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#221 post_url

Oct 10 13 6:29 PM

I'm not totally buying it yet. I like it, but I think I'll wait for the MV.

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#223 post_url

Oct 10 13 10:47 PM

I think it's a good song. Kinda reminds me a little too much of "Ticket" though... Definitely nothing compared to "WILD" but I don't know if they'll ever be able to match that.

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#224 post_url

Oct 11 13 1:31 AM

Sounds pretty good, it has that Nine Muses vibe but adds a bit of fresh beats to it. Anything is better than "Dolls" and yes I will hate on that awful song until the day I die so what lol

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#226 post_url

Oct 11 13 10:44 PM

That intro was awful. Vocally it was okay, but the four chair dancers looked so bored and what were they wearing. Thankfully the GUN live wasn't as bad. I do think I need to watch the video, or just let it sit a little bit longer, but yeah, not bad

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Oct 14 13 2:44 AM

Yup needed the MV. I really love the song now.

Hyuna and Kyungri are really gorgeous (Sungah also looks amazing in the video). I think Erin's rap really fits the song.

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Nov 12 13 1:06 PM

According to the daum cafe, Nine Muses is planning on releasing a digital single in December.
I was assuming that they would promote it but I haven't actually seen it stated.

Halloween costume Bunny outfits

Sera singing BoA's No 1

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Nov 26 13 4:28 PM

OMG Another release.
A digital single called GLUE that will be released on Dec 4th.

I've read that it will have a 25+ rating. (Take that Troublemaker!)
I'm not sure what a 25+ rating is because it doesn't exist in SK.
These are the ratings in SK. all ages, 12+, 15+, teenager restricted (19+), restricted (full ban from tv/public access)


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#231 post_url

Nov 26 13 4:58 PM

The "25+ rating" shit is probably just for shock value... Looking forward to new music though! I thought their first full album was pretty good.

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#232 post_url

Nov 26 13 6:47 PM

25+? Oh my! I never heard such a thing! Maybe they will do a semi-nude photoshoot with gorgeous hot Korean men and actually take photos that look good and not whatever that hot mess Hyun Ah (Troublemaker) was trying to do...I love you girl but please dont do that ever again...

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#233 post_url

Nov 27 13 7:09 AM

25+?smiley: laugh

So racy that a 24 year old shouldn't be watching it? To justify that sort of rating there should at least be strange gizmos, whips and S&M involved, considering how graphic and violent Korean films with an 18+ rating are.

So silly, but regardless, I'm definitely interested in checking it out.

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#234 post_url

Nov 27 13 2:49 PM

Hmmm...seems gimmicky. If it really is explicit and extreme, the girls will probably not be a direct part of that content. Like how Phantom released a 19+ MV, but it was due to some random naked girl.

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Nov 27 13 5:24 PM

The song's by Sweetune as usual, and is about how hard a breakup can be. 

Described as a dance song, which incorporates some Retro, Funk and Disco sounds.

So I'm thinking something close to Figaro.

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#238 post_url

Nov 29 13 12:04 PM

i didn't like their full album and this song is a way to redeem theirselves lol.
seems a great song to end the ninemuses-year

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Posts: 2,628 Mohtorboat

#240 post_url

Dec 1 13 2:41 PM

4 teaser images. Will post the rest when I find them.

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