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Apr 14 11 6:23 AM

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Name : Nakashima Mika ~ 中島美嘉
Birthdate : February, 19th 1983
Birthplace : Kagoshima, Kyushu, Japan
Zodiac sign : aquarius
Blood group : A





In order to pursue her dream of becoming a singer, Nakashima decided not to attend high school, and in November of 2001, she saw her payoff. Her debut single STARS was a huge success, going on to sell over 469,000 copies. CRESCENT MOON, the second single from Nakashima, was limited to 100,000 copies, and incidently sold out the first day of release. Mika's 2002 album TRUE went on to sell over one million copies.
2002 gave Nakashima recognition of her achievements, winning "New Artist of the Year" from The Japan Gold Disc Awards, "Best New Artist of the Year" from All Japan Request Awards 2002, and "New Artist of the Year" from the 44th Japan Record Awards. Her next album LØVE in 2003 saw similar success, selling over 1 million copies. However, Mika's 2005 album MUSIC sold only 545,820.
In 2005, took on the lead acting role in a movie called NANA, based on the manga of the same name. Under the name NANA starring MIKA NAKASHIMA, she released the theme song to the movie title GLAMOROUS SKY, composed by HYDE, the vocalist and lyricist of the popular Japanese rock band L'Arc~en~Ciel. GLAMOROUS SKY was a huge hit, giving Nakashima her first number one single and selling over 439,000 copies total.
In October 2010, Mika announced her short but indefinite hiatus due to a health issue with her throat. She cancelled her 2010 Live and returned on April 2011 with a new single "Dear."

Source : Generasia



[2002.08.28] TRUE
[2003.11.06] LØVE
[2005.03.09] MUSIC
[2007.03.14] YES
[2008.11.26] VOICE
[2010.10.27] STAR
[2013.01.30] REAL

Best albums
[2005.12.07] BEST
[2006.12.13] THE END (NANA starring MIKA NAKASHIMA)
[2009.03.04] NO MORE RULES.
[2014.11.05] DEARS
[2014.11.05] TEARS

Cover albums
[2014.03.12] Zutto Suki Datta -ALL MY COVERS-

Remix albums
[2015.03.04] RELAXIN'

Mini Albums
[2002.11.07] RESISTANCE
[2004.09.15] Oborozukiyo ~ Inori

[2001.11.07] STARS
[2002.02.06] CRESCENT MOON
[2002.03.06] ONE SURVIVE
[2002.05.15] Helpless Rain
[2002.08.07] WILL
[2003.01.29] Aishiteru
[2003.04.09] Love Addict
[2003.06.25] Seppun
[2003.08.06] FIND THE WAY
[2003.10.01] Yuki no Hana
[2004.04.07] SEVEN
[2004.06.02] Hi no Tori
[2004.10.20] LEGEND
[2005.02.02] Sakurairo Mau Koro
[2005.06.08] Hitori
[2006.02.22] CRY NO MORE
[2006.07.26] MY SUGAR CAT
[2006.11.29] Hitoiro (NANA starring MIKA NAKASHIMA)
[2007.02.21] Mienai Hoshi
[2007.03.14] Sunao na Mama
[2007.08.22] LIFE
[2007.10.03] Eien no Uta
[2008.03.12] SAKURA ~Hanagasumi~
[2008.07.23] I DON'T KNOW (MICA 3 CHU)
[2008.11.12] ORION
[2009.05.13] Over Load
[2009.09.30] CANDY GIRL
[2009.11.04] Nagareboshi
[2010.01.20] ALWAYS
[2010.08.25] Ichiban Kirei na Watashi wo
[2011.04.27] Dear
[2011.09.14] LOVE IS ECSTASY
[2012.09.19] Ashita Sekai ga Owaru Nara
[2012.12.05] Hatsukoi
[2013.05.22] Ai Kotoba
[2013.08.28] Boku ga Shinou to Omotta no Wa
[2014.06.04] Fighter


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#3 post_url

Apr 15 11 11:01 AM

And that's when I thought I could go to the final show in july that they keep changing around all the dates lmao..
So I guess I won't be able to see the final in Tokyo on the 29th sadly.. I'll just be going to Osaka on the 19th, NHK Tokyo on the 10th and Koshigaya on the 22nd :D (with different friends everytime, so cool!!)

4/22 Saitama Sun City Koshigaya --> 7/22 same place, same hour
5/13 Sendai Sun Plaza --> cancelled
05/19 in Tokyo International Forum Hall A ---> 07/28
5/20 in 7 Tokyo International Forum Hall A ---> 07/29

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#8 post_url

Apr 16 11 6:53 AM

I kind of like it, although I wouldn't mind a good upbeat song again. Both GAME and Overload were kick-ass and I still listen to both all the time. Also, I think Dear is nice, even though it doesn't really bring anything new to the table and I personally thought ALWAYS was a bit bland. Ichiban Kirei na Watashi is still amazing, in my opinion, though.

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#10 post_url

Apr 18 11 5:27 PM

Ichiban Kirei na Watashi wo is amazing...Her best a-side in "STAR" era...

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Posts: 369 singing the doom song...♪

#11 post_url

Apr 22 11 3:05 PM



88.10 少女时代  MR.TAXI/Run    Devil    Run 04/27
82.80 コブクロ あの太阳が、この世界を照らし続けるように。 04/27
43.60 チャン・グンソク Let    me    cry 04/27
39.00 スマイレージ 恋にBooing    ブー! 04/27
38.30 UNICORN デジタルスープ/ぶたぶた 04/27
32.20 中岛美嘉 Dear 04/27
29.70 BREAKERZ 月夜の悪戯の魔法/CLIMBER×CLIMBER 04/27
20.40 ON/OFF 始まるのは、サヨナラ 04/27
18.70 SOUL’d    OUT and    7 04/27
17.40 牧野由依 お愿いジュンブライト 04/27

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Posts: 369 singing the doom song...♪

#13 post_url

Apr 22 11 4:37 PM

^Don't take Ninki too seriously. Those numbers mean nothing.
It just looks upsetting that S/mileage have higher number than Mika.

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#17 post_url

Apr 23 11 6:53 AM

you can't speak of recovery for this kind of condition.
You'll just have good and bad periods, she went under a painful treatment (injections into the eustachian tube directly) and it seems she's now much better than before her hiatus, which is already an important improvement. I believe she still follows some kind of special treatment but needs to be confirmed.

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#20 post_url

Apr 24 11 12:17 PM

Link plz~

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