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Jan 29 14 9:44 PM

Great now it wont be "Nine" actual members again for awhile now probably... -_-

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Jan 30 14 3:54 PM

Wow, two of the most recognizable looking members leaving. Wonder if one or two other members will cut their hair something to help stand out.

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Jun 23 14 8:09 PM

And now Sera has reportedly left the group. I wonder what was going on. They've been preforming as 6 and Sera has been posting covers of songs on her youtube.
Her contract ended and she has graduated.

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Jun 23 14 9:06 PM

I wish I had good news, but 6muses isn't working for me.

It has been announced that Nine Muses' Sera's contract with Star Empire has reached its expiration date, leading Sera to make the touch decision to graduate from Nine Muses.
Her agency Star Empire stated on the 24th, "Nine Muses' Sera's contract has reached its expiration date so she has decided to graduate from Nine Muses. Her future activities have not been discussed in detail, and we will cheer on and respect Sera's new start."
"Nine Muses plan to recruit a new member and with a reorganized team, they plan to make a comeback early August. We also ask that you show your support and love for the future activities of Sera as well as Nine Muses."
Wish Sera the best of luck with her future activities as you await the group's new comeback with a new member.

from akp

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Jun 24 14 3:31 PM

God AKP really needs better writers.

Sad to hear the news that Sera wont be in the group anymore but I AM glad that Nine Muses is making a comeback, now I have them, SISTAR and NU'EST to look forward to. Honestly, this whole year so far has been so completely dead, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has been an ear worm for me except for 4minute's single but I honestly wasn't that obsessed with it because it kind of sounded too much like Bigstar's last single.

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Jun 26 14 10:01 PM

I understand the fans frustration cause Sera was my favorite member, but the boycotting is really unnecessary.

From the jump SE has always been clear Nine Muses will be a rotational group.

Sera was a main vocalist but Hyemi is gonna be the lead, and Hyuna will probably come in as second cause she's been the next pushed as vocals compared to other members.

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Jun 27 14 4:19 PM

Tough losing Sera, being a top vocalist and the most sympathetic member of the documentary, but it's not like Kyungri and Sungah hurt the group...quite the opposite, so who knows? Not really fair to bash the new girl before she even joined.

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Jun 27 14 4:58 PM

Wow. I can kinda understand why they're boycotting? But they act like they've never done this with Nine Muses before. Or with any group that needed it, for that matter. Also, the assumption that they're adding another member only to fulfill the title of NINE Muses is stupid if the total count is only going to be SEVEN after this new girl. I'm not too upset either way, but I just feel like this boycott is ridiculous. Either way, I hope the group still succeeds. (I need to catch up actually...haven't listened to much after WILD...)

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Aug 22 14 2:13 AM


Kyungri, Kevin(ZE:A) and an unnamed rookie are coming out in a subunit called NASTY NASTY.
I'm guessing it similar to Troublemaker with that name.

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Sep 3 14 12:45 AM

It's actually a solid song. It just came out on a bad day.
Sojin sounds good. They all seem to have good chemistry with each other.

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Sep 3 14 1:00 AM

^I agree with you. I wanna be into it but my spirit is really just down from the recent industry tragedy.

SoJin seems good but i dunno if I can say NM ready to join good enough to take Sera's place as fan are suspecting. If anything it sets Kyungri's spot at the top of the food chain with HyeMi.

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Sep 4 14 6:40 AM

Dance Practice


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