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Aug 18 11 3:03 AM

That is a pretty vast improvement over her usual. That fringe-y thing she worse last year was pretty awful, not even mentioning the hair. :p

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Oct 1 11 10:31 AM

^ 1st press for SA, beads, clear obi, folded poster inside.

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Oct 1 11 11:31 AM

Thanks! Where did you got these informations?

So happy I found that in first press since it's 12 years old!
Also it looks like it's not a sampler cause this eBay seller is selling somes (normally they have a special sticker glued on the obi or elsewhere).

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Oct 4 11 11:37 AM

so now there is a damn BEST ALBUM listed for ami, 2011.12.07 release.

guessing a new song or two and her pointless new versions of old tracks.

really avex, really?

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Oct 4 11 11:55 AM

When I saw you posted there after posting on ICONIQ's thread, I thought you would say Ami was going to release a studio album lol...
Well, a best album is better than nothing, it'll most likely include a couple of new tracks so yeah... Eb626e8670b724fc8e29f5c0646da0a6ce336365_r

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Oct 4 11 5:48 PM

Yeah, maybe her contract is up... can't believe we haven't had any new music in over 2 years and they still get her to perform at a-nation though O_O

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Oct 6 11 12:22 AM

That's what I guessed she would release next >.>
I'm glad and excited! Something to put Kissx3, reincarnation, one, free free and others on one disc

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