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Jun 29 11 12:46 AM

^ I think that's what it's boiled down to. <3

Despite are disagreements I think we can both agree that both LAST and Life 6 Sense are top notch albums.

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Jul 2 11 2:09 AM

ye, both the albums are good. I have also updated the front page on the DVD tracklist, the DVD will be release in a few days, i think this DVD is worth getting it as it includes all the songs for the concert.

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Oct 7 11 3:43 AM

Really happy for the new single announcement!

Well, they won't rank too high but I don't really care. 11/30 = great sales date so they should be doing well < 3

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Oct 8 11 3:12 AM

Yeah, a lot of good sales plus a lot of big names releasing also means a lot of foot traffic to the store. Those who don't know they're releasing but like the music might pick it up as well! They should rank within top 5 anyway, and didn't their previous single sold 60k in the first week?

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Oct 20 11 7:36 AM

Sonymusic has confirmed on the two blu-ray:

I have also updated the front page on this. Now a lot of people are already starting talking about their new single, hope to hear news of the single soon as it is the result of them "camping" together to get the music done as said by dRII san.

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Nov 2 11 11:58 PM

Ah, so it's Dec 14th instead not Nov 30th. Still good though!

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Nov 7 11 9:17 AM

Yesssss, more saxophones!!!! XDD
Previews are up on their official website~
They're both upbeat songs
I'm glad they're experimenting with different sounds although it does appear to be a continuation of their work on Life6Sense.

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Nov 7 11 10:01 AM

Covers of the blu-rays up on the diary too!
Too bad I can't afford them, they look great! Since they don't seem to have a first press version I'll buy them next year ^^

PS: Songs sound pretty nice, specially Baby born & go (I think it's that one xD)

Last Edited By: dso Nov 7 11 10:05 AM. Edited 1 time.

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Nov 8 11 2:34 AM

AwesomeTakashi wrote:
Title of the single now "BABY BORN & GO/Kinjito". What a strange title.
I think the pronunciation would be Baby Bongo. At least that's what I gather from page.

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Nov 15 11 10:38 AM

Details for the single is out. 3rd song is a mix, UVER Battle Royal~5/L6S mix~.

Limited Edition DVD has MONDO PIECE and CORE PRIDE Live performance from Zepp Tokyo.

Front page has been updated

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Nov 15 11 8:45 PM

I actually liked the first one, so I'm looking forward to the next one. And I LOVE the sax they're using! Their last album was my favorite of theirs so far, and I'm hoping they stay with that sound for a while.

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Nov 16 11 4:25 AM

^ Same here! They originally planned on including a saxonist in their standard line-up, and while I understand that didn't work out it's such a shame they didn't use one more often in their earlier work. Core Pride, Isseki wo Toujiru Tokyo midnight sun and D-TecnoRize come to mind as examples of how awesome a sax can work in their music < 3

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Nov 16 11 10:30 AM

I love their latest album too, and the sax is just awesome. I thought the guy with the computers (manipulator?) during the lives is the saxonist?

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