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Apr 15 14 6:20 PM

What are everyone's thoughts on the album? I really like it! At first, I couldn't even get past the first four songs, but now I actually really like it. I don't know if it's better than ROCKBOUND NEIGHBORS, though.

Favorites: GUILTY, Antique Nachtmusik, Aishuu Twilight, Ladyspiker and Bokura no Mirai. Bokura no Mirai gives me pre-Nanoha Nana vibes so I love it haha.

Meh: FATE and Rock you baby. Nana has very few ballads I actually like, but those I do I love, like Ai no Hoshi or Orgel to Piano to -holy style-. By the way, why did they have to go and ruin Ai no Hoshi? This new version sucks balls compared to the single version.

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Apr 18 14 3:15 AM

I also don't know if it's better than RN. It's weak points are pretty bad but every Nana has one or two tracks I typically skip over. RN was special since even the worst tracks were still okay (Happy Go Round and Yakusoku).

This one completely follows suit since the worst tracks are RN's worst equivalents (Rock you Baby is Happy Go Round pt II and FATE has the same downfalls as Yakusoku). Rock you Baby is better than Happy Go Round, but that isn't saying much.

My least favorite track, however, is probably GUILTY. I know I'll get a lot of hate for this but it's just too out of Nana's style. The opening lyrics are absolutely ridiculous, I mean seriously? Who thought that was a good idea? Honestly it seems like a song like this would be better for an artist like Koda Kumi, who could convincingly pull this off, I feel like. It has some redeeming parts like the bridge, but the chorus is pretty bad (do it do it now). I think this is a song you'll either love and hate, and I am having a hard time looking over the parts I think are bad.

Luckily, the rest of the album, more or less, is really good. I probably couldn't pick a favorite, but I guess my top 5 would be: VIRGIN CODE, Antique Nachtmusik, Aishuu Twilight, Ladyspiker, Appassionato

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Apr 18 14 12:15 PM

I think that may be why I like GUILTY so much. It is so radically different from anything else Nana has done. Sure, I love songs the follow the same vein of Silent Bible or BRIGHT STREAM, but there are always a lot of songs like that in every album. The lyrics are a pretty ...... wat, though.

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Apr 25 14 12:34 AM

I think its just as good (if not a "tad" better) than RN. It seems like it will have more longevity in terms of what i listen to.

My favs. are VIRGIN CODE, Antique Nachtmusik, Ladyspiker, Aishuu Twilight, and Bokura no Mirai.

Fate is the only generic Nana song on the album. I consider Egao no Yukue to be the only song i am like Never going to listen to. I have an HQ ver. of her duet of the song and its far superior.  Guilty is interesting, i actually really liked it on first listen Because its so different, but the length bothers me

Im probably a minority here, but VIRGIN CODE has so much more energy than Avalon no Oukan, its easily (as of now) a top 10 of all Nana songs for me in her entire discography. Better vocals and melody than Avalon no Oukan, but the latter had more consistent instrumentals and Virgin Code could do W.O the guitar and more violin tbh xD!

Million Ways is such a weirdly structured song but i love the verse - chorus juxtaposition, its powerful. 

VIRGIN Code, Antique Nachtmusik and Aishuu Twilight are much higher highs than Avalon no Oukan, Crescent Child and Naked Soldier for me. Rock you Baby, FATE and Setsuna Capacity > Happy Go-Round,  Yakusoku, and Sacred Force ~extended~. I think ive listened to happy go round maybe 30 times since its release and ive already beaten that # of plays for Rock you Baby haha. 

Supernal is an 8.5, I think RN is probably an 8.4 xD its a slight difference!

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May 7 14 6:09 PM

Nice range

Much clearer high notes out of the Head Voice register on this album compared to all of the rest from what I hear.
I'm a fan of improvement!

If they do not technically adjust her harmonic vocals, then she hit a much higher note on the last note of the bridge in Guilty. on "Modorenai"

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May 11 14 10:46 AM

If they really wanted to find out Nana's actual vocal range they should be listening to her enka songs, or better still, just ask her. smiley: tongue

Nana's musical range on the other hand is entirely more relevant; her voice just fits everything because of her technical prowess and strength, not many artists can claim to that, and even fewer seiyuu. Not like most pop-stars who can bletch out some easily sustained octaves in some sobby power ballard and pickup a ticket to fame. Most girls can easily hit high notes, it's not a skill.

It's the easily gratified audiences which I hate. /rant Idiocrasy is coming true.

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Jun 8 14 9:22 AM

This album is a rather bland mix of songs that sound like 2.0 versions of older songs like Virgin Code which is a lot like Next Arcadia from Impact Exciter. The other half are musical experiments gone wrong, such as Appassionato or Guilty and Vitalization was always useless. There are still some good songs like Fun Fun People, Ladyspiker, Aishuu Twilight, but as a whole, its rather forgetable. I have all her songs on a big 21 hour + playlist, and whenever this album is reached, its like a screeching break from greatness into the abyss of forgetable blandness. Like this record was made to fulfill a contract or out of habit plus some ugly overproduction like in Appassionato. Did they forgot to cram into the noise of that song a jaw harp? It has already flamenco guitars, accordions, and god knows what else. Its just too much and thats something too many of her recent songs feature. 

