you haven't seent his:

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Jul 11 13 6:42 AM

Once again YU-A delivered a very nice single, I really like both songs.
I guess we can expect another single, probably a ballad, and then an album by the end of the year.

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Jul 11 13 4:32 PM

^ I hope so!

I do really like this single. Flavor isn't much different from the PV preview but I still love it. KISS ME ~doudoudou~ is just as good imo. I just wish she released this a bit earlier....

The single is at #38 for its 2nd day. Hope she can make the top 40 weekly but I think she will just about miss the top 50. Will probably chart for a week I guess, but 2 weeks if she's lucky

It took me forever to post keeps crashing...

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Jul 12 13 6:07 AM

satsukibeni wrote:
When was YU-A's hair blonde? Like how long ago was that? By the way very nice single! Like both songs
I don't think she's ever been a blonde, maybe some highlights here and there, but no major full on blonde.

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Jul 13 13 3:05 PM

Yeah it is understandable. I just want to know what song she was recording when she was with Gen Ittetsu. (The picture on the site listed above) Any ideas?

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Jul 13 13 8:23 PM

I wonder why he would post that six months after the time they recorded...I hope she will release the song soon. It seems like a ballad. I could use another good ballad from her soon.

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Jul 16 13 6:16 PM

1st week sales:

52 - ● Flavor 1,338 1,338 13/7/10 YRC YU-A 52 1

Oh god I was right lmao....she dropped out of the top 50 after the 2nd day as well. At least it ranked a bit better haha.

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Jul 18 13 6:41 PM

I think it's safe to say that DEM and CHiE are no longer releasing any new music.
For DEM, I think Fivesta was a one album project. Looks like we'll have to follow jyA-Me since she's the only one that's going to be releasing music.
CHiE has obviously been dropped. Her name is not on the Universal Japan website, her latest blog post was in 2011, and her staff twitter account is gone. Although her website still exists, I have a feeling that her staff just gave up on her.

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Jul 28 13 1:04 AM

randomly looking for info on CHiE and DEM again tonight, and discovered CHiE actually came back in June, starting a new blog and youtube channel (no videos up yet). she still visits the studio occasionally, so maybe someday we'll get something again.

new blog -

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