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Apr 12 17 10:12 AM

More than just disappointed. It's a nice concept to keep all of those songs in a similar style but it's massive boring in this case. She dies from my favourite list with every new release and she is one of my valuable favourites. My problems are not the ballads, it's just more because of the same sound, it's killing so hard. If you like this piece, like it, don't care.

1. Dokomademo: How Far I'll Go - The only good song on this album.
2. Tabibito - cheap version of Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself", Kana Nishino did this already, boring.
3. Let Me in - I need to sleep right now.
4. Saikouna Shiawase - ......zzzZZzzz...zzZzzzz..
5. Shoujo Jidai - Such a bad influence here, it feels like it's all about "Where is the knife"? Need to continue.... zzZZzzzzZZZZZZZzz... what is going on? What is going on? Life is short, be sad, I can't sell albums anymore, I want you to be like me, unhappy. I don't know the lyrics but even in sound it is an old fart... zzZzzzzzZ..
6. Utopia - ......New York, 1940..zzZzzzzzzZ....
7. Ai no Kuni - zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzzzz.....
8. Moon - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..
9. Eien - ......................
10. Be - zzzzZz.. started bad, but got "Never Let Go" vibes and.. ahh zzZZzzzzZ..
11. I Am - "My Farm" Episode 642 "Plant the Tomatoes"
12. Triaaannnnnnnnnnnngleeeeeeeeeeeeeee
13. Maboroshi - Don't give up, the end is after this one. lalalalalalala
14. Subarashiki Jinsei - ooooh finally, the pain is over.

In her songs she said she is so original, she is nothing more than just a copy cat. When Lady Gaga came out she changed herself into a Japanese Lady Gaga (which was better than Lady Gaga in my opinion) but always those lines in her songs about her own originality, made me disliking her a bit. I'm always crazy about Miliyah releases but after "M Best", everything went down the road; some songs were good but just some... okay I didn't like her first two albums, too. Now I waited so long for this shit and I'm happy to be unbound from her music now, so that I can live a life in harmony without checking for her new music daily. I'm feeling sad for everyone who gave money to this. I want some "Fashion", "M.U.S.E.", "Me" or "Sensation" vibes, I don't know any other artist who release songs like these but with "Utopia" we got a replaceable album. Bye Miliyah.

And to those who started a fight here, be adult now. There were communication problems, don't be childish fools, you should get along.

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uncle Jemima

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パン・ダ marinopp

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Apr 12 17 9:38 PM

LOL Serdar nice review. i feel really conflicted about this album. some of the ballads are really boring, but some songs are nice. really missing the up-tempo songs like Serdar mentioned. i really miss the songs like Eternal Love, SENSATION, etc. but at the same time some of the new songs are pretty neat, i do like eien and Utopia.

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Apr 12 17 10:24 PM

...Soooo we just not gon talk about her not even selling 3k first day? smh Like damn is she even going to sell over 10k at this point? Whatever she's doing or did, she's completely alienated her fanbase.

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Apr 13 17 1:07 AM

Damn not even over 3k?

That's insane considering LIBERTY was what.... 14k first day?
But then again she'd one like 0 promotion for this, apart from the announcement you could've forgotten she was even releasing an album.

Kinda worried about what this means for her future tbh, 3k is like...... really bad

Last Edited By: Skarsgard Apr 13 17 1:10 AM. Edited 1 time.

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Apr 13 17 6:05 PM

I think this gossip explains in part the album flop. Damn, it has Dokomademo on it, it couldn't be selling that bad. Moana is big and the movie version is selling well.

When Miliyah Kato debuted in 2004, many called her the voice for high school students due to both her heavy lyrical content and fun music. Throughout her career thus far she has achieved overwhelming popularity with people around the same age generation as her, especially with women.

In a story exclusive to the tabloid FLASH, Miliyah and her boyfriend (who is referred to as Mr. A) were spotted staying overnight at a luxurious inn located in the Shizuoka Prefecture. Mr. A isn’t in the entertainment business, he’s a chef in his late 30’s who works at a restaurant in Tokyo. What makes this so “scandalous” is that he apparently has a common-law wife. Mr. A and Miliyah originally started to date around two years ago, while he was still married with a child, but he got divorced shortly after. But it seems that Mr. A remarried someone else, all while still dating Miliyah at the same time. He’s currently living with his common-law wife and now two young children.

Some speculate that while Mr. A was divorcing wife #1, perhaps wife #2 got pregnant sometime within that time frame. While this seems like a very complicated situation it doesn’t seem to concern Mr. A and Miliyah, they even visited Mr. A’s hometown and parents. He also accompanied Miliyah during a trip to Bangkok, Thailand. Even during the recent pictures of them taken at the inn by FLASH, Miliyah looked fine. She was smiling happily while checking-in at the lobby, and wasn’t even trying to hide her face via a face-mask.

