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Jan 5 12 9:55 PM

Digital Single "News" releases on 2012.01.11

Individual Concept Photos:

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Jan 7 12 4:31 AM

I hope the effects are not in the MV. Anyways, I don't trust teasers, but it sounds really good so far. Erin & Hyuna ftw. Wanna see the new girl too, she looks interesting. I'm glad Minha's hair is better. >_>

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Jan 10 12 3:13 PM

MV is cheap. Sad since it couldve been fine without the red & pink background parts. With that said, all the girls look great and there was so much Hyuna. *_* Song is awesome.

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Jan 12 12 2:13 PM

^Really enjoyed the performance. These girls are really good, so I hope this song proves to be a hit.

Btw, your icon rocks, cause she's officially my favourite in the group. : D

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Jan 13 12 8:02 PM

I don't know why everyone is raving about the comeback stage... It's good, but it's not SUPA DIVA FIERCE. The girls have proven themselves to be more than just pretty faces, but now I want something exciting and new!!! Give us a cool, edgy track gurrrrrrrlz!

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Jan 14 12 10:39 AM

had this song on repeat since yesterday, it's SO GOOD. and i've been loving their live performances---their vocals have been great.

i hate the "walk-into-formation" choreography they keep doing tho. that aside, the stylist is awesome---LOVE the blue outfits.

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Jan 14 12 3:05 PM

^I've had it on repeat since Novemeber when they first perfromed it. It's been a minute since I've had a K-Pop song on serious heavy rotation.

That walk into position thing drives me crazy too. Especially when the odd person out has to walk and get behind the person in the center position. I notice it's kinda common with the larger groups.

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Jan 15 12 6:33 PM

love the outfits! another great performance.

does anyone know their position on the charts? r they charting at all or at least higher than figaro?

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Jan 15 12 8:42 PM

So I recently listened to "News" and I gotta say I really like it. It grew on me, it's not an amazing song but it's pretty catchy (wth though, they performed it in November, and just released it ?).
I remember I watched their previous MV for "Figaro" and I didn't like it at all, so this is a good surprise.
I guess my favorite member is Lee Sem (if it's indeed her rocking short hair & singing the rap), she looks classy but it's not like I know all the girls at all.

Also, are they popular ? I couldn't find color-coded lyrics of their latest song or whatsoever to know who is who.
I wish they'd release mini-albums instead of digital singles, if anyone knows a way to buy them please tell me though.

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Jan 16 12 1:19 PM

So apparently the girls' choreography needs to be completely reworked because it was deemed "too sexy." Yea fuckin right. Not at all. If SNSD had this same choreography, you can bet THEY wouldn't have to change it..

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