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Sep 12 14 10:06 PM

I know we're pre-occupied with Nasty Nasty but I thought his be fun to share in concerns with how the group is looking.

The song is a Chinese version of OMG (from Prima Donna album)

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Dec 17 14 11:14 PM

After the departure of three member from the group, 9Muses will finally be making a comeback next year in January, with a new roster of members.Multiple representatives from the agency have reaffirmed the fact of a new lineup for January, but it has not been determined yet how many members will partake in the group activities.
The group has had a rocky relationship with members since their debut. They debuted in 2010 with “Let’s Have a Party,” but soon after members Rana, Bini, and Jaekyung graduated from the group. They were replaced by Hyuna, Kyungri and Sungah who completed the group as nine.
Then, earlier this year in January it was announced that Lee Sem and Eunji would be graduating to focus on their personal activities, and adding more fuel to the fire, in June, Sera also left deciding not to renew her contract.
Currently the group stands at six members, Minha, Hyuna, Euaerin, Sungah, Kyungri, and Hyemi. Their agency, Star Empire Entertainment had also recently launched a self produced YouTube series called 9Muses Cast with the 9Muses members in order to show a different side of them to the fans.

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Jan 8 15 5:15 PM


9MUSES will release a new mini album on January 23 (Thu), and it will be available on all online music sites from midnight.

The mini album will contain 6 tracks. (Offline album will be available for purchase from January 27 (Tue) onwards.)

The title track will be DRAMA, written by composer Jeong Chang-wook who also composed and wrote the lyrics for ‘Ping’ for the first full album.

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Jan 12 15 1:49 AM

Well, they look like they'll fit perfectly at least

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Jun 21 15 9:51 PM

Nine Muses are making a comeback with a Special Summer Album:


01. MUSE
Composed by / Arranged by

02. 다쳐(Hurt Locker)
Composed by Erik Lidbom, Anne Judith Wik, Herbie Crichlow / Lyrics written by, Urban Cllasik / Arranged by

03. 너란애
Composed by / Lyrics written by, 이유애린 of 9MUSES / Arranged by

04. 팬시(Fancy)
Composed by 정창욱 / Lyrics written by 정창욱 / Arranged by 정창욱

05. Yes or No
Composed by BOYTOY, 를(Lel) / Lyrics written by BOYTOY, 를(Lel), 이유애린 of 9MUSES / Arranged by BOYTOY, 를(Lel)

06. 다쳐(Hurt Locker) Inst.
Composed by Erik Lidbom, Anne Judith Wik, Herbie Crichlow / Lyrics written by, Urban Cllasik / Arranged by

You can check out teaser photos here:

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