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Mar 25 12 3:16 AM

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Twelve Girls Band is a instrumental band with traditional instruments that also saw world wide success particularly Japan and USA.

So what happened to this pleasant group?

Wikipedia and Official website seems not to updated for a long while.

Anyway a while back I really appreciated their music.
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Mar 26 12 12:38 AM

not a week ago i was wondering about them!
i still have one of their live dvds ive never watched...

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Mar 27 12 12:20 PM

Yeah, where are they now? Disbanded or went to hiatus?

Their music totally wowed me the first time I listened to it Some songs that I had never liked beforehand turned out amazing thanks to the rearrangement

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Mar 28 12 8:55 PM

LoL my Music Cultures instructor was in a girl band like this!!! She wouldn't tell us the name of it, but she played the erhu with them for about a year. She said she decided to leave the group because she felt "dirty" in it haha!

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Dec 15 13 11:48 PM

OMG! I remember them! They were amazing. Got a dvd for my birthday like 11 years ago haha

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