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Aug 8 13 12:29 PM

I actually like MAMAMA more than their last song and I'm loving the old school 90s vibe. They're killing the choreography as usual. My only complaint is that the song is too short.

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Aug 8 13 6:27 PM

deimos9 wrote:
Moh wrote:That Wassup song is awful. I thought they were supposed to have a "twerking" concept. Not that it matters, they were awful at it.

Yeah it was seriously overblown. Overall they barely twerked...

The whole package just seems random and messy.

I can't say I thought that Korea would allow them to twerk on tv. The reason they can't twerk well is because they're too slim.
It's hard to twerk when you got nothing there to work with. They're not bad dancers, but that song/dance is just not working.

Here's a dance cover of theirs.

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Aug 8 13 8:56 PM

I could tell they were going for a dance hall group with the song, so I don't get why they just didn't go that route with concept. 

That style offers alot more variety of moves and offers more conceptualization than twerking.

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Aug 10 13 2:18 PM

Wa$$up - Wassup MV

The one from their official channel got blocked by SME. As in Sony not SM.
I don't think SME did that purposely. Those takedown notices are notorious for this.

As One - Awkward Love

It's basically one of those lyric videos. I don't know if this is just a pre release track or the main single.
I can't find any info on this release.

Lim Jeong Hee - Love is

This is a little older but I don't think I saw it posted.

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Aug 16 13 9:26 AM

hahah yaaay sexy kim sori <333
the song is funny! im glad too she's still active!

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Aug 26 13 1:17 AM

Rocking MV

The beach / sunset drive scenes are really nice. I hope there will be more versions. There's so much going on here. It's like 2 songs and MVs mixed together.

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Aug 28 13 9:32 PM

Yoon Mi Rae - Touch Love

illinit - Pray featuring MINI

BTOB - When I was Your Man

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