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Jun 9 11 11:57 AM

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Nine Muses�(나인뮤지스) is a nine-member�South Korean�girl group under Korean music label Star Empire Entertainment.�
The group made their official public debut in August 2010 with the single "No Playboy".�The group currently consists of�Kyugri (Lead Vocalist),�Minha (Vocalist, Maknae),�Lee Sam (Vocalist, Main Rapper),Erin (Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Visual),�Sera (Leader, Main Vocalist), Eunji (Vocalist, Main Dancer),�Hyuna (Lead Vocalist)�and�Hyemi (Main Vocalist).�

Official Site (KR)
Official Site (JPN)
Official Youtube

1st Mini Album [2012.03.08] "Sweet�Rendezvous"�


�01. 넌 뭐니�(Who R U)
02. 티켓�(Ticket)
03. 뉴스�(News)
04. 휘가로�(Figaro)
05. 넌 뭐니�(Who R U) inst.
06. 티켓�(Ticket) inst.

Sweet Rendezvous’ contains the confident love style of Nine Muses, with its title song “Ticket” acting as a metaphor for a new definition of love, comparing one’s feelings to a one-way ticket through the emotions of Nine Muses. Ticket is also the third collaboration project with Sweetune, after “Figaro” and “News“.

2nd Digital Single [2012.01.11] "News"�


�01. 뉴스�(News)
�02. 뉴스�(News)�inst.

Nine Muses returned to the music scene with a new song after 5 months, and applied some changes to their group. Previously 7 members they are now promoting as 8 with the addition of new member Kyungri, and they have traded in their bubbly image for one that’s more fierce and charismatic. “News” was composed by Sweetune, and the dark beat and melody has been receiving high praise from fans. The dance is also powerful and provocative with a lot of visuals to take in throughout the performance.�

1st Digital Single [2011.08.18] "Figaro"


01. 휘가로�(Figaro)
02.�휘가로�(Figaro) inst.

"Figaro" is a dance song with a funky groove produced by Sweetune, who have written many popular songs, including, KARA’s "Honey" and "Mr.", Rainbow’s "A", and Infinite’s "You Are Mine". Influenced by the film "Studio 54", the girls are seen modelling retro concepts that are both sexy and cute.�Star Empire announced that for promotions for "Figaro", members�Rana�and�Bini�would not participate but were still a part of the group, and that Nine Muses would promote Figaro as a 7 member sub-unit. Later on Rana and Bini left the group to pursue individual activities.

Debut EP [2011.08.12] "Let's Have A Party"


01. Ladies
02. No Playboy
03. Give Me
04. No Playboy (Instrumental Ver.)

"Let's Have A Party" is�Nine Muses's debut EP. The song "No Playboy" was used as lead track and was composed by�Park Jin Young�and�Wonder Girls's�Nobody�composer,�Rainstone. "Ladies" was used as a second lead track.� Later into their debut, member Jaekyung left to focus on her modeling career and was replaced by Hyuna.

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#1 post_url

Jun 9 11 3:27 PM

Ah, sucks cause Rana was my fave, but at least Erin is still around. I'm still partial towards Hyuna, but at least the five stronger vocalists stayed and Minha is great to look at. : D

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#5 post_url

Jul 27 11 6:11 PM

YESSS!! But 7 girls for 9 Muses' comeback? They really picked the wrong name for this group... Do you think they'll eventually add two more girls on? I kind of hope they don't.

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#6 post_url

Jul 27 11 6:20 PM

they were originally meant to debut with 11 or 12 members, so the name was stupid/useless from the start. the two who aren't participating in the new single haven't completely left the group, though; their agency said they would be focusing on their acting careers, but were still in the group. the only one who left and has stayed gone is Jaekyung.

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#10 post_url

Aug 2 11 10:46 PM

^ Bini and Rana are still in the group, but they're not participating in this release.

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#12 post_url

Aug 3 11 11:52 PM

from their company's statement:

Members Bini and Lana have declared that they would like to pursue acting so they will not be joining the rest of the girls for this unit promotion. We would like to assure [everybody] that they are not leaving the group.

this kinda sucks since Rana was one of their better singers.

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#13 post_url

Aug 4 11 12:01 AM

Yeah Rana's voice stood out the most to me. I'm pretty sure it was confirmed that when Hyun A joined the group, they would be switching members in and out to do modelling and other activities.

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#14 post_url

Aug 9 11 10:46 AM

fyi the August 3rd comeback was never confirmed by Star Empire. I got a message from their fancafe stating their comeback is in August, they didn't state the date though..and they're practicing hard etc

EDIT: new concept photo!!!

comeback is confirmed for the 18th!
left to right: hyuna, minha, sera, lee yu erin, eunji, hyemi, lee sam


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#16 post_url

Aug 9 11 7:19 PM

^ Figaro was a character in several operas back in the 1770s.

the teaser sounds pretty decent, but it's obvious they're working with a budget of around $12. I hope we get a proper single/mini album and not just a one track digital single!

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#18 post_url

Aug 11 11 6:27 PM

drew wrote:
^ Figaro was a character in several operas back in the 1770s.

the teaser sounds pretty decent, but it's obvious they're working with a budget of around $12. I hope we get a proper single/mini album and not just a one track digital single!
it has digital single written in the teaser plus Star Empire have stated that too so unfortunately no physical release this time. just like Jewelry they're getting shafted as well whilst ZE:A have put out physical releases this year -.- 

Erin's unedited concept photo "leaked"

and Star Empire released the individual concept photos on their fancafe on midnight Korea time today

Rana and Bini have left the group for good and two new members will be added
meh never cared for Bini but kinda sad about Rana. but those two weren't that great at singing so it's really no loss, they both still keep in touch though I've seen recent photos of the two together~~

second teaser will be released on the 16th btw. hopefully it'll be longer~

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#19 post_url

Aug 11 11 8:25 PM

Erin has a slammin body, but what did they do to Minha!?

And I'm sad about Rana cause her voice was interesting.

It's no surprise they are shafting Nine Muses a bit. ZE:A isn't too popular on the digital charts, but their fanbase is a decent size so they have the selling power. But it's not a bad idea to just release digital singles, as it worked for Rainbow.

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#20 post_url

Aug 11 11 11:39 PM

@looloo oh, dang, I didn't even notice that. I'm not the least bit surprised, but I'm a little disappointed. hopefully, we get a couple of digital releases from them throughout the rest of the year.

the teaser shots are nice! Sera's is my favorite, I think.

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