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Aug 22 12 7:43 AM

Best part of the story version - the very end

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Aug 22 12 10:37 AM

Grass Jelly really knows how to make perfect sharp camera shots/ high budget GC-graphics, vivid colors etc... I just love that company!

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Aug 22 12 1:16 PM

The music video is brilliant, I really love the dancing routine, the ending in the story one was amazing! LOL!

I wish I can see the dancing version but its private.

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Aug 22 12 2:33 PM

AH! Thank you Linoa!

This album is going to be great just as Myself was I can tell!

Really looking forward to hearing Dr. Jolin, Friday The 13th and Fantasy, all seem to have very nice concepts especially Fantasy.

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Aug 23 12 2:24 PM

Can someone please rip the audio from that 1080i youtube video ?
My internet is so slow here that I cannot even DL the video in order to rip it...


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Aug 24 12 1:58 PM

Holy shit! This song is even better! Her lyrics are so strong, unique and deep! Now I am even more addicted to this song! I love when she says "He just wants to collect more Barbie dolls"

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Aug 24 12 3:32 PM

The verses and that pre-chorus >>>>>>>>>>>

That bridge tho <<<<<<<< ! I mean, I still have that problem with chinese... it sounds so weird lmao

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Aug 24 12 7:53 PM

Went into H&M at the mall today and was pleasantly surprised to hear 七上八下 (Butterflies In My Stomach) playing in the store. /coolstorybro

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Aug 24 12 8:06 PM

Loving Jolin's new song, and the music video is stunning! Dance songs don't have to be stupid! <33

Edit: The Story Version, I mean. I totally forgot about the Dance Version the moment I saw it! Cfe360fd6c85b4ff44bd8c20945cc1911023de3c_r

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Aug 25 12 12:01 AM

Everything about this -- the song, outfits, and concept... are fabulous, not to mention the lyrics. Jolin is really giving everything with this album, and I really appreciated her rapping. It absolutely deserves more than 1million views. Too bad most people are too Koreaboo'd out to notice an Asian video that is actually good.

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Aug 25 12 4:23 AM

O___O JOLIN... That MV is like, mindblowing lol. The graphics, styling, costumes and dance routine seemed bizarre yet they all worked! That last shot of the sotry version is EPIC and I do mean it with the CAPITALS Haters gonna hate but to me this is anything but hate <3

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Aug 27 12 3:43 AM

Very impressed and surprised that I love the new song. I've tried to like her previous work w/o much success but she's looking great and this song is great.

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Sep 2 12 1:07 PM

nope, she got famous with heartwrenching ballads.... and those are still her most popular songs
and sorry bout that

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