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Aug 15 11 3:05 PM

Has anyone seen the new teaser? It kind of seems like Erin is the new leader now... WHICH I FREAKIN LOVE!!!

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Aug 17 11 3:27 PM

I can't say it's better than their debut song, but it would have been a better follow-up nearly a year ago. It's a catchy track though. I wish they were still 9 members though, apart from their lives I thought they made a great debut.

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Aug 18 11 8:28 AM

"Figaro" was composed by Sweetune, who also did KARA's "Mister", RAINBOW's "A" and INFINITE's "Be Mine". No wonder it's so good :p

And apparently the girls have been training to improve their vocals and performing abilities over the past year, check out their debut stage of "Figaro". They've really improved:

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Aug 18 11 10:19 PM

They did really good, even Lee Sam, I thought she couldn't sing lol
Erin is flawless as always.

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Aug 21 11 2:33 PM

Well their newest live had a nice addition! There were graphic inserts added in on each of the girls' first close ups with their names. Helpful to me, because I didn't really know which girls were Hyemi, Hyuna, or Minha until this live hahaha! They should do this more often for girl groups.

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Aug 26 11 9:48 PM

Hyuna used to be my least favourite member, but wow she looks stunning in every live (and her legs are the second best in the group).

A few new lives out (can't post them since I can't access youtube here). xD

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Aug 27 11 2:19 PM

Yeah me too, I used to dislike her 'cause she replaced my fave Jaekyung.
I like her now, she has a great voice.
But she reminds of Seo In Young so much lol

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Nov 13 11 10:03 PM

So a mini album is listed to drop on the 17th.

Also after some searching, I found a video of the new song (produced by SWEETUNE)from the Abu Dhabi concert. Also a new member, Kyungri , was introduced.


Full Name: Park Kyung Ri (박경리)
Also known as: Gang (갱)
Date of Birth: July 5th, 1990

She was part of the original line up for the group but wasn’t picked for the final grouping.
She trained under Medialine for a period of time and thus she is friendly with the members of N-Train and VNT.

During her time there, she was a back up dancer for Chaeyeon along with a number of other girls.
It was then rumoured that she was supposed to join Medialine’s upcoming girl group Viva Girls,
but the existence of that group has been questioned as most of the girls have moved to other companies.
She then moved back to Star Empire and it was rumoured that she would be one of Nine Muses’
new members. Fancams from the performance in Abu Dhabi confirm that she is such.

credit: unsungbyul.wordpress


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