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Jul 31 12 6:46 AM

oh awesome, I'll be on holidays, so I might totally get there *0*

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Aug 14 12 10:55 PM

I have no idea how to post a video on here, but The Great Artist premiered on HITFM less than an hour ago and it's already on YouTube!

It's a very good first single, IMO. Great verses... wish the chorus was stronger though.

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Aug 14 12 11:05 PM

Thanks for the heads up!

EDIT: Other link got removed. Higher quality version posted by her official Youtube channel.

Last Edited By: FKari Aug 15 12 3:06 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Aug 14 12 11:13 PM

^Thanks for posting a video! Excited for the MV!

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Aug 17 12 10:36 AM

That music video looks amazzzzing !!
And the verses sounds so good, I love the song haha !!

Also got my tickets for London, I'm thrilled ! And the album photoshoots... I have no words... Everything's so on point :O !

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Aug 19 12 1:05 PM

Wow! This song is seriously what I was expecting and even more! Stunning! Love, love, love! I cannot wait for the music video now! Preordering the "MUSE OF LOVE" version!

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Aug 22 12 7:33 AM

Both versions of The Great Artist's MV are up on Jolin's YouTube! Watching them right now!

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