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Posts: 2,628 Mohtorboat

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Apr 13 14 1:20 AM

It's so short, geez. I really love it, though. They sound amazing.


Jaxxia wrote:

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Apr 14 14 3:22 PM

This is interesting! Stephanie from The Grace is making a comeback with Mafia Records.
They are aiming for an album release in July with a 'unique concept'.

Fly to the Sky in May.

And SM has this. I don't know exactly what other than it being a website

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Apr 14 14 9:04 PM

Kim Yeon Ji (from SeeYa) is FINALLY making her official solo comeback. BOUT FUCKIN TIME.

One of the best living pop vocalists, period. So excited to hear this bitch tearing the shit out of songs actually written for her, rather than generic shit OST ballads...

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May 4 14 11:32 PM

FUCK YES! G.O.D. are making a comeback AND WITH ALL 5 MEMBERS! 12 years since they were last together as a quintet. 8 since their last album. I can't believe it's been that long. I been following this shit faaaaaar too long now. They'll be releasing a single on the 8th followed by an album in July and a 15th Anniversary concert. 8th can't come any sooner... Bet I'll hate the track

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May 9 14 8:44 PM

MPire - It's Not About Her teaser

Wheesung - Night and Day teaser
Yura from Girl's Day and CAP from Teen Top is in this one.

Junggigo - Want U feat Beenzino

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May 11 14 11:13 PM

Seo In Guk comeback 05.14~

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May 12 14 2:13 AM

Love the Wheesung song!!

SM Rookies teaser 2

Not sure what SM is doing here. A new girl group or a new boy group or maybe a coed group?
Maybe a reality tv show.

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