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Apr 14 11 9:34 AM

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[2009.10.07] You Are My Love 
[2011.02.02] 2 Girls
[2012.05.23] Dream

[2011.02.02] 2 Girls

[2009.04.22] 逢いたい...
[2009.07.08] 夕日
[2010.03.03] そばにいて、すぐ消えて。
[2010.08.25] 忘れられない恋
[2010.12.01] CHANGE feat. Munehiro
[2011.05.25] 夜明けが来るまで 
[2011.09.07] ごめんね、ママ
[2012.02.22] あなたの笑顔

[2011.09.07] 2 Girls Live Tour PERFORMANCE 2011 at LAFORET MUSEUM ROPPONGI 5.29

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Universal Music Japan


[2010.09.15] Beautiful Ladies
[2010.11.24] 鍵をかけて
[2011.04.13] ほんの少し、ほんと少し
[2011.07.20] My Sunshine (Digital Single)



The members of Foxxi misQ were chosen from NTV's Uta Star audition, which sought to find new members for a "Wild & Sexy" vocal and dance unit. Each girl is described as a different part of the trio: CHiE is the "cool" one, YU-A goes by her own pace, and DEM is "simple" and "innocent". Foxxi misQ does not have a leader, and the positioning of the members changes for each single. Normally with three-person units, one person becomes the face of the group and the other two are merely eye candy or back-up dancers. The group wad produced by Face 2 fAKE, who formed the group to create a "Japanese Destiny's Child". Each girl worked to become fit in the months before their debut.

In July 2010, Foxxi misQ announced their disbandment, saying that they wanted to pursue solo projects. The members also thanked everyone for their support and their experiences being in Foxxi misQ.


[2007.06.27] GLOSS

[2006.07.19] Tha F.Q's Style
[2006.10.25] ULTIMATE GIRLS
[2007.01.24] A-L-I-V-E
[2007.05.16] Luxury ride feat.ZEEBRA
[2008.03.19] X・B・F
[2008.07.02] Say you luv me ~魔法のコトバ~
[2008.11.19] LAST CHRISTMAS (mash up by Foxxi misQ)

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#1 post_url

Apr 14 11 3:48 PM

I take it DEM will get her own little place in this thread sometime? And I also couldn't find this thread :/ It would have been better (despite ppl not wanting it to be there) to be in the J-urban section still hahahahaha.

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#2 post_url

Apr 14 11 6:43 PM

DEM's stuff will still be here as far as I'm concerened. Just Fivesta stuff seems prety much done. Just continuing with the old thread/forum.
I'd still like to run the thread for all three until it's that necessary for them to seperate.

I know people always bring up what section for them to be in, but the change in forum made me have a change in heart. I wanna see how it fares here.

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#3 post_url

Apr 14 11 6:52 PM

I like your optimism, I hope this new thread space gives all three of the chance to be seen... seeing that the old J-urban forum didn't really attract many new folk before. I'll go take a listen to the new Chie single and the Yu-A album and give my two cents in a few.

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#6 post_url

Apr 14 11 11:36 PM

Wow, looks like we won't have to wait a couple of week to hear CHiE's music. In terms of having the girls here, I think it would be great exposure to the JPM community. I'm guessing we can always move them back if it feels wrong later on.

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#8 post_url

Apr 16 11 3:38 AM

I'm liking CHiE's new single. At first, I wasn't a huge fan of the previews, but it's a solid release.
"ほんの少し、ほんと少し"  is a cute pop song while "Stay With Me" is a love mid-tempo. I'm surprised with "What". At first I mentioned my disappointment with "What", but I feel like this song is a perfect example of a song that doesn't need to be overproduced with heavy beats in order to be catchy. I think this single is a lot more tame compared to her other releases, kind of like how Miliyah's latest single 勇者たち is more tame compared to her previous releases.
Overall, I think CHiE did a good job in pulling out a nice mellow and relaxing single.

In terms of song rankings
What> ほんの少し、ほんと少し> Stay With Me

The queen is versatile.

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Posts: 347 Rose In The Ghetto

#9 post_url

Apr 18 11 6:29 AM

^ What is really impressive, is that even ChiE's b-sides are great! I wouldnt be surprised if her album will just have all her A & B sides though. I hope the girls will collaborate once again though.

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#10 post_url

Apr 19 11 1:15 AM


Sweet Love, Mr. Superstar, Into You, and What are all good songs to jam to. CHiE's b-sides sound different from one another, so it provides a good amount of variety. In terms of her debut album, I was thinking the same thing. Although I'm a huge fan of CHiE's b-sides, I'm hoping they'll provide us with fresh new tracks along with the b-sides. I want Far Eastern Tribe to avoid albums like SPONTANIA's new album, where we got like 5 new songs and a whole bunch of A-sides, B-sides, and interludes. Because of the lack of new songs on the debut album, SPONTANIA's debut album's shelf life died quickly, so hopefully Far Eastern Tribe won't do this to CHiE.
For CHiE's debut album, Beautiful Ladies, Kagi wo Kakete, and Honno Sukosi, Honto Sukoshi will definitely be in. For b-sides I want Sweet Love, Into You, and What to make it in. Hopefully they'll add in some fresh new tracks instead of stuffing the album with pointless interludes, but then again,.I'm not sure if they're willing to shell out bucks for more songwriters or producers when CHiE hasn't been sucessful yet. Which makes me curious as to how well Honno Sukoshi, Honto Sukoshi did. I'm wondering if it cracked the Top 100 at least.

In terms of FQ, I also want a collaboration between the girls. I wouldn't mind a CHiE & YU-A, or a CHiE & DEM duet. It would be awesome if she did a duet with EMI MARIA again too.

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#11 post_url

Apr 19 11 4:55 AM

When I look at the japanese media and do my best to read the reporting of popular music I see three categories: enka, j-pop and anison. That's all.

The japanese media has no real concept of anything called 'j-urban'. I've always seen the term 'j-urban' as an attempt by foreigners to project american classifications onto japanese music, rather than any genuine reflection of the way the japanese themselves see their music.

I am certainly relieved that the Crystal Kay and YU-A threads have escaped the ghetto and joined the forum mainstream. I see both these artists as fitting comfortably into the same sub-genre as Namie Amuro, it's j-pop with R&B influences.

Since she went solo I've become quite a fan of YU-A and I'm very much looking forward to the new single in a few weeks time.

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Posts: 469 「囁いた言葉」

#12 post_url

Apr 20 11 7:18 PM

1. 夜明けが来るまで
2. My Story
3. 夜明けが来るまで(Instrumental)
4. My Story(Instrumental)



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#13 post_url

Apr 20 11 8:32 PM

I've tried YU-A's and ChiE's latest album and song (respectively). And man... they're both amazing! What about the third member from Foxxi misQ? She left the music industry?

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#15 post_url

Apr 20 11 11:15 PM

Fivesta's debut is pretty good too, so check them out if you get the chance. Actually all of these girls are impressive in general, I feel like all of them bring something different to the table.

In terms of YU-A's new single, the picture of her is beautiful, but it doesn't look like her.

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#19 post_url

Apr 26 11 5:52 PM

I love YU-A's new single. Can't wait to hear it with all the instruments in it. I hope it's just as beautiful as her previous singles like "Soba ni Ite, Sugu Kiete" and "Yuuhi".

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