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Mar 19 14 1:54 AM

Forever, You make me crazy
Hold you right, you’re my only LADY
Place a rainbow colored flag
The song IS called PRIDE...

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Mar 19 14 2:49 PM

Oh God...

It's just some tribute to her lesbian/gay fans, nothing else.
Of course, she uses these "wildcards" too suspiciously and often, but I think she's grabbing attention, that's all.

And I wrote this without any judgement or offense.

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Mar 26 14 9:19 AM

WOW! Now that's on the level of Ken x Namie unexpectancy, haha. Wonder how the song will sound like and how their voices will blend together.

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Mar 26 14 10:04 AM

OMG sweet heavens!!!!!!!

Two artistic brains meet! Oh boy!!!

Dream collab in da making~~

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uncle Jemima

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パン・ダ marinopp

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Mar 26 14 11:32 PM

thisisdavidg wrote:
Miliyah and Roma Tanaka did a couple of AIDs awareness events years ago too!

have you slept with him yet? is it true about his deformity?

I wouldn't be surprised if PRIDE was a coming out song, people have been speculating about her sexuality almost as long as they have shota's.

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Mar 27 14 10:22 AM

Okay, I don't see the previews anywhere on her official website. Also, what are these songs (Still and ESCAPE) going to be on? A single? Is the collaboration song Nakashima's single or what?

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Mar 27 14 9:47 PM

lol dang, I always wondered who in Japan was a gay idol in the way Lady Gaga or Madonna is here in US,

I thought it would be Miliyah, but when I went to the concert the entire crowd was women,

but perhaps it IS Miliyah! she has a song called Rainbow too! (an amazing song at that)

also Pride is my favorite song from Loveland =P

speaking of concert, all the swag is on her blog now.

last year, her sweater was the whole reason why I wanted to go to the show! I still wear it a lot!! lol

this year it's all ugly... I feel less bad about not going, and no desire to ask friends in Japan to pick some up for me =P

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