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Jul 9 11 12:35 PM

Anyone know what she is saying? somenthing about a new single please?

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Jul 25 11 10:09 AM

「love the island」 new version 着うた(R) 限定無料配信
「鈴木亜美×Resoxy」 購入者特典

Resoxyのキャンペーン対象商品をご購入頂いたお客様の中から先着で鈴木亜美「love the island」(new ver.)の「着うた(R)」を無料でプレゼント致します!

Resoxy 商品ご購入について
⇒ファッションセンターしまむら 全店


new version of love the island, free ring song DL period from 7.21-10.20, if you bought from Resoxy.

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Jul 28 11 7:10 PM

Wondering if she's ever gonna come back with a new single / album lol.
avex really sucks when it comes to "moderately successful" artists (ICONIQ, Maki...).

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Jul 28 11 8:25 PM

Ami is barely in the "moderately successful" artist category... Sure, Supreme Show did increase her sales by a few thousand copies, but her 2009 singles just bombed. She's basically in the category with misono and shimatani hitomi, where they're trying / are pushing them in different directions to make money (ie. ami doing musicals and DJing)

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Jul 30 11 10:49 AM

The new version isn't much better than the original Love The Island, its nothing like the nakata vers of BE TOGETHER <3
She looks so freaking adorable though in the pics above!

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Jul 30 11 10:54 PM

well... dont act like we didnt see that comin

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Jul 30 11 10:56 PM

oh my god she isn't dead
was shocked when I saw the ''love the island'' thing on jpopsuki.
please release a new digital single or something dear ami.

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Jul 31 11 12:36 AM

watch her just wait a few more years of performing at a-nation and then give us an album of new 'sony' song remixes. maybe with a 2nd disc of just delightful remixes.

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Aug 2 11 12:33 AM

^ wAT her sony stuff has so many jams

and yes ami is a flop but so is everyone else in her genre. you guys do realize she outsells like 90% of the people in the j-tek world by a long shot. it's not like she was getting promo either, they tried with KKK but it was still half assed. 

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Aug 14 11 10:46 AM

"Ami I hope to god you're recording yourself singing rather than a DJ mix. And I hope it's a single rather than something tacked onto a compilation."


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Aug 14 11 11:53 PM

... yeah, she's been recording in the past as well and nothing ever came out of it. I'll wait until she finally has a release listed again to bother getting actually excited.

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