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Feb 15 12 2:43 PM

100 pages and a radio rip of SAKURA, I love you? AWESOME.

I really like how it sounds although it seems a bit choppy here and there in terms of flow...

Also, replaced preview with the radio rip in OP.

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Feb 15 12 4:18 PM

The song sounds great to me! Much better than Best Friend and Esperanza! Excatly the kind of song I like (and she needs), especially with a Sakura theme.

I need the PV now! The single will come out in 3 weeks, so I wonder what they are waiting for...



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Return Road Episode II

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Feb 15 12 6:18 PM

The song sounds pretty good, looking forward to listen to it in HD.

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Feb 15 12 7:00 PM

i love the song! it is a different feeling whenever i repeat the song, unlike 'Best Friend', which also gives me a different kind of feeling

hey guys! does anyone of you know what is written on her official site,?the "...or..." one? thanks!



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Feb 15 12 10:53 PM

I like the photoshop. Well spotted

SAKURA, I love you? is alright, I prefer Tatoe Donna ni... though.

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Feb 16 12 12:52 AM

nemesisyume wrote:

They're there in her other picture, too...

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Feb 16 12 1:14 AM

Unless her left leg is crossed behind her right leg?

Still looks like a bad 'shop to me either way.

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Feb 16 12 2:40 AM

totally diggin' sakura, i love you! sounds wonderful!

her leg is amputated! haha wow...
but her face looks terrible in that shot too. the make-up is very...dead/crying/tortured doll looking. o_O

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Feb 16 12 10:14 AM

according to Namie's thread, Kana place second on the LISMO awards with Tatoe Donna ni, below first place Amuro Namie Love Story.
LISMO is an online music service provided by au, a Japanese mobile phone brand run by KDDI, a Japanese telecommunication company. This service uses a mobile phone as a music player. The award was given to the song who has the most downloads in their 'au' phones.

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Feb 19 12 4:57 AM

I think it's more the top leg that's crossed. I GUESS it could be behind her leg, but that doesn't seem very comfortable...

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Feb 19 12 6:08 AM

unkowwn wrote:
Look again people

I can clearly see her legs on the bottom, it would be hard to convince a shop for a simple cover like that.

almost had me though

you can only see one of her legs.. and it doesn't even look real lol..
Judging from how she is bented and the way her legs are crossed it should like this ->

it just looks super odd lol

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Feb 19 12 6:16 AM

did you really make that picture? loll

It's pretty win.

I have some confidence that the first option is possible. But yeah fine fine, if she had shown more of her legs it'd be convincing.

#59 post_url

Feb 19 12 6:24 AM

^ yeah, lol.. took me like 20sec anyways so it's all worth the time x)
first option would be possible if her body was a little bit more facing us but since her lower body is showing sideways idk.. °°

#60 post_url

Feb 19 12 6:34 AM

we should see her feet...

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