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May 11 11 4:49 AM

What do you people think, is its anime tie-in good enough to deliver better sales than for No. 1 and Mondo Piece? Not saying those were bad, just curious. A Gundam tie-in always does wonders (just look at Hakanaku and Qualia), so maybe this anime will also help.

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May 23 11 6:37 AM

Hakuchuumu is a nice song, the lyrics is said to be written after the earthquake.

I have updated the first post and their 6th DVD LAST TOUR FINAL at TOKYO DOME is going to be released on their 6th anniversary, July 6th.

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May 30 11 4:19 PM

The album is out on Jpopsuki!

Just finished listening to it: IT IS SO EPIC. Seriously. I was kind of "meh" about LAST (seemed too much on the LOUD, NOISe front for me), but this album just blew me away. Might very well be my favourite album so far. Love the fact that they're using more sax in their songs as well!

Wish I had a few more bucks so I could actually buy the album : /

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May 30 11 5:49 PM

Thanks for the heads up!!

I'm only on ace of ace, and damn these are some awesome tracks so far. Very impressed!! They've still got it!!!

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Jun 1 11 8:22 AM

They are ranked #2 for the first day and also this is their best album first day sales with Neo SOUND BEST having 36K.

But sad that they had to compete against SNSD otherwise it would be a #1. Great album nonetheless =)

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Jun 1 11 10:16 AM

Really?! Their best first-day yet? That's amazing! We'll have to see the rest of the week(s) to see whether or not it'll actually become their best-selling album yet, but that's still great. It might have something to do with the fact that Core Pride has only JUST been released and it seems to be doing very well, plus it has a good tie-in. Hakanaku also did wonders for AwakEVE, after all.

Still sad they're forever doomed to be number two

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Jun 2 11 6:41 AM

Wow, J Soul Brothers' sales ROSE to a number higher than their first day. I want UVERworld to be no. 2 but I'm glad we're having an exciting album battle for a change!

J Soul Brothers: 26,767+35,659= 62,426
UVERworld: 39842+22477= 62,320

So they're 126 copies behind at this point. I'm hoping that this is just a fluke and that they start dropping quickly, since their singles had no longevity whatsoever. On the other hand, LAST also dropped rather quickly after two days so I'm hoping for the best.

Still, this album will EASILY beat LAST's first week of 80k : D!

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Jun 2 11 8:37 AM

Solarblade wrote:
Does anyone know what's in that UVER Battle Royal ~Ketahazure mix~? I hear Nitro, Corona and GOLD....anything else?
Toki no Namida and Gekiha. I wonder if it's just those five though.

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Jun 3 11 12:23 PM

I'm glad to see the album is well on its way to beating LAST's first week sales. Was a little worried that this one might continue the trend of going downwards in sales. With sales of 11,898 copies today, they're already up to 74,218 for the week! They'll surpass LAST by tomorrow and I'm expecting a 95K first week sales, though breaking 100K would be incredible. 

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Jun 27 11 7:29 PM

I finally got a hold of their new album. Hmm. I'm going to have to listen to it a bit more before I reach my final conclusion. My first impression is that Life 6 SENSE is a very AWESOME and consistent album, however, UVERworld played it very safe with this one. LAST was more bold and enjoyable in that they explored new territory while remaining faithful to their sound. That's not to say that Life 6 SENSE is devoid of originality. It has plenty of it. It's just that it doesn't really scratch the service. Oh well, the album is off the hook and that's what matters in the end. Sweet!

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Jun 28 11 3:25 AM

^ Really? I respect your opinion, naturally, but I personally thought it was the other way around. To me, LAST felt a lot like a WALL-OF-SOUND on a few songs. That is, they naturally try and put as many elements in a song as possible, but it felt slightly overdone for my tastes (not that I didn't thoroughly enjoy LAST. It's like they can do no actual wrong) On the other hand, Life 6 Sense, employed female vocalists, they used the sax more than I had heard them do before and Secret is a type of song I hadn't seen them do before.

Then again, we might just be looking at different elements ^^

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