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Apr 14 11 5:30 PM

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Stage Name: HIMEKA (ヒメカ)
Real Name: Catherine St-Onge
Birthday: July 20th, 1981
Birthplace: Quebec, Canada

Upcoming/Latest NEWS


All the winners of the "Animax Anison Grand Prix" (Kita Shuhei, HIMEKA, Sasaki Sayaka, Kawano Marina, Suzuki Konomi, Okamoto Natsumi and Tatsuyuki Kobayashi) have recorded a song all together under the name AG7, called "Endless NOVA" that will be used as the new ending theme for the anime Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero Battle Spirits.

Release date: 27 July 2014


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Apr 24 11 6:37 AM

Spring... next year??

Darn, I'm starting to worry. She hasn't released any singles nor made promotions of her songs in the last couple of months... if she's this inactive and they pulled through with release an album this spring, it might not sell well.

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Jul 18 11 4:02 AM

^ No Spring 2011 but so far nothing has been announced nor hopefully it will be in the summer..

Edit: HIMEKA said in her blog that she will be at the 「ANIMAX MUSIX 2011」

No news about a new album...

EDIT: Fan videos from the Finland convention!!
HIMEKA - Hare Hare no Yukai ANIMECON 2011 FINLAND (orchestral version!!)
HIMEKA - Mirai e... ANIMECON 2011 FINLAND (again, orchestral version!!)

It's sad that her audience is so small...She deserves better, esspecially since she sounds so good...

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Sep 17 11 1:34 PM

From her blog!!!

A album will be released on November 30!!! Including her 3 singles AND 7 new songs!!!

Hello everyone!

I'm so sorry to have made you wait this long.
((Finally)) My full album's release date is planned for november 30th!!

The contents are my 3 singles' theme songs and the World Cosplay Summit theme song 2010, plus 7 new songs!!

There will be a regular verison and a limited one. The limited one will include a 2 cover songs and a DVD of the 3 music videos filmed so far!

This is only basic information so I hope you'll be looking forward to the rest!
We're still in the middle of finishing the album but I can't wait until you can all hear it!

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Oct 6 11 4:49 AM

FINALLY!!! The tracklist is out people!!

09年にアニソン界に衝撃をもたらしたカナダ出身のアニソンシンガー、HIMEKA。カナダで幼少の頃より日本のアニメに親しみ、アニメやJ-POPから 独学で日本語を覚える。日本で歌手になることを夢見て08年にワーキングホリデーのビザで来日し「第2回全日本アニソングランプリ」に応募、見事3186 人の頂点に立つ(歴代最高得点記録保持者)。TVアニメ『戦場のヴァルキュリア』主題歌「明日へのキズナ」で念願の歌手デビューするや否や"ジャパニーズ ドリーム"の体現者として全国ネットTVや新聞で多数紹介される。2nd,3rdシングルもアニメ主題歌を担当、イベントも国内外で多数こなし着実にアニ ソン界でのキャリアを積んでいる。その美しすぎる日本語歌唱と感情表現の豊かさは"アニソン界のセリーヌ・ディオン"と形容したくなるほど。ニコ動から火 がついた人気P"minato"が2曲(アップ/バラード)提供しているのも注目!

[CD] 収録予定曲
La La La〜世界をひとつに〜(「世界コスプレサミット2010」公式応援ソング)
My Door(作詞・作曲:minato)
Adesso e Fortuna〜炎と永遠〜 (『ロードス島戦記』主題歌カヴァー)*初回盤のみ
明日へのキズナ(Piano Ver.) *初回盤のみ

[DVD] *初回生産限定盤のみ

Dammit!! When is yesasia or cdjapan gonna upload their stock with this new release? I wanna order it NOW!

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Oct 6 11 5:50 AM

where is it from? I informed CDJapan, they'll probably add it soon

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Oct 18 11 11:42 AM

Performance of HIMEKA!!

Performing Hatenaki Michi + TALK + Asu e no Kizuna

The first performance is good...though I feel like she's trying too hard with adding those addlibs ect.
And she forgot her lyrics in both songs... and personally it was lacking energy...

She's far from being a professional...that's for sure...She needs to stand her ground more...
Quz she has a beautiful voice...

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Oct 19 11 2:12 AM

Detailed information about the upcoming album!

From her blog:


来月はまだ遠いですけどね。>< 待っていて下さいね!!


“himekanvas”  (読み:ヒメキャンバス)



初回盤 CD(13曲)+DVD(MV3曲) ¥3,800(税込) (SICL 264-5)

通常盤 CD(11曲)  ¥2,800(税込) (SICL 266)






1.Adesso e Fortuna~炎と永遠 (初回盤のみのボーナス・トラック)

Music & Lyrics : Akino Arai  Arrangement : Hitoshi Fujima (Elements Garden)





2.明日へのキズナ (TVアニメ『戦場のヴァルキュリア』主題歌)

Music : SAYA  Lyrics : Naomi Kosaka  Arrangement : Shintaro Tokita




Music, Lyrics & Arrangement : Toshikazu Kadono  Additional Arrangement : JUNKOO 



Music : Ryosuke Shigenaga  Lyrics : Naho  Arrangement : Makoto Miyazaki



Music & Arrangement : Big Boom  Lyrics : Naho


6.果てなき道 (TVアニメ『テガミバチ』主題歌)

Music & Lyrics : Yuki Okamura  Arrangement : Satori Shiraishi & Tatsuhiko Murayama 




Music & Lyrics : minato  Arrangement : FAITH-T


8.My door

Music & Lyrics : minato  Arrangement : Masanori Takumi



Music : Yukari Kato  Lyrics : Saori Codama  Arrangement : Makoto Miyazaki


10.Secret Eden

Music & Arrangement : Daisuke Kikuta (Elements Garden)  Lyrics : Saori Codama


11.La La La ~世界をひとつに~ (「世界コスプレサミット2010」公式応援ソング)

Music : HIMEKA  Lyrics : Izumi Arisato  Arrangement : Daisuke Kikuta (Elements Garden)



12.未来へ… (TVアニメ『閃光のナイトレイド』主題歌)

Music & Lyrics : SAYA  Arrangement : SAYA & ACE



13.明日へのキズナ -Ballad Version- (初回盤のみのボーナス・トラック)

Music : SAYA  Lyrics : Naomi Kosaka  Arrangement : Andrew Lim & Ruka Kawada


1. 明日へのキズナ (Music Video)

2. 果てなき道 (Music Video)

3. 未来へ… (Music Video)

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#20 post_url

Nov 7 11 6:20 AM

An interview + live performance STUDIO MUSIX!

She performs Hatenaki Michi

Much, much better then her last performance. She sounded great, did not forget any lyrics ;) and she really stood there as an artist.

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