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Sep 26 13 4:48 AM

tracklist's out:
1. さよなら
2. brand new me
3. 会いたくて会いたくて (live)

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Sep 26 13 8:34 AM

Nevermind, I take everything back. They are so smart putting Aitakute Aitakute (live) on this because now it will sell based on Aitakutes popularity alone. (and I also love it to death)



Posts: 1,738 Team Ayu Kuuter

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Sep 26 13 12:57 PM

I wonder if there's a chance kana will ever sing I'll be there and Just the way you are (which will be on a DVD release). These 2 are among the best songs ever and not specific to kana. I really wish she will sing these in a tour.

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Sep 26 13 2:01 PM

ayukuuangel wrote:
I wonder if there's a chance kana will ever sing I'll be there and Just the way you are (which will be on a DVD release). These 2 are among the best songs ever and not specific to kana. I really wish she will sing these in a tour.
She did sing I'll be There on Kanayan Xmas 2011 but also on Kanayan Tour 2011 ~Summer~, but the song didn't make to the DVD release (along with Wishing and Where are you?) pity I know.
I think she didn't perform Just the way you are yet, I don't know what DVD release you are refering to.

#1945 post_url

Sep 26 13 2:54 PM

Meh, another b-side would been tons better. It's not even another version, it's just a live recording...



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#1946 post_url

Sep 27 13 12:38 PM

I think it's the 1st time I write here in Kanaland. well, I listened her single songs thanx to her double-best, and I admit: I highy underestimated her, and her musical abilities.
I really like Aitakute Aitakute like I can listen to it 6-7 times in one session. She got me listening to that song.
My other favs Distance, Esperanza, SAKURAilu, Be Strong, Believe, If.

I'm not a strong fan yet, but still I found something "fair" about her ;D

#1947 post_url

Sep 27 13 1:01 PM

"Aitakute Aitakute" is also the song that made me keep her in my radar even though I heard "I" before.

#1948 post_url

Sep 28 13 9:54 AM

I hope we can get a preview or even the full version already of Sayonara PV. I really want to see it.

#1950 post_url

Sep 28 13 5:01 PM

I LOVE IT as well, now I'm really excited to see the PV.

I wish now, I truly wish that this song and single can be successful, a huge hit, or at least at the standard of Tatoe Donna ni..., this song deserves it! (If she performs it at Kouhaku it would be so great to promote it)

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Sep 28 13 6:31 PM

Wow, this is the first single from Kana of this post Love Place era that i've loved immediately :3

It sounds refreshing, and shes singing emotively, especially in that first preview - it starts out almost sounding like totally live to my ears and then everything fills in :3

*Remembers the days of I dont wanna know where she sounded like she could barely sing... now shes a goddess... so much growth :3

This song reminds me of the Thank you, Love Era - which is my favorite era of hers, A-side wise. 

Aitakute Aitakute live is smart, but her physical sales are still pretty lackluster compared to her album sales -- it doesnt bother me because shes the queen of digital sales and phone downloads xD



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Return Road Episode II

#1952 post_url

Sep 28 13 9:02 PM

Sayonara sounds really good and the covers are beautiful. <3

So happy that her sales are pretty stable. <3

#1953 post_url

Sep 29 13 9:18 AM

sayonara pv was shot today!! and for my happiness, she finally dyed her hair darker, and she's letting them grow!! finally!! it was since "always" that she was blonde!! I think that next week maybe it should be out!! really can't wait!!


Last Edited By: Kanakawaii Sep 29 13 9:21 AM. Edited 1 time.

#1955 post_url

Sep 29 13 1:03 PM

Those are hair extensions she has there, but I'm glad she has longer hair now and also a bit darker as well. It reminds me of Love Place-era style right? I loved her hair back then, not too long and neither short, darker at the top and lighter at the bottom.

#1957 post_url

Oct 1 13 6:07 PM

Please VOTE for Kana to attend Yusen Taisho Awards in December on this link below:

Just click on the red characters and it will pop-up a window to select your vote. Actually this vote is way more complicated than for NTV Best Artist (not available yet to vote), and it seems only one vote will be count per person, I tried to make a second try, but I figured that they will see that my second try is fake.

The bold red characters explain that the red stars are the obligatory parts.

The first segment is for you to put the song of the artist you like and below the name of that artist that sang it. Attention: Remenber that if you write songs from Kana prior-2013, they might not select them, because this Music Awards, are awards that are given to artists who accomplished something in the current year, so better write a song from 2013.
Then, you have 5 times you can choose and write a song and an artist, I actually did just 2 (with Believe and Namidairo as choices). [Only the first one is obligatory].
Then below, you must write what you feel from the artist you choose.
After that just select randomly between the 2 options, suru or shinai, I did suru (the first), because shinai is negative.
Then is your name, the first you must write your family name and below you given name.
The next red star is your age, just write a number.
Then is your phone number.
And finally is your email address.

That's why I said we can just voter one time.

After completing, click on the button of the left, it will appear a page for you to review and below click on the superior button and voilá.

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Oct 2 13 7:53 AM

setlist of nishino family party
i NEED a dvd of this...





5.missing you


7.Love you,Miss you






13.Just the way you are





18.Thinking of you

#1959 post_url

Oct 2 13 1:29 PM

Great Setlist! I really like it! She always brings to this kind of Tours lots of b-sides!

Last year, The Nishino Family Party 2012 had a great setlist as well:

01.Come On Yes Yes Oh Yeah!!
06.Thinking of you
08.Kimi no koe wo
09.Tatoe donna ni…
10.sweet sweet
11.Grab Bag
12.Every Boy Every Girl
13.SAKURA, I love you?



Posts: 1,738 Team Ayu Kuuter

#1960 post_url

Oct 2 13 1:43 PM

OMG and I just posted here I NEED Just the way you are live!!! (Secret <333) Please tell me it's going to be released on a DVD, please!

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