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Nov 11 15 10:01 PM

They should just postpone the comeback then, so Sungah can heal and they don't deal with huge competition (unless that's what their company wants...)

Man. I should get back into them. Haven't heard anything since....around WILD? I think I heard Glue too but that was the very last thing if anything

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Nov 16 15 11:09 AM

Mini album track list:

01. a.m. 3:00
02. Can't Sleep, Am Hungry (title track produced by Brave Brothers)
03. Secret (co-written by Euaerin)
04. Koong Chit Dak Chit (rap by Euaerin)
05. To.? (written by Nine Muses)
06. Can't Sleep, Am Hungry (Instrumental)

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Nov 16 15 9:03 PM

Oh! Brave Sound! I am excited.

But this also means they are slowing straying away from their unique sound, unless Brave incorporates it into the song but who knows, they strayed away from their music since they released "Crap" I mean, "Drama"

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Nov 18 15 9:02 PM

That sneak peek of the title track is not what I was expecting for a Brave Bros song.
I heard it was a ballad type song, but when I heard Sungah hurt her ankle I was expecting something more upbeat.

Sung Ah sitting in a chair during a Hurt Locker Performance.

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Nov 19 15 2:39 AM

Yeah this song may not win me over. Hurt Locker was ok, nothing amazing, but was hoping they would return to their original sound with some newly added flair. But I guess thats done with.

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Nov 23 15 3:19 PM



I will say this. I love the song. For a single, it should have been stronger, but I do like it.
The choreography is pretty good. I wonder if it was changed to help Sungah out a bit. She's sitting down quite a bit.
It wasn't until the end that I saw the similar dance moves used in so many other Brave Bros tracks. A bit of a letdown there, but I like this release.

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Nov 23 15 3:32 PM

Yassss I love it as well but I tend to like most of Brave Brothers' songs so I guess it's not a surprise.

I'm quite pleased with this release

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