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Aug 26 13 8:29 PM

^I agree. I was a bit disappointed by REAL, but the latest singles are really good. 'Boku ga Shinou to Omotta no Wa' is amazing.

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Oct 2 13 2:50 PM

The preorder for the tour DVD started in shops in Japan, it'll be out on November 27th. More details to come.

Mika also recorded a new song with Miyuki Nakajima's usual team.
Lastly, there'll be a "Christmas Party" organized for fanclub members in December.

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Oct 6 13 11:40 PM


中島美嘉「中島美嘉 LIVE IS "REAL" 2013~THE LETTER あなたに伝えたくて~」収録曲


・You Knocked Me Out
・Amazing Grace


・Document is REAL
・Audience is REAL

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Dec 21 13 11:45 AM

Finish me off now...

New album "ずっと好きだった -ALL MY COVERS-", 2 versions, 2014.03.12 out.

............ Also, they're gonna shot a new music video in 3 days, during the XMAS fanclub event. Some of my friends who are attending told me that there is a dressing code imposed and the theme is 1930s, hence the name of the event "Time Trip."

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Dec 21 13 12:22 PM

but the "Zutto Sukidatta" part makes me think it could be covers of songs she really likes.. Some she did already and new ones maybe? There'll be one new song for sure. She's been working on a secret project for months so I assume that's it.

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Dec 21 13 7:06 PM

It's true. I like a lot of her music, but you can't deny her vocals are really bad especially right now.

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Dec 22 13 5:29 AM

^ agreed. THE ONLY STAR tour 2011 filmed concert was quite a disaster as compared to this year's.

She most likely has a problem with her voice, but I don't think it's fully related to her Eustachian tube problem. That occurs only when she screams because she can't hear properly.
But her voice has been sounding quite raw, used, as if she had nodes on her vocal cords or something. And it's definitely getting better with time.
It's probably gonna take time, but she might get her voice back in the future. In the meantime, her voice is only different, not necessarily bad. That's why I thought what you've said was quite rude.

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Jan 2 14 5:57 AM

New secret collaboration by the famous Dohzi-T who collaborated with many female singers in the past such as BENI, Miliyah Kato, Thelma Aoyama, YU-A... Song title and female voice have not be revealed yet, but you can still listen to the preview and discover Mika's voice

hopefully this will be a success. I like the preview so far.

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Jan 2 14 8:24 PM

Gee, I cannot recognize that voice at all. I wonder who it could be. HMMMMM...

The melody reminds me of Mika's older songs, like pre-YES. Fits her quite well, and I think this is one of her better vocal executions. I don't remember the last thing I've heard of hers, but this song doesn't sound as...harsh. It does sound nice. You think there'll be an actual PV?

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Jan 29 14 11:39 PM

01. やさしいキスをして(DREAMS COME TRUE)
02. I LOVE YOU(Album Ver.)(尾崎豊)
03. THE ROSE(ベット・ミドラー)
05. Missing(久保田利伸)
06. AMAZING GRACE(album version)
07. You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To(ヘレン・メリル)
08. FEVER(ペギー・リー)
09. 朧月夜~祈り
10. 恋しくて(BEGIN)
11. MY WAY(Sex Pistols)
12. WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD(ルイ・アームストロング)

So just old recordings and a new Dreams Come True song. I don't get how you can call a cover album Zutto Suki Datta without covering Zutto Suki Datta on it.

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Jan 30 14 1:58 AM

The covers are really nice.

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