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Feb 16 12 10:36 PM

twilightsky wrote:
^I am well aware about idols and the nature of the system that they operate it - I think most fans understand that way it works. I can't speak for others, but for myself - my comment wasn't aiming to talk about Jin/Meisa side. I totally agree that Jin or Meisa made mistakes/are irresponsible. Having said that, my comment was to point out that in this current world, the idol agencies and their polices regarding love life/dating is oppressive and out of date. There are other ways around, such as no comment policy, that would be mutually more beneficiary to all involved. Idols are idols yes but they are young people too - mistakes will be made -- plenty of cases to prove this.

Granted, these idol agencies' policies in regards to relationship issues are outdated. But no one forced these idols to sign a no dating clause in their contracts. If they do break that clause, the agencies have every single right to punish them. Sure, mistakes will be made but there will be consequences as well.

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Feb 17 12 12:40 AM

^I am not defending idols bad behavior or trying to imply that there should be no consequences. Rules are there for a reason. Having said that, I still believe the system is still exploitative. Seriously, when idols signed the cause --- they were like how old? - children or teenagers at most. At that age and with such a big company giving them a chance to go at their dream, I doubt it if they would have really understood fully the implications. Yes, no one forced them to do sign the contracts but it doesn't make the system 'just'.

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Mar 6 12 11:29 PM

I cant believe how dead this thread is.. Grabbed the US version of his album. It seems pretty descent. I hope someone uploads the Japanese version. I really wanna hear those bonus tracks that the US version is missing!

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Mar 6 12 11:48 PM

That song has some intense lyrics. The lyrics leave you to believe its a date rape drink, but when she says "Its huge" it makes me think theyre talking about drinking other substances, lol. The "swallow swallow swallow.." lines also make me think...

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Jul 21 13 10:11 AM

Oh the New single gonna be good i think we can find Whats up PV preview here , It goes in the same direction than Namie AMuro Feel album club & electro (well Jin always been doing this kind of music.) I always been a bigger fan of Yamapi than Jin but since his english album i like the guy now and this single is way better than Summer Nude (orry yamapi)

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Sep 28 13 12:58 AM

I believe he has a new single coming out within the next month or two: Ai Naru Hou e
The short version of the PV has been released recently, but I forgot where I saw it. I remember the PV has a lot of foreigners in it. lol 

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Oct 6 13 2:23 AM

So I gave his latest single a try. Ai Naru Hou e is actually pretty nice. But can't say the same for the other two songs included. Not feeling his R&B style.

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