That it took 7 weeks to reach Rockbound Neighbors first week sales should tell you something right there as well. Sure, it went number 1, but the number 2 sold only 24161 copies. If the competition would have been always so weak, any Nana album ever since Great Activity would be #1. But then again, all her sales ever since Vitalization were worse than the predecessor, even the recent live DVD and Bluray sold worse, maybe its just that her popularity fades. That was she was mostly T.M. Revolutions cute little sidekick in 2013 certainly didn't help matters much. 

Also i'm surprised by some of the singing. Aoi No Hoshi sounds really bad at some points, like she is trying very hard to give it a different feel than the original version. And there is some weird distortion in Virgin Code in her voice at a few points. It does sound unintentionally however. That whole album has a feel like the people involved don't really care, and just wanted to release something. Even the low cost PV and the lazy bonus disc contents add to that whole throw-away feeling. A documentary that was aired last year already in japanese TV. Seriously? I hope Nana picks up the pieces with the next single. 

Last Edited By: Gunsmithcat2001 Jun 8 14 9:33 AM. Edited 1 time.

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Jun 8 14 1:02 PM

Gunsmithcat2001 wrote:

That it took 7 weeks to reach Rockbound Neighbors first week sales should tell you something right there as well. Sure, it went number 1, but the number 2 sold only 24161 copies. 

It's funny because you unknowingly contradict yourself there. The music industry's physical market is on a decline. That's exactly why the number 2 only sold as much as it did, and why Nana's sales are decreasing too. 

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Aug 5 14 6:51 PM

New single for October and accoustic concerts for January 2015 announced. The single will feature 3 songs. 

Here is some footage from the last Live Flight show in Yokohama. 

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Sep 16 14 5:23 AM

promo pic

single cover

01 禁断のレジスタンス
作詞: 水樹奈々
作曲/編曲: 加藤裕介
作詞: 水樹奈々
作曲: 吉木絵里子
編曲: 藤間仁(Elements Garden)
03 ドリームライダー
作詞: 水樹奈々, SAYURI
作曲: 加藤裕介
編曲: 陶山隼

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Sep 27 14 7:03 PM

She looks so good in the promo pic!! Not sure how I feel about the song though. I feel like it could easily fit on any of her albums post ULTIMATE DIAMOND. Love the violin though.

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Oct 16 14 12:27 PM

BANZAI wrote:
She looks so good in the promo pic!! Not sure how I feel about the song though. I feel like it could easily fit on any of her albums post ULTIMATE DIAMOND. Love the violin though.

I agree, but I still like it a lot for a single, anyways. I didn't expect them to deviate too much from the typical Nana single but the flute/violin combo was a nice treat!

BLUE is fine, not among her best ballads but not her worst. Falls right in the middle. Dream Rider is your typical pop/electronic song. Also far from her best, but it's still listenable. Overall, it's still one of her better singles (I tend to prefer her albums over her singles).

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Dec 14 14 12:21 PM

Title and cover of 31st single were announced today Smile


31st Single title: Eden
Released Date: 14/1/2015
Product Code:KICM-1567
First Press: Special Colour Case

Track List

and also the cover of BD/DVD NANA MIZUKI LIVE FLIGHT×FLIGHT+which will be released on the same day.smiley: roll



<Blu-ray Disc>
初回特典:SPECIAL BOX&デジパック仕様



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Posts: 2,670 Mohtorboat

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Apr 18 15 6:23 PM

I haven't listened to her in years, but she has a new single on the 22nd titled Angel Blossom.

image image image
Regular Edition / CD+Blu-ray / CD+DVD

01 Angel Blossom / Lyrics: 水樹奈々, Composition: 光増ハジメ, Arrangement: EFFY
02 レイジーシンドローム (Lazy Syndrome) / Lyrics+Composition: ヨシダタクミ(phatmans after school), Arrangement: 藤間 仁(Elements Garden)
03 あしたgraffiti (Ashita graffiti) / Lyrics: 藤林聖子, Composition+Arrangement: 加藤裕介

01 "Angel Blossom" MUSIC CLIP
02 "Angel Blossom" MUSIC CLIP Making

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Apr 24 15 2:39 PM

BANZAI wrote:
I LOVE the PV for Angel Blossom. It's so cute!! I wish I could say the same about the song though =\
Ergh. I don't like the song... "Eden" was better.

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Apr 24 15 8:15 PM

Agreed, I thought Nana was finally making an adult change of direction starting with Eden, but it turns out she still isn't allowed to abandon the otaku image and grow up.
2nd song is passable for me, but I will not likely remember this single a few weeks from now.

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