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Apr 24 11 12:37 PM

not uploaded anywhere else than jpopsuki dear.
Not feeling like uploading 200mb+ right now x)

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Apr 25 11 3:00 AM

hmmmm maybe it's cuz Music Station was the first time I've seen her perform in a while so I was too happy for it to notice any flaws.... the Music Japan performance was not that good. And she looked very tired....

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Apr 25 11 9:27 AM

the3ye wrote:

what a nice poster, it would be nice to get it along with shipped single...too bad it's not on cdj....
It looks so cool o___o

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Apr 26 11 12:27 PM

same here, her vocals sound a bit weak imo, the new arrangements are nice but maybe too classical, and sometimes it seems like it's all over the place.
That said, I love Dear's instrumental, very nice.

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Apr 26 11 3:49 PM

I still think her best ballad recently is Nagareboshi

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