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Feb 27 12 4:26 PM

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♥ Short introduction (from wikipedia) ♥
Jolin Tsai (蔡依林 Cài Yīlín) is a Golden Melody Award winning Taiwanese Mandopop singer. She is one of the most successful and popular singers in the Mandarin music market.

♥ Discography ♥
JOLIN 1019 (1999)
Don't Stop (2000)
Show your love (2000)
Lucky Number (2001)
Magic 看我72變 (2003)
Castle 城堡 (2004)
J-Game 野蠻遊戲 2005
EMI Capitol
Dancing Diva 舞孃 2006
Dancing Forever: Concert Advance Edition Remixes 唯舞獨尊 奢華紀念盤 2006
Agent J 特務J 2007
Love Exercise 愛的練習語 2008
Butterfly, Jolin 花蝴蝶 2009
Jolin Love & Live 2009 (Special Edition CD+2DVD) 單身情歌‧萬人舞台 2009特別紀念版CD+2DVD 2009
Myself 蔡依林Myself2010概念專輯 2010
MUSE 2012
呸 PLAY 2014

Let's talk about Jolin!

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Feb 28 12 6:08 AM

Nice to see a thread for her, I really enjoy her music.

Are the tour DVD problems because she has switched labels so often? So the new label can't use her most popular songs from before as part of the DVD release without permission from the previous label who will obviously want a cut of the profits? It's a shame as a well recorded high budget Jolin concert on dvd/blu ray featuring all of her hits from before till now would be epic.

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Mar 12 12 1:51 PM

Good that she will get her own clothing line now! She should call it "J Line" and sell the same exact thing she wore for the photoshoot on Myself!

I really cant wait for the new album I hope it will come out early and not later this summer!

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Apr 9 12 3:33 PM

@Linoa62 a British singer? I wonder who that is?

Overall I'm glad to see Jolin making moves. 2012 looks like its going to be a good year for her

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#13 post_url

Apr 11 12 8:11 AM

Well participating can just mean simply either a music video model, co-producing, co-composing, etc.

Wonder what she will do this time? Her comebacks are always amazing.

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Jul 31 12 4:55 AM


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