It was also mentioned that this relationship is bringing some to worry about her mental and physical condition behind the scenes, commenting that she has been looking very thin and frail recently. That’s most likely just a stretch on the tabloids part, considering Miliyah has always been very thin throughout her entire career.

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Apr 13 17 11:16 PM

Extreme autism aside:

A lot of my friends said it's doing well digitally(?), i'm guessing overall the young-ish Miliyah general fanbase has just moved on from buying physical copies. Kinda sucks but eh any sale is a sale physically or digitally.

Last Edited By: Skarsgard Apr 13 17 11:22 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Apr 14 17 12:47 AM

Hm, Utopia is at #2 on recochoku and #7 on iTunes. We will see the numbers next week, but I don't think the digital numbers will be that high.

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Apr 14 17 11:26 AM

On that article:

"That’s most likely just a stretch on the tabloids part, considering Miliyah has always been very thin throughout her entire career."

But she hasn't been very thin throughout her entire career. To be honest, I'm also worried when I see the latest pictures of her. I just hope that she really is okay. I mean, if you compare how she looked like back in 2005 during the ROSE and Diamond Princess eras it's a big difference. And imho she looked waaay better back then.

In any case, this whole article explains the Saikouna Shiawase single, I guess.

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Apr 14 17 2:20 PM

She definitely hasn't been thin throughout her career, if you've followed her instagram for a year it's literally a timeline of Miliyah getting quite worryingly thing tbh

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Apr 14 17 5:44 PM

OMG really...this is getting annoying now.

Anyways after spending sometime with the album... I love "let me in" and "Utopia" other than that nothing stands out, but its still good.

Yea I agree she definitely looks like she has an eating disorder IMO. Since after Loveland actually.

Last Edited By: StillStanding Apr 14 17 5:49 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Apr 14 17 6:24 PM

I ended up loving the album tbh, it's definitely a nice chill one - which is probably what no one was expecting but it definitely grows on you

I really hope the weekly physical sales pick up, I ordered both copies yesterday since I had other priorities this month oops

旅人 is so good.

Yeah she probably does tbh, the workout regime she seems to have for someone her size, along with how little she seems to eat is really unhealthy, she looks really frail a lot of the time. 

She's in the US right now isn't she? I forgot the dates she was performing, hopefully people instagram her a lot, I wanna watch from at home and cry myself to sleep that i'm not there lol

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Apr 14 17 6:32 PM

The album grew on me too. Especially BE - but I like all the songs to be honest. They're just nothing groundbreaking but that's fine. And I thought that she had an eating disorder, too. It really seems likely, sadly. I just hope she doesn't get worse.

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Apr 17 17 3:50 AM

Talk about overblown reaction, although what did I expect from that person, lol. The album is definitely on a chill side of spectrum and I honestly find it refreshing. You just can't go all bops all the time. It almost sounds like a concept album with some strong main theme all throughout. Only a couple of ballads from Saikou na Shiawase are the boring ones to me, still her voice manages to make them better.

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Apr 18 17 12:52 AM

hi all, I just want to say, I really like Kato Miliyah... so much! I've adored her for years, her music has had a huge influence on me, helping me get through some hard times, and even giving me a reason to travel to Japan on multiple occasions. And yeah, I can sit here and be like Liberty was a bad album and even have lukewarm feelings towards Utopia, but none of that will ever take away what she has already put on this earth and the impact she's had on my life. Getting another opportunity to not only see her live this weekend, but also MEET HER, once again cements her as one of my favorite people ever and I really hope in 2019 or whenever I feel like going back to Japan that she is still touring so I can see her again!! (but if she decides to do any more shows outside of Japan I will not hesitate to attend those). 

the whole thing started on Friday with a Panel called "Who's Miliyah" which was actually a Q&A! unfortunately, the whole thing was a very awkward mess. Main reason it was awkward - like only 12 people attended... It started with an intro video explaining who she is and her history, they then played the Dramatic Liberty tour video until 30 minutes had passed, then they brought her in for Q&A. But before that they were like "everyone, please come to the front!" Everyone stayed put lol... except for me! I'm the creepy superfan!

a single person asked a question, what is your favorite song you've done? She answered "kamisama. kamisama means god" and one of her handlers was like "yes! and you will hear her sing this song tomorrow." Nobody else was asking questions so this is when I jumped in; I thanked her for coming and asked her why it took so long to finally perform in US. She actually needed a translator's help to answer, typical we didnt know if the market was open to it, how receptive jpop is despite anime being huge, but she did step in aside from the translator to let us know she does recognize the success of kpop in USA. Someone else asked a question, can't remember what it was or the answer, then I asked another one - what western artists are you listening to? She responded Drake.

