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Dec 31 13 7:40 PM

Mai Kuraki COUNTDOWN LIVE 13-14 ~あRE:がとう!一期一会!~

M01. Ichibyou Goto ni Love for you
M02. Best of Hero
M03. State of mind
M04. PERFECT CRIME (1-chorus)
M05. Season of love (1-chorus)
M06. Strong Heart (1-chorus)
M07. Everything's All Right (1-chorus)
M08. Special morning day to you
M09. Secret of my heart (1-chorus)
M10. Reach for the sky
M11. Mou Ichido
M12. Hakanasa
M13. Anata ga Iru Kara
M14. Sakura Sakura...
M15. Silent love ~open my heart~
M16. Shiroi Yuki
M18. I scream!
M19. Ride On Time
M20. Yume ga Saku Haru (TECHNO Remix)
M21. La La La*La (1-chorus)
M22. always
M23. Wake me up
M24. Love, Day After Tomorrow
M25. Stand Up (1-chorus)
M26. touch Me! (1-chorus)
M28. Growing of my heart (1-chorus)
M29-1. Wake me up [ TAKE-2 ]

Edit: Accidentally cut off the last few songs.

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Jan 1 14 4:51 PM

I hope this year is a nice year for Mai. 2009 (10th anniversary) was an awesome year so I hope this one can be just as good with her 15th anniversary. Want another epic song like "Puzzle"

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Jan 1 14 6:08 PM

There's another fanclub event in February, so if anything major is going to be announced, it might be then. Hopefully the countdown live ending and everything is just hype for the 15th anniversary but changing labels or maybe even a hiatus wouldn't really suprise me. 

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Return Road Episode II

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Jan 1 14 9:27 PM

I LOVE the setlist, but I wish she performed Koi Ni Koishite as well

I hope she'll spoil us with a new album then a few singles then a best of album and a new song to celebrate her 15th anniversary.

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Jan 23 14 6:09 PM

DVDシングル「Wake me up」

VNBM-3003 ¥1,300(tax out)
1. Wake me up(Music Clip)
2. Wake me up(Live @Mai Kuraki COUNTDOWN LIVE 13-14 ~あRE:がとう!一期一会!~)
Bonus Disc(CD)
1. Wake me up
2. always giving my heart
3. Wake me up ~Instrumental~

VNBM-3004 ¥1,000(tax out)
1. Wake me up(Music Clip)
Bonus Disc(CD)
1. Wake me up
2. always giving my heart
3. Wake me up ~Instrumental~

Both songs are by Akihito Tokunaga.

Another new song, "You can", will be featured in a CM which will start airing this Sunday. No release date for the song yet.

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Jan 23 14 7:04 PM

So excited it's been a long long time since she released any new music can't wait.6d4367b96ddab0b8447483709a67ce094d557fd8_r   Is this the first time she has had bangs they make her look like a totally different person.

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Jan 23 14 10:53 PM

She had them during the "If I Believe" era...I think. I sorta like and dislike the covers at the same time since I also don't really recognize Mai like that, not just the bangs but the clothing and the lipstick/make up too!

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Return Road Episode II

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Jan 28 14 5:27 PM

She looks really different in Wake me up covers, but I still love the covers.

I really hope she'll release an album and another best of album to celebrate her 15th anniversary!!

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Feb 24 14 10:33 PM

Thank you for putting these up I am looking forward to listening to the full song of Always giving my heart it sounds lovely so far.  I like that the actors from the movie make an appearance in the MV.3f1268864eb694bb8b9948c131757f941a97c5a3_r

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Apr 6 14 2:57 AM

Looks like we might be getting a new song soon.  There is gong to be an anime based on the collection of children novels by Akiko Ikeda Dayan the Cat.  Its going to air April 26.  I hope we get an album soon.

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