The panel wasnt really going anywhere and as much as I wanted to keep asking, the questions I would like to answer are definitely more deep and personal so I thought it better to keep to myself. Therefore they cut it short and just left, however one takeaway was her handlers do seem to be very interested in continuing her activity in US, so fingers crossed we get more shows outside of Japan! At this point, I was intereviewed on camera by one of her japanese entourage, so I wonder where that footage will show up. He then grabbed another random person to ask questions and they were like "oh I don't really know who she is actually..." 

Again, the turnout was terrible and I felt real bad, not a very positive way for her to start her first US show. Fortunately, the concert itself was packed and energetic!

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#2457 post_url

Apr 18 17 1:07 AM

the show itself, I was hanging around the venue before they opened for lines so I could hear sound check, had a good idea of what songs were gonna be sang. Also was getting hella jelous at staff who could just freely walk into soundcheck while I'm just on the outside hearing bass thru the walls. Fortunately, when the concert did arrive I was right up at front!! A pretty good upgrade from being in nosebleed sections in Japan

I don't know how many actual fans were there though... lots of people went not because of the artist but because they just really wanted to attend the concert. I asked the person to my right if he knows her and he said "nope! I know she did the VO for Monana tho!" Asked the lady on my left, she said "I don't know her, I don't even know what she looks like, but I bet she's kawaii desu."


Before the show they once again showed the video from the previous day's panel. Soon after the show started, here's the setlist:

DJ Intro (DJ Shuya)
Future Lover
Dear Lonely Girl
I Miss You
Love Forever
Kaze no Torimichi (song from Totoro)
Kamisama (she once again told the crowd that kamisama means god)
Mirror Mirror (dancers only, Miliyah was off stage. The dancers she brought were Akanen, Macco, Yuri, and IG)
Lonely Hearts
Sayonara Baby
How Far I'll Go

overall show was just under an hour it seemed. Again, I don't know how many people knew her prior, but it was very apparent that a lot of people left really loving their experience. She's an incredible performer and this show was no different. I really do hope she gained a lot of new fans that night who will listen to her music, share it with others, and know what I've known for years about how great she is! There definitely were people buying merch post-show so I was happy to see that! Unfortunately, the post-concert autograph sesh was canceled but there was still one for tomorrow. 

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Apr 18 17 1:25 AM

so then last day is autographs, my second opportunity to speak to her! I was close to the front as always with the intention of immediately getting back in line. I brought her the Jounetsu 12-inch I posted earlier and when I handed it to her, her eyes lit up and she was like "EEEHHHH" and started showing it to all her handlers, and they were all like "oooohhhh" and a rush of photographers came in and started shooting. This is how you get her attention lol, as much as they really had to keep the line moving, this was what granted me a very small opportunity for conversation. We got to chat for a few seconds, she signed my record with my name too, shook hands, got a few more pics taken of me, and I tried to get back into the line. 

I did talk to one of the photographers (non-japanese), he told me he could not release any pics of the two of us together and I'd have to go to sakuracon directly as he submits all his pics to them. I'm gonna try, but I fear they will not let me have any of those pics but since there were other photographers, and I brought a very head turning piece of her history, I'm hoping that a pic of me does make it somewhere!

but at this point I try getting back in line, but they already capped it and wouldnt let me. I talked and did my hardest to convenice them, and ultimately they did allow me. My intention then was to be last and get more talk time with her, but someone somehow came from behind me and go to be the actual last person (I think she was loitering at the merch booth and finally snuck up). So I didn't get to say as much more as I wanted to her, and I'm pretty sure at this point I'm creeper status officially lol, but fuck it this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet my favorite artist. Also the second time around I didnt get to hand her my item, one of the handlers took it from me and gave it to her, she was not signing my name either (she did it to the first person who was before me too, but he also had a copy of Utopia so unsure if ppl with posters got their names), but also maybe she was just getting tired of signing or something bad happened. Granted this was 30 minutes into her session and I was the (second to) last person, a session which had an entire hour scheduled for it. 

Again, so much I would love to say to her and talk to her about, but if it's not meant to be at least I'm happy to have met, spoken to, and shook hands with one of the most influential people in my life. I'm leaving the con with some fantastic memories and these very precious items:

<a href=" alt="image">

there's a lot more I can say about the whole thing, a lot more details I can give you, but that was a lot of writing :p I'll post more later if any of you guys are interested

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#2459 post_url

Apr 18 17 3:42 AM

Wow, I'm so glad for you that you got to meet her. Good idea to bring a unique item like that for her to sign! The Q&A does sound like it was awkward, but hopefully they know that it was to be expected since not that many people know Miliyah internationally.

I wanted to ask about her English - from what you wrote it seems like she's not all that fluent, right? But I want to ask about her pronunciation - was it as good as it is in her songs (sometimes)?

You're so lucky!

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#2460 post_url

Apr 18 17 4:07 AM

Thank you, p3ters, for your write-up! I think I saw you posting about this on NeoGaf, lol.

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